Reviews for Love Remains The Same
heartstrings13 chapter 26 . 10/30/2012
I loved the way you have written this story. I was totally engrossed in it.
2brown-eyes chapter 20 . 8/15/2012
Nope hate Charlie still, really want to push him off the ship. He more than over reacted. He heard the statement and still blames Edward. He is not her bodyguard, he is her boyfriend. Holding him responsible for every little thing is unreasonable. Bella is eighteen and her own person. Charlie can't make these decision for her.
As for Rose and Alice they owed it to Edward to fess up. He shouldn't feel like they them one. They should have spoke up at the start not hours later.
2brown-eyes chapter 19 . 8/15/2012
How is this Edward's fault? Why didn't they speak up?
2brown-eyes chapter 18 . 8/15/2012
Umm. You do know that it is an impossibility for Bella to know that she pregnant right. Even if they had sex on the first day it would be impossible. That jump seemed far fetched.
kjs-9 chapter 26 . 4/3/2012
Loved your story! I just wish that you wrote an epilogue to at least give us a glimpse of their future. Or outtakes at least. Anyway, it's your story so whatever you think is best so I just have to deal with it.
I LOVE EDWARD CULLEN 13 chapter 26 . 8/7/2011
u should do a sequel
maggiejoma chapter 1 . 5/27/2010
dhobbs chapter 2 . 4/23/2010
So, I just started reading this story, and I want to say how interesting it is already - I can't wait for them to meet!

Also, I want those brownie points - I think the movie quote is the line about the party pooper, and it's from Stick It (I'll even elaborate and say that it's when Poot and Frank go to bust Hayley out of 'juvie' and Burt throws them out of the gym).

Am I right? :)
Ness88 chapter 26 . 4/18/2010
very gd story keep it up nessa .x.x.x.
PrnczzJO chapter 26 . 2/22/2010
Good story, it ended a bit to soon... lol... u shud put an epilogue... Great Job anyway!
lauren loves spunky chapter 26 . 2/21/2010
OMG! girl this was so good! i was soo excited though out the whole thing! it's soo sad that this is over :( it feels like it just started! your amazing ! and i loved it :D - lauren
SuperFilo chapter 26 . 2/20/2010
Hello!i really loved this storyy..and i was wondering if you guys would write up a sequel for it..!i really really want a SEQUELL!hahahah..i told my friends to give reviews on this story so you guys would feel like writinr a sequel!please please please please let me know if ur writing one or not!thanks you!ilyxoxox 3
justadreamer26 chapter 26 . 2/20/2010
I am sad to see this story end, but it was truly wonderful. :]
NotTheMoats chapter 26 . 2/19/2010
I loved this story! So sad that it's over.
hgbkwrm chapter 26 . 2/19/2010
I FOUND IT! i checked hotmail earlier all expecting and then major gasp and sad face it wasn't there! on account of this stuff gets sent to but i found it now! and totally screamed and did a happy dance! but now i'm all sad i didn't think i was gonna be this sad there's like this pang in my heart okay big deep breath i'm gonna go read now so love the title! and song! high five! tear i love you guys i can't read this ugh no it'll be okay drum roll...EPOV! DANGIT DANGIT! you got me again! you are sneaky you little italian devils! it's rose...not bella...again hahaha well you thought it was esme i thought it was bella we were all mistaken weren't we weren't we! ha see he wanted it to be her too! lol "it's cool" lol aw thanks telling me i look like hell makes me feel oh so much better lmao! well idk about bella but...i'm imagining scruff and ragged hair and that broodiing quinty eye look and i say your bed or mine! What is this felling! so sudden and new! felt the moment i laid eyes on you! omg i've only gotten like an inch no two down lmao apologies in advance for the longest review ever but i'm gonna enjoy every bit :P lol she'll be home sooner than everyone thinks! yayyayayayay! aw it doesn't soudn ridiculous it sounds adorable and makes me go aw he just can't sleep without her ooh ouch rose way to smack the man with a giant dose of reality let me get you some ice for those wounds eddie or better yet let me mnake you forget al about this bella girl you keep going on about yes i like that idea best HAHAHA hiar toss! lmao i lover rose right now! love woah she is not my lover emmett could keep that lol *GIANT GASP* is bella gonna be there when he gets up from his nap! can she! can she! EXCITED! let's have bella wake him up for dinner! do it! she would so still make him eat lmao i clapped when i read that i keep doing the zac efron *gag* head twitch/kristen stewart run my fingers throw my hair and then it jsut falls back to get the hair out of my eyes but i can't get up to find somethign ah can't stop reading! hahaha i'm bouncing in my seat i freaking love rose she's perfection man! AH! my hands did that shaking waving yay! SHE"S BACK! yes! score! lmao i think i missed her more than edward lost my place! lost my place! no! AW big huge stupid grin! cutest reunition ever!Don't thnk you stupid man just kiss her! who cares why she's early she's there that's what you wanted *slaps edward upside the head* duh! oh i'm crying not that hard on sob but def tears "my vacation ended when you left" trying to make me cry why don't yoiu!~ damn google why don't we just use our magic wands and make seattle right next to forks sounds good to me! and go! stupiod things on the fritz still eff better idea bella should just move to seattle she can live under edward's bed *fist pump* a few days with the cullens sounds devine!1 oh em gee can you say longest flight ever! i would die! TOUCHE! love that word! gez! i'm getting antsy over here! this flight needds to end lol! a day a nd a year dude! aka forever! hm okay which cullen shall be there! okay not rose not edward or esme...shott i cna't decide who i want more alice or emmett i think i shall be please with either! well i'm freakign curious as to who's goona pick you up too lol so if you could get a move on that would be spectacular! surprised oh and head cock it's rose well again surprise lol aw okay she's being sweet it may be her that picks bell aup! this makes me not hate rose so much! acutlaly i like her she's funny and sweet! OH SNAP! duh bella this is like the best surprise ever for him! why would they ruin it by telling him! plus then he would just be all hey hey hye she knew! she knew bella was coming when she told the boy to take a nap! aha! sneaky snaeaky sneaky! E we're here we're her! yayayayayaya! LMFAO! "yeah the cullens like thier cars" LOVE! oh pricleless aw i love esme she always is just so sigh motherly love her ! and! i lvoe carlisle! hhe's always so formal but not and all i jsut love him! i know i'm excited to have her heere for a few days! raise your hand if anyone else is! *waves hand widely* me me me me! *squeal* i can't take the anticipation! it's killing me! i can't bve still! ah! FUCKING SHIT! my face went from :) to :( to :O with bulging eyes! he's not there! how rude! she tricked her! bad rose bad! OH! i get it now! LMAO i was about to say many bad bad words but comprehension lmao the closet very nice! wow rose lo nice instructions lol oh em gee longest minutes ever! aw sweeitie i hated every second of it to :( :D dartmouth here we come! yes ye syes! she must ttransfer its just not fair tfor them to be apart! aw i love them so much too! AW that was the cutest most betestendding in the history of endings! i'm sad but oh i loved it! i wanna do it again! let's rewind kya! or just give me sebventeen more chapters! peer pressure! do it! i'm gonna go cry now kay tear i love you guys and i love this story forever and ever and ever! MWAH RAWR!
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