Reviews for Pedestal
Shredded Metal chapter 94 . 10/5
All new readers skip 93 and 94 nothing matters in these chapters.
PhoenixAzure chapter 117 . 9/25
Is it Arceus? I have a feeling it’s Arceus. White body, Red eyes, long head, access to any type.
Maractus chapter 160 . 9/5
Candice chapter 94 . 8/27
Future readers: skip 93 and 94. They are filler in the worst sense of the word.
Krav chapter 31 . 8/24
Knowing French makes this so much funnier
NemotheDemigod chapter 160 . 8/10
I started reading this 3 days ago based on a reddit post i read with the link in the comments. Though the story is old I still enjoyed every second of it. The characters were all entertaining, and it was hard to imagine the pokemon as pokemon and not people with how great their characters were. It really changed my view on the world of pokemon; I mean if you read some of the dex entries pokemon is scary as heck. I do feel like a few problems in the story would have been easily fixed with murder, but eh. 10/10 will completely forget about the story in a couple of years and read it again.
Guest chapter 1 . 7/28
I haven’t read fanfic in years but I randomly remembered this story and how much I loved it so here I am again, 5 years later in quarantine! It’s as amazing as I remembered it!
AyakoA-chan chapter 160 . 6/24
This was a brilliant story that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. (It’s also the longest story I’ve ever read so far.) I’ll admit, when I first started it I didn’t expect it to take such a dark turn but everything wrapped up (fairly) nicely and I’m happy the remaining characters got their happy endings. I liked the main character (his name’s still NamNar!) even with his flaws because those are what make us human. I’m so glad Vaikuntha survived though, I had a special soft spot for him and Konstantin. Thank you for writing and finishing such a wonderful story!
TheHarshApprentice chapter 160 . 6/2
End had me crying tears of joy that the MC's suffering was finally coming to an end.
TheHarshApprentice chapter 94 . 5/31
Is there any little spec of proper happiness thrown in here anywhere cuz im honestly tired of all these problems and tortures that keep piling up.
DarksiderForever chapter 1 . 5/30
idk bro dissing mareep like that... i dunno... ampharos is a strong mf
Blanky-Chan chapter 118 . 5/25
"ill never ask for anything please please!" brings back some memories... yikes
Blanky-Chan chapter 117 . 5/24
It has to be arceus! I mean, when you give him a plate he becomes that type, for instance the spychic plate. And he has nice legs so he can just step lightly over to him. Im so sure of it! Man, this is amazing!
autumnphoenix888 chapter 160 . 5/23
Oh. My. God. First of all, I feel the need to say that this fic is absolutely amazing. Everything about it was just so engaging...character development, the plot... Just EVERYTHING. I love it. This is, by far, my favorite fanfic out there and by far the best Pokemon one I've ever read. I cannot describe my attachment to this story and the lovable characters, only after binge-reading it for about a week and a half. I love your writing style, and I hope you continue to write all kinds of Pokemon fics!

So, after a long, rocky, bloody, angsty, and quite injury-prone road following NamNar, Des, Carlita, Ike, Kostya, Alice, Zerek, Nick, Hanna, Jude, Vai, Sela, and all of the other wonderful characters (both humans and Pokemon) in this fic, I bid this story a heartfelt goodbye. It has been such a wonderful journey to go through and experience, and while I almost hope it didn't have to stop, all grand tales must come to an end. Thank you, for this beautiful story.
Blanky-Chan chapter 94 . 5/18
how better this can get? First i see your pfp is my favourite character (sasori), Discover that youve made also naruto fics. Then you make an amazing pokemon fic, then this chapter. Its amazing, i will follow you to the moon!
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