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AliceCulen chapter 55 . 3/18
Wow. I must say I literally devoured your story. It was the first time I read a fanfiction which didn't deal with the pairing Edward/Bella but with a pairing I only thought of when I saw the tension between them in the movies and in the novels (less though).
True, you made me reconsider lots of characters of this franchise and this saga.
Alice is, well, after all this time my favorite character and wow, it's was odd but not too far-fetched to depict her the way you did. In fact, you succeeded in matching her secret personality (and her questionable motive regarding Bella) with the Alice we know in the books and in the movies without caricaturing her. Bravo
Bella, well, I don't like her. I know, I know she is the main character but I've always found her too naïve, too stupid (she wanted to meet James alone, she searched for solitude in the second novel whereas she knows Victoria wants her revenge, she wants to have her baby and she dared call her Renesmée (bleurk)) but thanks to you, the character still was herself but appeared more reasonable and finally understood that Edward is not perfect (and has some flaws in fact, despite the fact I love him, he's patronizing and thinks too much for his own good).
Mike. Wow. I didn't like him but now, I may have reconsidered my position. In fact, I reconsidered the "human aspect". In Stephenie Meyer's novels, the human part was kind of canceled, hidden... in order to, in my view, highlight the formidable aspect/abilities/... of the Quileutes and the Cullen clan. But, with you, there was a balance between the fantastic part and the human part as if Bella remembered the pleasures and joys of being a simple human.
Then the Cullen, I loved your depiction of Emmett (he is so funny) and I found interesting the way they were overwhelmed by Edward's departure and Alice's true colors. They are not as amazing as Bella thought and for the best (they didn't say goodbye in the second novel after all but despite that I still love all of them (except maybe Rosalie) )
Finally, I loved the way you told the story of Jasper and Bella. It seemed legitimate, natural... but passionate (while I love the pairing Edward/Bella, when she was human, it wasn't really deep, passionate... (only because Edward limited himself and for no reason) that's why I say: Wow.
It was my pleasure to read your story and now, I will look for other stories about Bella and Jasper with pleasure. Thank you. Your story was amazing ! Keep on writing, you are gifted !
SheWolfMedjai chapter 27 . 3/18
Oh I wish someone would try to actually do that sketch! Very nice!
kanukaianderson123 chapter 51 . 2/10
Now I'm really in the middle about everything.
kanukaianderson123 chapter 47 . 2/10
Fucking little #*&
kanukaianderson123 chapter 44 . 2/10
Do you know how much I hate bella
kanukaianderson123 chapter 40 . 2/10
the interactions between jasper and bella are are cute and heartwarming. Like I can't wait to see what happens kind of anticipations.

I can't help but notice that at this point, jasper and Alice are still married, so he is cheating on Alice at this point in time which ie heartbreaking at the same time.

I'm stuck in the middle of feeling disapproval at belle's homewrecker-ish behaviour and loving her character and how well the author made her. So fucking frustrating
Guest chapter 37 . 1/14
That Kiss was so HOT! I loved it.! Please make more kind of this kiss.
Crystalena chapter 50 . 12/4/2019
This fic deserves one of the best Jacobs and Mikes award. Mike is almost always a fickle, dumb human and Jake usually an ass, including OC but in this story, I really like them both, a lot. Oh but also, this Bella might deserve one of the top 5 most hated Bellas too lol.
Crystalena chapter 49 . 12/4/2019
Ugh...Bella, of course you'd trip...
Poor Laurent died in vain lol
Crystalena chapter 37 . 12/3/2019
Loved this chapter! The ending was excellent! The way Jasper appeared when Laurent appeared near Bella n Mike was also super cool! And omg what Mike said about Jasper n Laurent was hilarious! I couldn't stop laughing!
Crystalena chapter 35 . 12/3/2019 questions were answered in this chapter as well as in the 3 JPOV chapters. I should've trusted Jasper hehe
Crystalena chapter 33 . 12/3/2019
There's one thing that got me a bit confused about this Jasper...maybe I missed it in previous chapters; maybe Jasper's already in the know...but as far as I remember, Jasper has yet to know that the Quileutes can shift into wolves (he was puzzled when Bella told him that Jake heard Sam & Billy talking about Jasper's return-that Sam probably saw him hunting near the Res) So, why does Jasper have so much confidence that Bella would be safe in the Reservation if he thinks Quileutes are just humans?
Crystalena chapter 12 . 12/2/2019
Love it...the slow burn is great in this story, as it is written so well(̮)
Crystalena chapter 10 . 12/2/2019
Loved it! And as far as your concern of the whole "date" scenario being realistic or not? Well, I think it was; especially since SM's version of teens were unusual to begin with lol. Especially even tho SM had explained her as being an old soul or that she was a teen going on 30...smh what teen worries daily about making dinner on time for her single dad to come home to? Mike walking her to her door was sweet since a lot of teens aren't so gentlemanly anymore3
Crystalena chapter 9 . 12/2/2019
Re AN:
My opinion might not be worth as much, or even close to, one of the spectacular writer's on ffn, but since I've read a lot, I mean a lot, of twifics, I just wanted to give my two cents re your concern in the authors note about the dialog: I really think you're a wonderful writer and can't even imagine your struggles in writing dialogs, as they sound very natural and very distinct to each character. Even without your explanation un AN about Jacob being a bit different, I was able to sense the slight difference, or at least that his feelings toward Bella wasn't romantic. I also think this Bella's internal monolog is spectacular; different Bella without being totally OOC thus far...jmho
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