Reviews for A Marriage Inconvenienced
sarahmchugs chapter 21 . 6/10
This is an absolutely amazing fanfic. It had just the right amount of sad and funny.
Secret.Identities chapter 21 . 5/24
That was sweet :D I was laughing when they returned to Konoha; a few hints in and I realized what the whole gay rumor would end in hahaha.
sovandeprins chapter 17 . 5/4
Loved this chapter. It was amazing to see what happened to sakura and I cant even imagine how it would feel like to basically have... everything you thought was real for what you thought was NINE years ripped away from you just like that. You painted the image really nicely, with the fact that she can still fell the phantom touches of her children and spell stuff about them. Its a true memory that was fabricated in mere seconds.

The only complaint I have (and I assume this has already been pointed out, but- ;; yeah) is that in the chapter before this, you wrote that sakura dis in fact break the gifts from the nations. This is of course just a misstake from writing chapters separate from each other at separate times and I get that. Still, if you ever get the time - perhaps change that? Either that she did ir didnt break them. It personally took me out of the experience a little bit, so it would make the story flow better at that point if it was fixed.

Either way - Thank you so much for writing!
Lindt Luirae chapter 10 . 5/1
Hahahahahahah oh my god! Poor Naruto I’m cackling. Kakashi is too much for anyone.
Lindt Luirae chapter 9 . 4/30
Gai should be promoted to Konoha’s emotional beast hahhahah
Lindt Luirae chapter 8 . 4/30
Omggg yesss more kakashi x tomio kisses ahhahah I love this
Lindt Luirae chapter 4 . 4/30
Kakashi is completely relentless I love it
Lindt Luirae chapter 3 . 4/30
I’m reading this and I’m so intrigued to see where it goes
sovandeprins chapter 8 . 4/27
I mean... if I were Tomio, I too would ask Kakashi for a kiss.
Either way, I do like both Tomio and Norio. I Also do like that we got some ’action’ (sideye emoji) even though its not KakaSaku action, lol.

Thank you for writing.
sovandeprins chapter 6 . 4/25
Okay... I really like Norio so far! In all honestly, rn i like him a bit more than Kakashi, as he hasnt been as pushy or announced his ’feelings’ (i use ’’ here, because kakashi hasnt Exactly Said that he loves her or anything like that. So far, we have only seen him think of her as somewhat annoying and? Ugly? If ive been reading correctly... and a baby maker, basically.) for her. They already have an astablished relationship and Sakura has Said yes to him, so they already have a headstart when it comes to a functioning relationship? So far, at least.

I do really enjoy the fact that you gave Kakashi a bit if a different backstory than most, with him spending a good amount of his childhood working as a bodyguard for the family. Its interesting and different. I Also love the old-fashioned feel Norio gives - like a nobleman from England, lol. I love that so much.

Really enjoying it so far, keep it up! Thank you for writing.
moderndayportia chapter 21 . 4/23
Oh my god, you added an epilogue! I reread the whole thing in one day and got SO much joy from the ending. So good. So, so good!
sovandeprins chapter 3 . 4/21
’Oh, that's right, Kakashi thought in resignation, Anko was insane. Plant emasculation aside, there was Anko's unfortunately named pet rabbit. Hebi had been around since Kakashi had known her, and it had the strange quality of changing color and from male to female. So Hebi was either imaginary or a twenty year old, tri-colored, hermaphrodite bunny.’

This was my favourite part of the chapter. I havent read your stuff in a while (or any kakasaku for that matter) and I forgot how funny it can be! Im enjoying this series so far and I cant hell but wonder how things will play lit. Right now, Kakashi is a biiiiit of a creep (lets be honest). Deciding on his own that he /will/ marry sakura without ever mentioning or hinting anything to her? Creep move. But im hoping he will realize this as the story moves along... either way, great read so far!

Thank you for writing.
Love chapter 21 . 4/19
Ya girl has TEARS in her EYES. ahhh this was so good. Honestly, this last chapter did me in. The story was great, but this last chapter had it all. Fantatic writing, world-bulding, character interactions and development. All of it was great. Thank you for such a wonderful story. Much love!
RackleTackle chapter 1 . 3/23
My heart! This was lovely. Thank you for the wonderful story. I got so engrossed in the epilogue that I missed my train station and had to double back: worth it.
Nyx chapter 21 . 3/10
THIS WAS SO GOOD, the ending was adorable, and the part where people thought Kakashi married Yamato was absolutely priceless omg. I would say more but I have friends coming over in literally five minutes and I need to get dressed, but this was awesome 3
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