Reviews for D Day
NeoHydra77 chapter 8 . 2/22/2013
Wow, a fanfic revolving around the Battle Story... and a good one at that! I couldn't stop reading it when I started!
pacificuser chapter 8 . 7/14/2009
You should really continue writing... Your stories have so much potential... The only reason people do not review that much is because you do not use the popular characters from the TV series. But... Never the less, you are a very capable author. Again, my only problem with your work is proof-reading. Keep on updating.
pacificuser chapter 1 . 7/13/2009
This is very, very good writing. The story itself has lots of potential, the only problem I have with it is the need for serious proof-reading. Other than that, very well done! Keep on updating!
pointytilly chapter 8 . 3/1/2009
Damn, Prozen, you really are your father's son...Zenebas didn't care for people who let him down either :p.

That's one hell of a downer ending for Helios, but very fitting for the is Westing's fate, though I almost expected him to die too. I bet he made a great policeman.

Kudos to you for writing (and finishing) this, you should really plug it on a few Zoids forums and get it some more traffic.
pointytilly chapter 7 . 3/1/2009
Odin Blue is in serious need of something NICE happening to him. This being battle story, I doubt he's going to get his something.

I had a feeling Westing was gonna end up with that Liger, one way or another. Nice to see the original high-speed cat rivalry, with all the NJR stuff that followed I think a lot of fans forget what a big deal Shieldy and Sabre would have been. Also good: that Westing doesn't instantly know how to use the thing and makes the ol' rely-on-the-shield blunder.

...and I was not expecting that bomb or its aftermath. Ouch D:. Sunny and Westing both.
pointytilly chapter 6 . 3/1/2009
"What the f!ck is FUBAR?" XD.

And poor, poor Command Wolves...both the shelled ones and the gore'd one. I'm not sure why, but I really like Westing's POV-narrative. I'm also amused he's still carrying a cross when Earth's lost its religious holidays and such, but that makes sense. Any comfort in war, right?

Looking forward to the Gojulas in action next!
pointytilly chapter 5 . 2/21/2009
"Perhaps Zenebas has made a union with Guylos." - DON'T TRUST HIM.

And Westing, man! Don't promise your adopted-brother-in-war you won't die, that might as well stamp DOOMED on your forehead and I like you!

Naming the Sabre Tiger Sunny was a nice touch, I figure some people would name their Zoids and it's quite fitting. I'm a sucker for childhood friends, too, and you just had to go and kill one of them ;p. 'Course, that's gonna happen when people can't hide behind Main Character Shielding, and it should.

(Typo: legends liver forever rather than live.)
pointytilly chapter 4 . 2/19/2009
Ah, tense stalkings through the jungle.

"No...I don't think it was worth it at all." - That sorta theme shows up often in the battle story, huh? Too bad everyone on Zi seems too caught up in the war anyway...though that's how it always goes, isn't it?

And hey, good point on Zi not having zombie legends. They probably wouldn't, they'd have stuff involving KILLER VOLCANOES and nature disasters.

I think people had more issues with Hitler than differences in government ;p...but then, this is The Future, and history's probably gotten mangled and mutated, and Japan has a thing for Germany. Cough.

GAMBINO REF and Redhorn badassery
pointytilly chapter 3 . 2/19/2009
Ah, nice contrast, from Helios' hellish viewpoint last chapter to "This is kinda...wild." And the biting and mauling of heads! S'good to see both sides going for the headshots and other 'dirty' maneuvers.

I dunno about recoil on beams, but Seapanther's can always be...some weird kinda energy cannon with more. Good on Helios for getting the crab out of there and giving people a ride.

Westing's "what" reaction to finally swearing, hah XD. He's such an understated guy it stands out.

I think my favorite part of this bit, in fact, is the contrast I mentioned between the two main characters' personalities and outlooks...while they both draw on lessons from family members, giving them a shared thread too.
pointytilly chapter 2 . 2/19/2009
Reviewing chapter by chapter without peeking ahead ;p.

I'm still digging Westing and the mixed reactions to human-ness. He's a nervous bugger, but he has every right to be...human intuition? Hopefully the wish of luck will serve him well (it did Krueger, but Krueger had a bit of Heroic Luck on his side).

The mix of ground troops and Zoids in the second half is effectively brutal...sure, the model boxes reduce the humanoids to little pilotman figures, but seeing it from their view it should be far messier. And it is.

(I still would drop the asterisks in the f-bombs, even if it means upping the rating. They're a little distracting.)
pointytilly chapter 1 . 2/16/2009
Battlestory fic is a hella nice thing to see, yes.

You rarely see things from the human point of view, so it's nice to get that here...and a human that's more buddies with his Zoid, that's cool. Apparently in-universe the Zoidians see humans as too "they're tools, not friends" about Zoids, but I figure that's not true of -everyone-.

Also cool: sympathetic/viewpoint characters on both sides, rather than the obvious "good and evil, here is the good guys' story" approach I see a lot of Zoids fics taking to war.

"Helios wandered if perhaps he should feel some hatred towards the Helics for murdering his father. Well, murder was hardly murder in war." Yeah, I like this guy.