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San chapter 14 . 3/12
"I'm pregnant," Tenten interjected. Oh X1

"I think it is time to see how your sister is doing," Hiashi smirked. Oh X2
Guest chapter 6 . 5/3/2014
A slutty Sakura, too - what a good friend she is (sarcasm galore)
Guest chapter 5 . 5/3/2014
Hooker Tenten go away! Neji belongs with Hinata
shari.xo chapter 14 . 12/12/2012
I know it's been years since you've written anything but pleeeease continue! Such an amazing story and it's so well written! It's got me absolutely hooked!
Hangover maybe chapter 7 . 12/4/2012
I would expect that Hinata would have a hangover or start throwing least into Sasuke's mouth...HAHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAA that notion made me guffaw.
All right, back to the main point...
but i'll just keep reading...
forgot to tell you, good job on the chapters so far! although there are subtle mistakes on the grammar, missing words etc, otherwise it's not too shabby haha!
I hope you don't mind my style of feedback, it's very digressing and sort of outrageously unsophisticated of course you wouldn't expect that from people reading the naruto fandom XD however, have faith! im sure more feedback is coming your least from me! :D
Wowfast chapter 6 . 12/4/2012
Their happy moment is sooooooooooooooooooooooooAAA fleeting! Surdddd D: i hope neji had pants on when he was kicked out lol
Eerrrrr but what's up with Sakura? She acts like Hinata is not her friend anymore! I thought she would've known that her friend whom she has such good relations would know she was getting married to the dude who is sleeping with her!
Gosh! Somebody needs to cut this chump's wanker! Sasuke...use a condom NEXT time! he probably has AIDS or at least HIV OMG !
lol a 14k gold necklace...wouldn't that weight Hinata down? XD idk sounds really heavy!
Le Gasp chapter 5 . 12/4/2012
Nice introduction to our lady in glimmering pink! Tenten!


The scene had a harlequin vibe to it, but better than most pornographic trash that is out there or on ffnet nowadays. So i appreciate the effort made in creating an appropriate love making scene even without real experience. Sometimes the mind and imagination is all that matters. However, I imagined the scene to be more innocent since I assume that they're both virgins...or is he?! o.O now that is the question...the first time is always pain though, of course that's different for every person mehehe. As a tipper for any future virgin love scenes lol you should have Hinata crying from pain a bit longer and Neji asking whether she was able to go further and yeah...the scene goes on and blah blah in reality that's how stuff like first times goes. :P idk jsut inserting my small two cents into it, but what is done is done and i liked it :-)

Now I do wonder where Neji got that experience from kissing...
That pig chapter 4 . 12/4/2012
Sasuke is a real pig for comfort! BLEH!GGG
Hyuuga family is just filled with chains of torment and agony ain't it? sooooo shaasssddd...In addition to such a cruel and indifferent father is no good...
oooo marriage alliance like in those movies, who still does that? i have no idea, i guess that all goes behind the scenes bleah.
Time to mosey along to the next chapter!
A-turd chapter 3 . 12/4/2012
Interesting...but very amusing how Sasuke is always the sexy flaunt-it-all sex monster who creeps under girl's beds in most stories involving him and he'll just eat away all the beauties and Hinata is no exception! Of course! Or make him the angst machine that just can't convey his emotions thus making him tsundere bleh...and include the fall-in-love at first sight under the cherry blossom tree idea was thrown in haha. Brilliant, I like it like that!
Oh shat...neji and SHD- SENSE OF HONOR AND DUTY!
I have no clue about business and economics, so no idea otherwise onwards to the next chapter!
P.S. proofread chapters lol
Burrrr chapter 2 . 12/4/2012
Neji, Neji, Hinata, Hinata, overflowing with childhood love! but caught in a status difference problem...I guess they haven't heard about eloping to some faraway land...
Hhahaha Kakashi the servant.

Naruto, it's okay to be a virgin, dat bitch Sai got nothing on it! Jk jk...
Not much to say except for the last line...certainly caught my eye! my reader senses are tingly! Sasuke is probably going to prey on Hinata. Ewghh
Unapologetic chapter 1 . 12/4/2012
Decent prologue, I guess I shouldn't expect this to be all happy-pappy, but okay, I'm all prepped up for the big tragedy!
ChibiMinoru chapter 12 . 7/8/2012
I finished all 12 chapters in one day... I couldn't stop reading! :D Please update soon.
sasuke-for-hinata chapter 12 . 4/14/2012
That was a great chapter :) loved the fact Sasuke was actually tolerable in this chapter. The story is slightly sad but I hope there is a happy ending. Update soon :)
chibi beary chapter 12 . 4/14/2012
Can see tat sasuke do care for hinata. Why won't she give him a chance? And I don't tink sasuke is tat bad, just very spoiled and possessive. Hopefully being a father wud change him...
cheh chapter 10 . 1/4/2012
Well itachi sounds like a total pedo. I'm still trying to figure out if it really is all business with sasuke, I mean sure he is an a$&hole but why is he so intrigued with her? Well probably because she didn't want him. Oh no what does that mean this will be their last night together? That could only mean bad things will happen next.
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