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bhoney chapter 1 . 2/18/2009
Wow, you completely made my day with this! I was SO excited to see that you had a new story up, and especially the sequal to "Priceless", which I've been waiting and hoping (and nagging ;) ) for.

Aw, this gave me a warm feeling, which is exactly why I love your stories-they are always so uplifting and hopeful. We definitely can use some of that this season.

"Sam missed the days when it felt like it was them against the world." Me too. *sigh*

This made me laugh: "I thought we were gonna stop at a Motel for the night, and unless someone’s really let the place go this is not a motel parking lot, Sam.” *snort*

Loved the banter. I really miss not getting more of it on the show: “Do I look like I’m four years old to you?” “Physically, no. Mentally, it’s a toss up some days.”

This made me sad: "And tried not to think about the fact that this time a year ago it wouldn’t have taken him half as long as to decide."

This made me giggle. Loved that poor Dean had to wear lederhosen: "Certainly Sam had seemed in a much better mood, although that could have been down to the fact he had a lifetime’s ammunition from witnessing Dean in honest-to-god lederhosen."

And this was sad, again: "Instead he was struggling to reconnect with the one person he’d known better than anyone for twenty-plus years and trying not to cross lines that were getting more blurred every day. It was enough to make him wish for the days when they’d known exactly who was good and who was evil. Now there were so many shades of grey he was beginning to lose count."

This was a great detail, nice way to show Sam's grief. And the image of Sam it created was just heartbreaking: "What he’d left out was the fact that he’d had to cover the bag with an old blanket they kept for emergencies, since the first time he’d come across it after Dean was gone he’d been hit with the memories of their previous visit here and the grief had been so strong it had literally brought him to his knees."

But this really broke my heart. I mourn for Sammy, who seems to have been lost along the way: "Sometimes he wondered if he even was still ‘Sammy’, on any level, but right now he felt like he’d never stopped being just that." I miss Dean calling him that, too.

But then this made me laugh out loud: “Outdoor crap? Seriously, you gotta start writing this down, Dean. You could have a second career making those inspirational cards.” LOL SO sounds like something Sam would say.

I'm so glad that Dean addressed this: “I meant that it doesn’t matter that you weren’t the one to save me. I know you think you let me down but you didn’t. I know you tried and honestly? I’m glad you weren’t able to do anything stupid that would have brought me back. It doesn’t make any difference how I got here or even why – what matters is that I am.”

Loved Dean calling Sam's new power "demon up-chuck" and Sam's reaction to that. *giggles*

And, as always, the ending was the best part: "...the important thing was they were both here, now. A little battered around the edges, but alive. Together. And whatever else might come, to Sam that was still something priceless." Also loved the reference there to the other story.

I'm happy that Sam kept the promise he'd made to himself, but even more, I'm so, SO happy that YOU kept YOUR promise, and gave us a sequal to "Priceless". :) I hope this will get you back into writing SPN fanfic, we really need your talents to help cut through the angst of this season.

Now, if we could just get a post-Hell visit with Jean and Toby... ;)
lili20 chapter 1 . 2/18/2009
Thanks for the story, I wish the boys would talk more on the show too.
annie200 chapter 1 . 2/18/2009
I hope you do decide to come back to fan-fiction because you still write a great Sam and Dean, and stories like this are getting ever more necessary as the season progresses!
KatieLB chapter 1 . 2/18/2009
Perfect! Loved Priceless and love this one too... I was excited when I figured out where he was taking him. Great job and I wish you would get back into writting more fanfic LOL but hey ill take what i can get! take care ~ m
Liafrombrazil chapter 1 . 2/18/2009
I'm so glad you're back! Your stories worth wainting for, so I hope you'll keep on writing them.

We "Miss the days when it felt like it was them against the world" too.

This was perfect! Thank you so much. :) chapter 1 . 2/18/2009
This may be a one-off on your part, but it showed me just how much I have missed your writing. Again you got the boys perfectly during the start of Season 4. They may both be so glad to be back with one another but their relationship has changed and they are both keeping secrets from each other.

Pulling his thoughts back to the matter at hand he stared at Sam’s back and felt a flutter of anxiety in his stomach. He was used to knowing exactly what his little brother was thinking and while on some level that was still true, on many other levels it was no longer the case. The Sam he’d left behind when the hell hounds had come for him would never have done or said the things this Sam had over the past weeks. He certainly wouldn’t have thrown his lot in with a demon, of all things.

But then that Sam had been left alone, having watched the last member of his family get torn to shreds, and perhaps Dean could understand just a little how he’d come to stray so far from the path they usually travelled. After all, he’d not survived 24 hours without Sam. His brother had had to survive four whole months.

Certainly, when he thought about it rationally, he could have handled things a little better since he’d been back. Trouble was he was scared – not of Sam, but for him. He knew without a shadow of a doubt that Castiel wasn’t kidding about stopping Sam if Dean couldn’t, and that terrified him. The idea that after everything they had been through he could still end up losing Sam was one that he couldn’t even begin to get to grips with.

Things may be different now but their banter was still there, although maybe not as often as before

Dean blinked. “A surprise?”




“Do I look like I’m four years old to you?”

“Physically, no. Mentally, it’s a toss up some days.”

“Sam, I am not kidding.”

And loved too Dean's thoughts about the 'ammunition' Sam had on him for wearing lederhosen!

Beautiful that Sam took Dean back to the place where they had shared a sunrise before (and where he would have proposed to Jess) and nice that Dean finally remembered it. And so touching that Sam had made that promise to return there after Dean was out of hell, and that he carried out his promise. The coffee and bacon butties were just the icing on the cake. And perfect that Dean calling him Sammy, meant so much to Sam as the affectionate name had been used much less since Dean's return from hell.

You were right that their little talk didn't fix everything but it was a start.

Perfect ending, you said it all there, any words from me are unnecessary.

Perhaps they hadn’t really resolved that much but they’d eased a fair amount of the tension between them and for that he was grateful. And when he thought about it he was certainly in a better position than he had been the last time they drove away from here.

Then he’d been clinging to blind faith, to a desperate hope that he would save his brother. And while things hadn’t worked out on that front, while he’d faced his worst nightmare twelve months later, the important thing was they were both here, now. A little battered around the edges, but alive.


And whatever else might come, to Sam that was still something priceless.

So good to see you back on this site, and I know you said this was a one off but please, please if you don't want to write regularly again, just write another in the Toby and Jean series with the boys visiting now Dean is back from hell. You don't know how happy I was to see this alert in my inbox!
Muffy Morrigan chapter 1 . 2/18/2009
Ah. *sighs happily* The brothers, back together-well backer together. This, as always, feels like a little more of the show! I *sniff* this was just wonderful hon! I hope it's does mark a return. This was lovely, and so needed n a season lacking brotherly moments.

Five Impalas full of happy healthy Winchester cruising your wat to take you out for a drive (although that whol ocean thing might be bad for the carb) Nah-Dean says it's ok! So make extra pie.
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