Reviews for Pedestal
Number13teen chapter 132 . 9/5
Why did this have to happen to Lola and Archie! They were my favorite contestants!
Number13teen chapter 141 . 9/5
Ya know I realized, isn't a Russell's job to guide the souls of the dead to the afterlife according to the pokedex? It's be interesting if Kostya did that
Number13teen chapter 94 . 9/5
This was... Odd
Number13teen chapter 62 . 9/5
Kostya is right. Even with just 3 powerful pokemon, Protagonist cannot raise them right
Number13teen chapter 160 . 9/2
while I had a few problems with the story I just could never stop reading. I love the cast, I love the pokemon and I love the extremely dark tones everywhere! Nicely done
Number13teen chapter 159 . 9/1
Those final moments will all those characters were so nice. But after all this time we learn the MC's name and its... Pretty generic
Number13teen chapter 140 . 9/1
Omg so many funerals. So many lost pokemon
Number13teen chapter 136 . 9/1
This was a refreshing change of pace
Number13teen chapter 135 . 9/1
Holy shit Cosette and her Pokemon have finally experienced true tragedy. I hope they all live. Also this is why I don't like guns in pokemon, it's all just too cheap when you've got crazy monsters and they all go down to bullets.
Number13teen chapter 130 . 9/1
This arc is FINALLY over. It took forever, but finally something different is happening. I'm so glad with the end result though
Number13teen chapter 129 . 9/1
We finally got the results!
Number13teen chapter 125 . 9/1
Damn Sela is scary. Beat a Hariyama and grown man over a dying pokemon.
Number13teen chapter 122 . 9/1
I think the Gym Leaders were a bit too extreme with this race.
Number13teen chapter 113 . 8/31
I'm so glad that the chaos 's been too peaceful and slow
Number13teen chapter 102 . 8/31
This arc is lasting way longer than I expected.
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