Reviews for Over The Top
BellaTesoro chapter 1 . 2/17
I'm intrigued, by both of these characters. Can't wait to read on...
LoriRae chapter 35 . 2/15
Thank you. Loved this little trip down memory lane. Reminded me how much I love this did. Maybe it's time to start re-reading again.
JoAnn chapter 35 . 2/15
Congratulations! I've read OTT many times, it was so good. Just pre-ordered Rush, can't wait. Contrats again!
bbbluez chapter 35 . 2/17
So excited to catch this. Going to check out the novel. Congrats!
Guest chapter 34 . 2/15
Wow...the memories totally fangirling again...thanks for that! Will definitely be checking out your book!
Maureen Thomas chapter 35 . 2/16
️️️ Blast from the past! Makes me wa t to retread it all again... Maybe this time the heartache won't be as bad. This was one my first stories ALL those years ago!
Tinshaw chapter 35 . 2/15
How awesome for you. I will so check it out.
Beans827 chapter 35 . 2/15
What a pleasant surprise! And boy, where did the time go! I appreciate little look backs into our favorite characters lives to see what they are up to so thanks for that. And best of luck to you with your new book?
beanothercullen chapter 35 . 2/15
Thanks SO much for the little bit extra, this fic was one of my all time favs and one of the first slash fics I read. Good luck to you in your writing career, I will for sure be checking it out! Thanks again, what a great surprise!
Captain Jezebel chapter 35 . 2/15
I seriously squealed like the biggest dork around when I saw the alert in my email. OMG it was so awesome to see what these two, three with Annie, were up to. I loved this, still in love, still going strong, and willing to make sacrifices for their family. Perfect. Thank you for bringing them back for just a spell.

Congratulations on your novel. Proud of you.

Jasper-replaces-edward chapter 35 . 2/15
OMG How lovely to hear from you and them again. xx
Pyejammies chapter 35 . 2/15
Well, hellooooo! It's great to have a peek at the boys again. This fic and The Forbidden Room started my love of m/m lit and now I go to the UK Meet Up, Euro Pride Con and Gay Rom Lit where I meet lovely, like minded people and make new friends. Thank you for introducing me to this genre. My best wishes to you as you venture into publishing. Maybe I'll meet you at one of the cons.
hillybob chapter 35 . 2/15
Aww I've missed these guys! What a beautiful snapshot thank you xxxxx
twi nana chapter 35 . 2/15
thank you, and I bought it...well on presail, I knew you could do it...
freefall6 chapter 35 . 2/15
What a treat this was - miss these guys so much! Good luck with your book - could you maybe be persuaded to return to this story? Please?
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