Reviews for Pedestal
RoundLake chapter 160 . 10/12
One of the best written stories in this site, might be the best too. Even the greatest fanfictions feel like just fanfiction. This however feels like a real novel.
Guest chapter 2 . 10/10
lmao a Numel
GirlyPear chapter 1 . 10/1
I was wondering is there anywhere I can learn which characters have other stories that they're in?
Ismaeel chapter 36 . 9/30
Why is Katerina laughing at him?
Rakurai1 chapter 96 . 9/21
I felt the need to review at this point for a couple of reasons.

1. I really enjoyed this story but for now I'm taking a hiatus. I feel like I've sort of burnt out on your content even thought its great.

2. The character arc of Nicks for what I've read upto is mindblowing. Excellent character building loved it. Characters really drive stories and for me Nick was amazing.

Thanks for the content will definitely return to read the rest!
Somebody chapter 94 . 9/13
I thought that something was up when hypnosis was used on a dark type...
MoonlitLagoon chapter 8 . 9/11
Aww, that was a pretty cute chapter :) though I gotta agree - Shroomish look quite angry all the time haha.
MoonlitLagoon chapter 1 . 9/11
Came across this on a recommendation subreddit for the best fics one ever read. I've only just read this first chapter and was really happy to have found that rec as it's starting off splendidly (prose-wise, character-wise, nostalgia-wise, etc.). I do have to wonder at this OC's voice, though haha. For an 11 year old, they sure sound a helluva lot older than I would expect a child to sound like. Regardless, I'm excited to continue reading - especially with how easy it is to connect with the protagonist and their determination to be the very best there ever was :)
cyberas chapter 123 . 7/26
I know this story is finished, but god I hope namnar actually gets the gym leader position. Seriously, he deserves this one good thing for going through hell itself on this race!
cyberas chapter 62 . 7/25
Honestly, I love how far the main character has fallen here, I love how Duskull absolutely ripped the dude apart and how the dude's team is drifting apart slowly. I also love that fact of the Duskull being the reason they even had Breloom back! By actually threatening the trainer!
StraxyX chapter 8 . 7/22
The man's pedestals are being knocked down left and right
StraxyX chapter 4 . 7/22
Maaan, I so want to hug a pokemon.
StraxyX chapter 3 . 7/22
The point of having a pokemon team instead of just one pokemon is so the other pokemon can cover for your pokemon's weakness, right? Type advantage and all that.
StraxyX chapter 2 . 7/22
StraxyX chapter 1 . 7/22
I would have gotten myself a Geodude. Or a Pika. Also, Iimagine being the very best with a Magikarp as your sole pokemon.
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