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Ethorin chapter 21 . 3/4/2014
the Star Wars vessel obliterating the Borg Cube makes perfect sense
although difficult to outright state, IIRC Star Trek wins in range and maneuverability but Star Wars has more brute force(Death Star) a Borg Cube without warp or shields would definitively lose to one of the SSD's...
the Arc'En'Ciel ALWAYS kills IIRC it is basically a Space-Time Gun... so yeah...
Rory O'Kane chapter 21 . 8/12/2013
That was cool, but confusing. I liked parts of it, but skipped many of the parts about series I didn’t know because it was too boring trying to figure out what was going on with all these new characters. It’s hard to appreciate much of this story without knowing the original works.
Mistress Kasumi chapter 21 . 7/2/2013
Greetings, the name is Laserai. Before I give my repertoire of a review I thought it would be good to tell when I first started reading this story. I started reading this story some time back in 2009 and saved the last chapter according to my system logs March 27, 2009. At that point I am not sure what happened but I lost touch with this story. I suppose I figured the story never continued, a fate common here on . Yesterday, I restarted reading my offsite copy of the first seven chapter and curiosity alone caused me to check to see if by some chance this story continued. Lord behold I check and not only did the story continued but it was completed. I lost a lotta sleep cause of you . . . but it was worth it. To date the longest cliffhanger ever due to whatever caused me to stop reading this multi fic. You really pulled off one helluva fanfic here. By the pit, didn't you do that. I haven't seen such masterful plot working in some time. Even after all this time, picking up the story was not a problem and the grip was strong. Couldn't get away from it even to play my favorite game even for a moment. I don't have any criticism to offer because I really liked this fanfic back in 2009 when I started reading and more then a decade later I have fallen in love with it again. You can bet your arse I will be reading the sequel next! Damn good job, man! Laserai out.
jaelin910 chapter 12 . 3/23/2013
nabiki is without a doubt THE most indirectly dangerous person in their world. she's not like happosai, who is actually a rather predictable, and direct, threat; if you avoid him, are male and don't threaten his collection, he probably won't kill you. and if he does, he'll most likely do it himself.
nabiki on the other hand will actively seek out your secrets and sell them to anyone with sufficient money. whether those secrets may cost your life of not rarely matters to her...and the worst part is that she's likely to do it even with incomplete knowledge of the situation - potentially risking everyone in the world for a bit of cash
tphod chapter 11 . 11/16/2012
Technically, the Z-fighters have and put FAR more skill and intelligence in their fighting that the one portrayed here, it doesn't do justice, but then again this massive crossover has so much crack in it that I can more than shrug it of.
PD: Z-fighter have far more power as well, but it's so game-breaking that they need a nerf in the department 99% of the time in a crossover.
Guest chapter 9 . 11/2/2012
While the fic is amusing, Chrono's relationship with Graham is nonsensical. Akane also is barely recognizable as a character. Their trips into hate-filled rhetoric significantly detract from the scenes they appear in.
cabale chapter 21 . 10/12/2012
I lived this story :)
Kearin chapter 8 . 9/1/2012
I would like to note that there quite a few ways Janeway could have handled that battle without blowing up the third ship.

First, and almost certainly unacceptable: Surrender and probably die.
Second, damage the vessel's propulsion and speed away.
Third, precision target every single weapon and destroy them (probably rather impractical).
Four, lower shields and beam key enemy officers into containment and/or send over boarding parties.
Five, hit the ship with a high-powered EMP (unknown if the ship is actually capable of this, but if it couldn't I would wonder why)...

There are doubtless several other methods she should have been able to use, and at least one of them should have been thought of beforehand to minimize fatalities.
Arkanrium chapter 11 . 7/8/2012
"Not like your friends didn't help, acting the way they did." This complete and total bullshit the entire thing falls completely on Vegeta (and Picolo I guess) seriously "It's classified" does not constitute an attack worthy reply and while I can see the other going along for a laugh young Gohan would probably not have. The story up to here is great but this chapter seems like a poor excuse to have them beat up each other...

Whatever just tough I'd get it of my chest...
Selias chapter 21 . 6/29/2012
Any chance of a continuation of Zuko's journey after his run-in with Ranma? Well, I mean if you didn't do that in one of the future parts of this series.
Ranmamania running wild chapter 21 . 5/25/2012
Overall this was an okay story
Ranma Advocate chapter 12 . 5/25/2012

Ranma was already faster than the eye can see shown by going so fast in volume 1 that people didn't see him move when he disappears from view and suddenly appear right by Kuno.

Ranma in the ice skating battle was punching someone while being attacked and spin around 518 times so fast that only Akane can see him the other people thought he was getting the person he was fighting in a duo is on par with he was battling in an ice ring and therefore not at his best.

Ranma afterwards manage to beat Ryoga by punching 200 times(unspecific time limit) so fast in one area using one hand 3 times in a row to beat was upgraded with increase durability by getting hit continously by giant rocks(2-5).At the same time Ranma was under the belief that one touch was all it takes to kill people can presume he could go even faster if he realized that Ryoga isn't a mini Kenshiro.

There are actually several more I need to look at more to actually stealing the foundation under the entire tendo building to fall at the same people clothing (remind me of Negima) when they're wearing them without that he was doing it to people who was on par with him at the time.(At least I believe they were)

One of the more intresting feat was when Ranma was dueling a heir of Martial art speed eating,who was actually faster at eating than Ranma,she(after starving herself a week beforehand,so not the best condition)move her hand so fast that the food seemingly disappear and land on the audience at this point can't see Ranma moving her hands anymore. The entire audience,including Ranma father(a decent martial artist above akane) also was amaze.

Ranma near the end of the manga was schooling Ryoga it might be that his strength is getting strong enough that Ryoga can't ignore them anymore.

Ranma has actually gone faster than lightning when battling Tarou in his ran from(not dodge ran faster than)a lightning barrage. Ranma was shown to be faster than him and even toying with him in the battle.(Debatable,there is reason to believe it simply magic lightning,thought I believe if we can't quantify that this is his leg speed,which Ryoga is able to keep up with.(Unless Ranma was holding back or getting Recon over and over)Ranma hand speed is way above Ryoga leg speed or hand speed.

So while I didn't prove without doubt that Ranma is faster than lightning or even equal to ENTIRELY possible for you to see Ranma as being faster than lightning and at least in hand speed faster than even Super Saiyan 3 that doesn't mean he can win against that his speed is on or even above there league if you take the high level of Ranma feats.

Note for DBZ fans, most of there fights don't involve blowing up a city or even multiple mountains just for clarification most of there fights don't involve causing great area of damage. They often use precision beam of ki that does piercing not for the random feat of blowing the moon by Picollo,it entirely possible to believe that goku and the other are country level at best before the Cell Games Finals.

Note that would put Ranma at the level of Fragile Speedster that would fit right in Dragon Ball Z. Sadly he would be unable to beat any of them due to not having enough power to beat them physically(All his fight would be like Ranma vs Ryoga (Kenshiro Parody arc),except this time it would be for real) without attempting to poke there eyes or kick the boy 'dragon balls" and hoping the battering Ram Theory would activate sometime soon and hoping that hand wouldn't be a battered mess before that happens.

So in conclusion I would point out that at best Ranma would be a Fragile Speedster that lacks the power or technique to beat the Z fighters after DBZ Saiyan Arc unless you count poking someone eyes or doing thing RANMA in CHARACTER would never do to anyone.

So while I applaud your Ranma ability of adapting,which is sorely lacking in most Fanfic.(Or maybe they're just using Anime Ranma)

Conclusion This base on OBD basic stats,of the possible Ranma I can see from his showing(baring outliners,but presuming the lightning outrunning isn't an outliner)


Battle Speed-Lightning(Possible 4 digits combined with Sealed Technique)Toyed and defeat someone(Tarou)who was able to outrun lightning on his monster but slower form.

Hand Battle Speed-Mach 4400 due to being at least 10 times faster than his feet speed.

Lifting Strength-Class K was on par with Ryoga who was able to beat someone that was able to stop a mountain wedge from closing(Upper Class G).(There is a feat that allows him to be at class M level(Luffy level))

Weakness-Tomboys(lol),If you caught him by surprise or distracted,its possible for someone even lower than class 100 like Akane to beat will cause him to enter a cat-fu like state which increase his speed and strength,He's quite pacifist and will often not kill his opponent even when trying to save his fiance.

Final Conclusion-Strength wise at Luffy level before time skip(This is currently being debated),Speedwise is around Negima top tier level and around DBZ high tier level(Hand speed might exceed it),Destructive Capability is at Naruto level...Durability is unknown at this time,(Small town level?)

-Weak Fragile Speedster-
The Ranmazon chapter 11 . 5/25/2012
It would be funnier if while ChiChi was screaming at her if after she yelled about her seducing him she turned around & said either of these two

1) I'm a lesbian


2) "I'm sorry your son is gay" Ranma said with a smirk

"WHAT" Chi-Chi yelled in shock

Ranma explained "I'm a guy who is cursed to turn into a girl but even in this body I still like girls not guys & if I can help it I'll never have a guy touch me like that"
Ranmamania mania running wild chapter 11 . 5/25/2012
Excellent best chapter so far
Ranmamania running wild chapter 8 . 5/25/2012
Okay, now it's a little better
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