Reviews for Capital Pursuits
Princess Of Diamonds chapter 30 . 8/30/2014
OMG! Your stories are amazing please write another one!
AnconiaStark chapter 1 . 8/19/2012
Great story :)
unobtrusivescribe chapter 30 . 1/13/2012
This story was extremely interesting! I was completely hooked. I almost thought Brian was working with Jenna. It was believable mystery and had some great twists! I'm guessing you rely enjoy trivia pursuit:)
yourfaithfulsidekick chapter 30 . 8/7/2010
I've truly enjoyed all your stories! (Don't worry, just because there's not much feedback, I know how it feels, doesn't mean no one enjoys them!) I hope one day you will continue! If you ever need a little boost or anything you can always talk to me! xD

Thank you for the stories!

Lusy611 chapter 10 . 12/15/2009
Lusy611 chapter 6 . 12/15/2009
I'm starting to agree with Joe (for once!). I can't believe Frank! What is he thinking! POOR CALLIE! OK I'm mad at Frank now (that would be a for once too). But I can't wait to read how it ends!
Missy chapter 30 . 6/13/2009
I really enjoyed read your stories and I loved the series. I'm sorry to hear you won't be posting any more soon :(

If you like doing something, you should continue to do so! Obviously you've spent a lot of time thinking about your plots and characterisation, and it would be a shame to just give everything away because you didn't get as much feedback as you'd hoped for.

I think it's cool that you've spent the time putting stories up for us to share with you, and if you like writing, you should continue doing it, no matter what other people think!

Since your series has finished now, maybe you could try writing a couple of one-shots or shorter stories and see how they are received?

Best of luck with everything,

amblewat chapter 21 . 5/29/2009
Hey...I forgot about this story. Isn't it also on HDA? Love it btw.
AliciaLily chapter 30 . 5/24/2009
Oh, what a lovely end to your story Cheryl. You've really made me like Frank and Callie together, which I thought would never be possible... :) The way you write them however, is perfect.

I've said it a bunch of times already, but I'm really sad that you're not planning on writing anymore. I really hope you do get the bug soon and start posting again.

I think out of all of your stories...this one is my favorite. I just love the journey you took the characters on, especially Frank and Callie. It was so well written and perfectly done.

Well, since you won't be writing any more...I suppose I'll just have to go back to where it all began and re-read Fire and Ice! So there!

Once again, thanks for the great stories!
MissMe113 chapter 30 . 5/18/2009



(That was three cheers, FYI)

Great, fantastic, amazing, heart-stopping, thrilling story! It was REALLY incredible!

Aww, OK, Dave IS a really nice guy! Can I have him? Please?

I'm in actual AWE at how INSANE this story was! It was SO GOOD! I actually FELL IN LOVE with every chapter!

I know it might be useless to ask, but I'd really like to read more from you. I've enjoyed EVERY story I've read, honestly.


AliciaLily chapter 29 . 5/17/2009
HA! Finally! Dumb dumb DUMB brazen hussy has been BROUGHT DOWN! HA hA ha HA! It's sick how much I dislike her. I mean...really.

Great work Cheryl...can't believe there is only one chapter left until the end! You're going to update soon right? RIGHT? Please do...I really want to see how all of this ends!

Thanks for the great read!
AliciaLily chapter 28 . 5/17/2009

One curve ball after another with you...SHEESH!

Wonderful, awesomely written chapter. SERIOUSLY.

SO...I guess Brian ISN'T the bad guy. Good LORD! I'm usually right on with stories and who's the bad guy but I have been wrong the whole time! (except for with the brazen hussy...I was right about her)

The scenes with Frank and Callie...heartwrenching. Why can't I have a guy like that in my life, huh? Do guys like that even exist? Yeah, don't really think so. UGH.

Great writing Cheryl...I can't believe there are only two chapters left! It doesn't seem like enough to tie it all up! AHH! Have I mentioned recently how sad I am that you're not going to write anymore? Yeah, cause I am! You should seriously reconsider. PLEASE.

Okay, now off to find out just what the HECK Joe Hardy has gotten himself into.
AliciaLily chapter 27 . 5/17/2009


BRIAN is the bad guy? WWHAT!

And Dave is really a good guy...but not in the good guy way that I thought? That is some BRILLIANT writing Cheryl! I never saw it coming...I would have NEVER guessed that Brian was the bad guy...of course now, in retrospect I see that I probably could have been suspicious of him...not that there were any signs or anything...just that...well..he was ALWAYS AROUND and he was WAY too damn helpful! :)

Geez...Dave really is just a regular guy isn't he? Man, I was so WRONG about him!

Seriously, after that amazing chapter you're going to tell me that you're not going to WRITE anymore? YOU HAVE TO CONTINUE WRITING! PLEASE?

Okay...what's going to happen next? Ah! I can't wait to find out!
AliciaLily chapter 26 . 5/17/2009
Well...I'm feeling all sorts of sheepish...

Hi there! No, I haven't fallen off the face of the planet, I've just been a very rude and inconsiderate (albeit busy) person. :( Forgive me?

Here I go! Chapter 26 review coming your way pronto!

All during the beginning of the chapter I was thinking..."JOE! JOE! Hurry up and figure out the magical formula that will lead you straight to your brother and Callie! DO IT NOW! I was so ANXIOUS for him because I knew what was coming...

And then...BAM...someone found Frank and Callie? It wasn't Joe? Well now...this is very interesting. Who was it? Who found them? And did that person shoot that ugly, no good hussy in the face? I hope so. :)

Gosh...if the knews that hitting her head so close to where she had cancer wasn't BAD she has a broken back! ARGH! You know I'm not the biggest fan of Callie, but I didn't NOT like her..but MAN I'm really feeling for Callie right now. How AWFUL!

DAVE! Is he some kind of secret undercover government agent or something? Is he really a GOOD guy? My world has just been thrown upside down. WOW.

On to the next...and fast!
MissMe113 chapter 29 . 5/5/2009

Oh, I would have liked to hurt hurt very much. But this is good enough, I suppose.

Great chapter!

Aw, I felt bad for Frank! He was so concerned for Joe, even when he was hurt. That's so big brother of him.

Update soon, please!

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