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Hypegiaphobia chapter 29 . 9/18/2017
Thanks for writing this story. Even if you can never look at it again, I appreciate that you still created something from a bad time in your life. I hope that you can still see writing as the art it is. All artists (I think) have a blue period, (or a blue art style entirely). Keep on keeping on.
Oniele chapter 28 . 9/18/2017
I'll be brief, I suffered the same as you for all of elementary and junior high, from physical abuse to psychological torture. It is safe to say that Taylor Hebert ain't got shit on me.

The reason? I wasn't ugly nor plain to be demeaned by looks, I wasn't stupid nor average to be dissmissed by brains. The real reason is that I was "odd" and annoying. My mind could simply not process the social ques that are inherent of a healthy relationship, I saw the world different from the norm and even though I did have friends, the vast majority of them were dicks.

I am what many would call a social inept; when I talked people couldn't follow what I was referring to because of a lack context that sometimes translates to sense, or because of a lack tact, or a lack common sense, etc. The shit about loners you see in anime? All that jazz without the drama or emotional maturity to deal with it All. Like a child speaking a different language.

And All this led to high school where All of my insecurities and traumas bloomed under the chemical imbalance named puberty hitting me like a freight train! Some part of me wanted to die, and I was scared of that part becuase I knew that if I "tried" I wouldn't survive and attempt suicide is for those seeking attention.

But everything was better! Becuase I went to therapy, had friends and did normal things for the first time! I learned to be normal!

Nowdays I am anti-social by choice and had been apathetic/depressed for five years but know how to handle it. Depressed enough to feel like shit, not enough to do anything about it.

The point is that you are not alone in those kind of problems, sometimes it is good to just jump feet first into hell! Take comfort in knowing that there's someone, somewhere that's sharing your misery!
Fyrning chapter 29 . 9/18/2017
Thank you for not giving up.
Oniele chapter 29 . 9/18/2017
*Salutes* "Godspeed."
Adele365 chapter 29 . 9/18/2017
I really enjoyed this fic, and while I'm grateful for the explanation of why you stopped writing it, please don't think that you owed us (your readers) anything. I have so much respect for you, both for writing a story so close to your own struggles, and for putting yourself out here like this. I'm so glad that you're doing better now, and I hope you find a great job that you enjoy, and that your life continues to improve! I look forward to seeing your new works :)
Code Zero chapter 29 . 9/18/2017
Take care of yourself. All the best.
astra chapter 29 . 9/18/2017
Thank you so, so much for this story. When I first read it so long ago, I was kinda in a bad place, too, with getting adopted and switching schools and other stressful stuff, but fanfiction, including yours, gave me something to look forward to and took some of the edge off of reality. And while I never really talked to or messaged you, I feel oddly proud of you for getting that degree! Knowing that you picked yourself up and kicked college ass makes me feel like I might be able to do something like that, too, one day. I'll be looking forward to reading whatever you write next!

Thank you, again, for your work. I hope life continues to get better for you and wish you the best!

Guest chapter 29 . 9/18/2017
You are incredible, thanks for sharing. Your story was lovely
Racheakt chapter 28 . 9/18/2017
Hey man. Good on you.

I know how some of that goes. The pressure you feel, and the emotions bottled up in you- how the pressure builds. I probably had a very different experience, but I know where you're coming from. Just a little. You know?

If you'd like, I have a story I'm working on, Bird. You might like it, as it deals with a lot of similar ideas, but in a very uplifting way. A girl in an insane asylum for super humans, who rises to the occasion.

At any rate, good luck. I hope you go far.

Phiver chapter 29 . 9/18/2017
Thank you so much for your work! I know often a lot of writers get flak or criticism for not finishing stories or updating too slowly, but it's hard to write. I truly envy you people who can express themselves in such a way, as I know I do not have the determination and perserverance to do so myself. Keep on writing if that is your passion, and thank you for the stories you've given us so far!
Seventeenth Shenanigan chapter 29 . 9/18/2017
Thank you for having the courage to share this with everyone, and I can't thank you enough for your work. I'm glad that you're feeling better (which sounds so trite but) and that you feel up to writing again! This story was one that really opened my eyes to the potential effects of Naruto's childhood, and it made me start considering the series in a different light. Again, thank you for your work, and I look forward to the future!

cruciosirius chapter 29 . 9/18/2017
I only found this story some days ago, but immediately I was in love with it. You wrote things that really beat my heart and now I know why. It's because they were true. I am glad you trust and respect your readers in a way that you felt free to tell your story. Not everyone in this site are kind with autors and some of them can be a pain in the ass. I'm really happy that you're recovering, just remember that you're not alone. There's people that are passing ou already passed for something like that. Stay Strong sweetheart. Anyway, know you have a talent and I'll adore read more of your works. But focus in your life, cause that's what really matters. Thank you for this final explanation. All the best for you.
etheral-23 chapter 29 . 9/18/2017
I'm glad you pulled through
Homarid chapter 29 . 9/18/2017
Well that was a lot more serious than I expected which checking my fanfic stories today. I am really glad to hear you managed to recover from that situation. I hope you keep healing and get the help you need. Good luck with the new stories.
Reymen chapter 29 . 9/18/2017
Congratulations on your recovery. I hope life treat you well in the future.
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