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Guest chapter 2 . 8/16/2014
I'm not sure during which chapter I cried harder: 1 or 2. The story was sad, but what's sadder still is the fact that it's real and it really happens. This was a very emotional story, and well written. You did a great job.
ALonberg chapter 2 . 1/28/2013
i liked the story. just so you know it wasn't your fault.
Fawkes1725 chapter 2 . 9/19/2011
Very well written. Do not apologize for the second chapter. A story with a sincere message is a story that needs to be told. I hope you continue to write where your heart leads you for you will do well.
RaiiseOld chapter 1 . 1/5/2011
I'm very sorry to hear about your cousin. Good story, with an important meaning.
JSML chapter 2 . 12/11/2010
... I'm sorry. you're a very good writer by the way.
BettyBoopSweden chapter 2 . 11/24/2010
An important story with an important message. I liked the story and feel very sad because it. I suffer from a serious depression and I have had this thoughts so many times. I have felt that it would be so much better for my family if I just disapeared. I have been thinking on the "best" way to end my life. But there is always something that stops me, a line I can't cross. I can't leave my family, husband and animals. I was very close to drive of the road once but I had my cat in the car. In my horrible moment I started to think about her and I couldn't stomach the tought that she could die or leaving her that way. I know that it is stupid thoughts but that saved me! I can't honestly say if I would have driven off or not and I try to not think about it to much because I scare myself.

I am happy that I have been strugling through my depression for 7 years because a couple of mounths ago I got my 10th or something like that, brand of antidepressants and I finally start to feel better. Now I don't want to die and I can't understand how I could even think that my family and friends would have it better without me. I have told the persons closest to me about it all and they help me to se that I have people that love me the way I am.

I think what your story tells is very important. In the beginning of a depression the person that suffers from it maybe don't even have realised it herself. But it is important that everybody around them shows that they love them just the way they are! Take a extra moment to tell somebody that you love him or her. Off course it dosen't makes the problem dissapear, but maybe you get somebody to feel loved and charised and maybe it stops things like this in the end. It is worth trying at least!

Sorry for rambling on on your story. I wanted to tell you that I really liked it and that I think it is very good that you put the second chapter with its important note up.

I'm sad to hear about your cousin and I know that there is nothing anybody can say to make it feel better, but I am sure that your cousin knowed how much you loved him and I really think that there wasn't anything anybody could do to stop him when he finally had made that choice. And you can never know how a person feels on the inside or what they think if they never tells you.

Thank you!

BladeMaxwell-GoddessofDeath chapter 2 . 8/20/2010
You had me crying.

I'm glad you wrote this.

I'm sorry about your cousin. It hurts alot to loose somebody to suicide. I lost my big brother. He wasn't related by blood but we acted like we were. He was very protective of me and my twin sister.

His letter said he just couldnt take life anymore. Alot had happened to him in a week and he tried to call for help but they werent home. He had called my sister and she had just left. I had answered the phone. I knew something was wrong but he wouldnt tell me. When I finally got a hold of my sister it was too late.

He died the day before his 17th birthday.

I miss him so much.

This was an amazing story and I'm glad you posted the helpline numbers because suicide isnt the answer.


purefaith91 chapter 1 . 8/2/2010
Yes, it is very good. In fact it portrays the feelings so well that it is scary. I cried so much that my throat hurts now and I can't breathe through my nose. It really is too bad that people do not pay attention to those in need sometimes AND that they obviously don't let each other know how they feel. I think that Harry would have been surprised to see how many people were at his many loved him and someone in there that might have saved him from his relatives too. So sad. p
Princess Ce'Nedra chapter 2 . 11/5/2009
I share with you your grief. I lost a friend to suicide once too.
Hagrid's Crossbow chapter 1 . 11/1/2009
i am honestly crying. and i dont usually cry so feel special. good story- or good job!
brigrove chapter 1 . 8/31/2009
nicely done, but as Harry looks exactly like James Potter, the Snape being his father twist doesn't work
sweetysmart0505 chapter 1 . 8/31/2009
This story was beautifully written! I'm not the crying type, so I never got any actual tears, but I had some dry sobs, which for me is really something. The whole thing was sad, from the connection between Harry and the mirror, the note he then wrote in his own blood, the name after he died: Harry James Snape, and finally Severus hearing his son's voice, all created perfect writing symmetry. Beautifully angsty, and terribly sad!

I would also like to give my sympathies for your cousin. I hope he can finally rest in peace as well.
madmaddiee chapter 2 . 8/24/2009
You made me cry, AGAIN. God, you're brilliant.
kaisa sabaku chapter 1 . 8/4/2009
This made me cry. My friend Amber killed herself because she was abused by her mom. she never knew that her mom Caroll wasn't her real mom. Her real mom was Diane Jamison and she had to give up Amber because she was only 17 but she always wondered if Amber was safe and happy.
Rabidchipmonk of doom chapter 1 . 7/29/2009
OMG, i nearly cried, i'm an ex-emo and know about depression, dont worry though i'm not cutting anymore, havnt for a year... anyway good story, carry on with the rest because they are brilliant, sorry about your cousin, my friends talked me out of suicide and i know how selfish i was acting, all my family and friends would probibly kill themselves, one has thretened that if i ever commited suicide then they would kill themself too, thats why i've stopped cutting and i am now living a happier not quite so depressed life!
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