Reviews for Uncouth
Masked Revolt chapter 1 . 10/9/2011
Really fantastic story! So well written! I love how you wrote Ezra!
Marmie1955 chapter 1 . 4/22/2010
Another wonderful story. How have I never read any of your work before? I wish you had more to share. I love what you have produced so far. Thank you for sharing.
bobbyneko chapter 1 . 7/10/2009
lol this was really great! and no one was overplayed at all.
JudyL068 chapter 1 . 4/4/2009
LOL! Great story. I'm glad the boys made Ezra feel better about himself. I know he didn't mind standing up for Nathan, but was beginning to feel a bit unwanted from all the naysaying going on. Nice that he took Nathan's feelings into account too, in the barn after Norton refused Nathan's help.

Nice story
Winged Monkey chapter 1 . 2/20/2009
Hi! How've you been?

Great story. As I think I've mentioned before, I'm not really familiar with this show, but I love the whole thing anyway. Very well done!

No galu govad gen,

Cassandra30 chapter 1 . 2/16/2009
Hee hee! Way to go, Ezra! Teach those uncouth, imbecilic miscreants some manners if not respects for ther their betters! lol :D Loved it!
sfulton229 chapter 1 . 2/15/2009
Terrific fic! Love all the action and humor in the story. Ezra is trying his best to improve the manners of the town. Nice look at JD and how well he observes what is going on and how well Nathan handles the action. Love that Ezra let Nathan examine him in from of the bigoted jerks. Chris will be happy that the Nortons won't be as much of a problem now. Lovely story and thanks for posting this here.
annoyinglyanonymous chapter 1 . 2/12/2009
Oh, absolutely beautiful. Got the characters down to a T. Great story. (And while I'm at it, perhaps you could update your others one too, *wink**wink*)

But, for now, this was a great fic. Thanks.