Reviews for Pedestal
Cyberbeasttitan chapter 160 . 4/6
Well, that was goddamn depressing. So in the end everything comes full circle. Nothing like a Arceus Ex Machina ending.
suryanshshekhar chapter 1 . 4/2
Take a look at my story
Cyberbeasttitan chapter 94 . 4/1
How I ironic that I'm reading an April Fool's chapter on April Fool's day. What are the odds?
Cyberbeasttitan chapter 89 . 4/1
A Krabby? Man, that was severely disappointing.
S.R. Merchant chapter 70 . 3/29
The plot is amazing! 160 chapters! WTF. Anyway what I love about this story the most, is that the main character is relatable, and acts like a teen would in these situations. He is not weak but not op. After finishing this I’ll check for more fics! Btw I’m not logged in but that’s my real username. I haven’t posted anything so don’t bother checking, if you bother to read this long review. Merchant out!
budde1911 chapter 139 . 3/15
Loving these Hamlet references in the titles
Valiryo chapter 5 . 2/4
Man, this kid is very unlikable.. He acts very much like a spoiled brat.
Guest chapter 1 . 1/29
... I'm not ready to say good bye yet..but I have to

It hurts so badly but I'm really happy for NamNar

Oh rip this is why I don't like finishing fanfics
Mal chapter 94 . 1/27
Nope! Not gonna fall for it this time! ;) my third time reading this story andI finally didn't get tricked... haha
Saturn chapter 1 . 1/24
I read this story literal years ago. It was my alltime favorite story then, and I'm so happy that it's still up now. Decided to spread my love of the story, in fact! post/170102361143 Hell, this story is loved more than some of the physical books I have, and one day, I hope to print this out into an actual book just for me, so I can read it again, again, and again.
Guest chapter 160 . 1/20
I just wanted to say that this is just awesome. And honestly, I really did some cliché fairy tale ending where no one dies, or if they do they come back, but you tossed it out the window. This has been a fantastic piece and I absolutely love it. It all flowed and moved along from disaster to tragedy, peace and harmony well, with each step bringing something fresh. Thank you for your time and effort put into writing, and as a random stranger on the internet - May you have a quick wit and sharp mind. Glhf o7
The Dude chapter 94 . 1/18
I am reading this in January of 2018 this was not cool dude but it was funny
Kaeru Rei chapter 48 . 1/12
Des' evolution aside, this has been my least favourite chapter so far.
Kaeru Rei chapter 31 . 1/11
A Shinx? Really? What the fuck? The way it was described I figured it ought to be a Houndour. Though, granted, I'm not checking the Pokémon that appear in the mentioned routes or anything so thorough as that. Still, it sounded more threatening.
Yet again, too, the protagonist managed to get herself a very good Pokémon. That's a decent team so far.
Kaeru Rei chapter 24 . 1/11
What did she do with the Electabuzz? Why wouldn't she keep it? She could have traded it or something.
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