Reviews for Four Weddings And A Funeral
kittykatloren chapter 1 . 6/3/2010
Very nice! I admit I only read the Naesala and Lehran ones, since they are my pairings, but they were fantastic. I especially love Sanaki/Lehran, and those last few lines were absolutely priceless. She would do that! Sanaki/Naesala was very good too, very much a business deal, yet with those undertones of emotion. Really fun read, there's not enough with those pairings out there.

- Kitty
Myaru chapter 1 . 2/16/2009
Is the Reyson/Sanaki comment a challenge? :D

God, Pelleas still cracks me up in this fic. "I can’t marry you because..I’m going to marry Micaiah. I love her and we’re betrothed and have been since birth and this was Izuka’s idea." Ahahahaha, that's just so- and Micaiah is like foreshadowing for Lehran's fate at the end of the story, now I look at it. I should congratulate Pelleas for having the balls to just come out and claim her, but I can't because he's running from Sanaki.

So, I was looking at this - 'Reyson snorted. “You’re supposed to tempt me with those? You’re little more than a child.”'

... and I wondered if perhaps Reyson doesn't know what to do with breasts either? I mean, he and Ike could get together and try to figure it out during a late night study session while Soren pouts in the corner-

Naesala, on the other hand, knows exactly what to do with her.

You know I love the last section, of course. I didn't ramble about it elsewhere because I was in fangirl bliss.

"she took Lehran as her surrogate for exchanging vows and practice of the many finite customs of joining within Begnion. He was of similar height to her fiancee, thus Lehran endured the fittings"

When I first read this I thought that was incredibly harsh of her to do (even knowing what the pairing really was), but given her character in the rest of the fic, it's believable she'd make him do that out of spite. A last punishment, maybe? Also a glaring hint he didn't catch, but. Right after this, Lehran makes a comment about Kilvas - I've no idea what he's referring to unless it's something you mentioned earlier in the story, but I like that his actions (the agitation of swirling his wine, complaining) underline the endurance test he puts up with as the supposed surrogate.

Also, your appetizers are awesome, and they sound really good. I mean, I hate fish, but "spicy fish and cracker ensemble" sounds good, and berry jam is always good, and it makes me want some kind of sweet, which is bad. I'm imagining crackers slathered with triple-cream brie and some kind of fancy pate, and then, because this is Begnion, there must be caviar.


"It hung there, the memory of dances shared when she was so young that Lehran would have to lift her up and practically carry her through the waltzing. Now, she fit against him well."

You make me want to write that. This line, and his earlier action with the flower ("After a moment’s thought he slipped behind her ear.") are very sweet.

I just love the ending. Much platonic love for you! I love my gift. Sorry it took me so long to give you real comments.
FireEdge chapter 1 . 2/16/2009
I like it. It's interesting to see Sanaki be so... deceiving and bitter. But it all fit her very well. I especially enjoyed the ending, where she just twists Lehran into marrying her. XD For some reason, I rather enjoy that pairing.

The only thing that I'm confused by is the number of actual marriages she went through. So, Sanaki married Reyson and Naesala (like, ACTUALLY) and then... had them annulled, or...? Either way, I really enjoyed reading this. Great job!