Reviews for Pedestal
Ambrosius Amon chapter 160 . 7/13
This, was a thoroughly amazing read. Quality of the highest caliber seen within fanfiction.
Ambrosius Amon chapter 159 . 7/13
Finally! Chapter 159, and we finally get his actual name.
Starship Phoenix chapter 160 . 6/30
Finally finished my great Pedestal reread and it’s still an emotional rollercoaster. This fic is like an old friend that you haven’t talked to in a while but when you catch up after a few years you pick right back up where you left. I have a very soft spot in my heart for this fic and I probably always will. And if you ever go back to writing Pokémon fic I’ll be first in line:)
Guest chapter 129 . 6/17
Haha Kostya pretending to jump along with Carlita and the narrator is so funny.
Guest chapter 89 . 6/17
I'm happy it's a Krabby, it's such an underrated pokemon.
VtrCst chapter 62 . 6/14
what a way to go about it, right?
the pokemon that do the most for him always end up underrated and unappreciated!
Froslass saved him half a dozen times and he either ignored her or ditched her, Kostya was as much as a mental crutch and a lighthouse for a better future since he showed up and what he got in return was a halfhearted role as a gopher and the be thrown in his face that he wasn't part of the team... i wonder what pokemon will take the role of the bad one in his head next...

really, that ditzy side of his, his over-expectations of himself and his Pokemons, and his fear of taking chances were cute up to a point, now, even after the whole Froslass fiasco (i'd add her to the team and parley the deal) and the whole Future debacle (he was like a dumb brat covering his ears and screaming "I'M NOW LISTENING NANANANANANA") he just sounds, acts and rages like a little whiny bitch
Monkey D. Chimera chapter 86 . 6/13
I read Ree Major's Wonderful Journey before this. When I saw Vai, I freaked. No reason, just cause.
Kaizen777 chapter 49 . 5/24
Just got back from my English class and we were doing Romeo and Juliet and I just realized that the name of this chapter is a line from RJ lol nice one
Guest chapter 71 . 5/5
I love this fiction !
Kostya is the best.
Axel Fones chapter 3 . 4/29
Being taken down in one move seems to be taken overdramatically considering he did the same thing against the Ponyta.
Cyberbeasttitan chapter 160 . 4/6
Well, that was goddamn depressing. So in the end everything comes full circle. Nothing like a Arceus Ex Machina ending.
suryanshshekhar chapter 1 . 4/2
Take a look at my story
Cyberbeasttitan chapter 94 . 4/1
How I ironic that I'm reading an April Fool's chapter on April Fool's day. What are the odds?
Cyberbeasttitan chapter 89 . 4/1
A Krabby? Man, that was severely disappointing.
S.R. Merchant chapter 70 . 3/29
The plot is amazing! 160 chapters! WTF. Anyway what I love about this story the most, is that the main character is relatable, and acts like a teen would in these situations. He is not weak but not op. After finishing this I’ll check for more fics! Btw I’m not logged in but that’s my real username. I haven’t posted anything so don’t bother checking, if you bother to read this long review. Merchant out!
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