Reviews for Your Majesty
Guest chapter 1 . 12/12/2013
As a wise person once said, "To Hell with protocol."
Shadsie chapter 1 . 2/18/2009
Beautiful and sad with wonderful descriptions. I love the mindfulness of the politics here - this is no mere honor, this signifies a political alliance between lands.

While I like the realism, I think I could have done without the author's note at the end there. It seems a bit condescending. I understand history and castes, but that doesn't mean that the "happier" stuff should be entirely poo-pooed. While a medievalesque-setting, Zelda is fantasy, after all and there are things that aren't entirely strict about it compared to real history. They seem to have things of modern concept. (Heck, some of Twilight Princess in particular seemed sci-fi to me, the "lost technology" stuff. Magitech, but still...) I think getting the Hero and Princess together as many do is more of a matter of "willful interpretation" most of the time than forgetfulness. I know it is for me when the brain-chewing plotbunnies demand it (and I’m not much of a shipper, myself, more of an introspective, tragedy and horror genfic writer). At least with me, it’s not stupidity, ignorance or carelessness, I just find a way to make any given “unrealistic” plot point workable.

Different takes on Hyrule are always great to read, though. I did like this a great deal - it reminds me a bit of the Shotaro Ishinomori manga of A Link to the Past – where, in the end, after Link is made a knight of Hyrule and protector of the Triforce, he and Zelda drift apart due to their respective duties and burdens. I tend to love anything that is bittersweet.