Reviews for Corrode
XxShawns Guardian AngelxX chapter 1 . 4/11/2009
And I can honestly see this happening to JBL. Like if everything was the way the storyline read...othing AU about it, then this is how it would go. Both are married men but after all the feuding Shawn did with Bret you can BET he's probably had issues with guys in the past. Not trying to say he's bi sexual but I honestly think that he's always been comfortable being slightly girl-ish.

And Jibble, poor poor Jibble. I can just see him cracking. Shawn's never been one to hold his tongue or his feelings (just watch some of the old Shawn/Bret promos on youtube) so I see JBL being weak like this. Again, I cannot tell you enough how well the emotions come off. I have a hard time writing in the first person but you do it so well. It's like I'm there ya know? Great job! You're really quite the writer :D