Reviews for Roy's Revenge!
HEART BEATZ 24'7 chapter 3 . 3/9
Soooo hooottttt!
YokaiAngel chapter 3 . 11/23/2017
love it!~~~~\
Guest chapter 3 . 12/6/2016
this was amazing!

my favorite things about EdxRoy are BDSM, SubEd, DomRoy, and very detailed description of whats happening. AND YOU DID ALL OF THAT!

it was perfect! definitely one of you best i EVER read, i hope you write more!

Guest chapter 3 . 4/7/2015
U managed to make kinky sex last 3 chapters without it being totally idiotic
TiberiusHallas chapter 3 . 2/19/2015
batsbloodsoup chapter 3 . 6/30/2014
That. Was. Amazing! :D I am the happiest person alive right now! You really don't understand! This story was GREAT! :D
batsbloodsoup chapter 2 . 6/30/2014
My God, Ed must be dying right now. HOW has he lasted THAT long!?
batsbloodsoup chapter 1 . 6/30/2014
Whoa, dude! Not fair!
MOVEDTOANOTHER chapter 3 . 3/22/2013
so cute love those two together
xNeissax chapter 3 . 1/13/2011
three chaptered ongoing kinky oneshot? you nailed it. usually if oneshots get this lengthy especially pointless smut, it gets uuuber boring but omg i loved every second. kudos to you, i dont have the patience to type out this much in my fics and keep it hot and entertaining!
Starlight257 chapter 3 . 1/9/2011
This story was absolutely amazing! Thanks so much for writing such a HOT, breathtaking peace and still including a sweet side :) It was well written and you were able to draw out one event for over ten thousand words without making it boring. Really well done, loved it!
Ryuuk96 chapter 3 . 10/29/2009
what part are you saying sorry 4? that was damn amazing! hum, yeah i think i'll go take a cold shower now...ja!
MindoftheSongbird chapter 3 . 6/5/2009
Wonderfully written~!
IDespiseTragedy chapter 3 . 4/11/2009
This is the longest lemon content I've come across and I salute you for such capability. Anyway, I support the idea of a possible sequel for the shower sex scene, once you return from the break.
Lady Barbossa329 chapter 3 . 3/11/2009
Wonderful story! I couldn't stop reading it! I hope you write the shower scene. Awsome writing!
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