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HaeleighRose chapter 15 . 4/14
This was beautifully written. I do hope you continue. I loved the details and Georg's thoughts on Maria. The amount of effort you put into this was splendid. I loved the way you wrote it, and I hope other authors/readers take inspiration from you. This was a truly unique story, and I hope others love it as much as I did. This is my all-time favourite story, and I find myself going back to it to read it again and again... The dialogue and actions of Georg and Maria make me feel so happy inside, and it's a really delightful feeling. Thank you for this wonderful story! xoxo
Consti Grandchester chapter 15 . 4/8
Great story! I really love it! Please continue!
Guest chapter 1 . 1/23
Encore. This is soooo perfect. I'm on tenterhooks hoping you write more som stuff. You've got a gift.
UnfollowTheSun chapter 15 . 1/6
This is one of the first fanfics I read & it's quite brilliant! I too think the scene where Georg announces his engagement to Elsa lacked a bit more angst & despair on his part. You wrote his emotions nicely though. Hope you return with more SOM posts, as there can never be enough :)
jareya chapter 15 . 10/10/2014
Oh wow, this is such a beautiful story. I just read every chapter and I absolutely love it - your description of Georg's emotions is amazing. I hope you decide to continue it someday.
Sammy uk chapter 15 . 5/10/2014
This is a wonderful story please please update soon thanks ...
delete-account-please 5237847 chapter 15 . 4/12/2014
Fantastic story please update as soon as you can really would like to know what is going to happen on from now on.
Guest chapter 7 . 3/3/2014
So adorable!
tom-marvolo-riddle-mcmxxvi chapter 13 . 12/21/2013
This fic is truly amazing. It's been hard for me to find good TSOM fics- too many of them seem to brush over Georg's relationship with his first wife, or linger on it to the point that they add ulterior motives to everything he says or does in regards to Maria and their romance gets kind of creepy as a result- but you strike the perfect balance here. Everyone is excellently in character, especially Georg, and you deal with the romance just as tactfully as the film does, if not better. Elsa and Max are wonderful and respectfully written as well, and your writing style is great- I'm gushing, but the point is I really love this fic. :) I’m looking forward to seeing the end!

(Also- in response to your author’s note on chapter 11- the way you explained Georg’s behavior was, I think, exactly the way it’s meant to be interpreted. Everything in that scene in the film screams of “Yes, she left, BUT I DON’T CARE, NOT EVEN A LITTLE, it’s very sad that she had to go, BUT I AM NOT UPSET, oh, look, lemonade, please let’s talk about the lemonade instead of Maria, NOT BECAUSE IT BOTHERS ME OR ANYTHING, by the way we’re getting married and we’re all going to be very happy BECAUSE I SAID SO GODDAMNIT AND IF I SAY IT ENOUGH IT MIGHT BECOME TRUE”. Georg can be so delightfully awkward in regards to Maria (re: “Well, um, um, nothing was, uh, the same when you left, uh”) and given how he behaves as soon as she comes back I always thought he was supposed to be trying to avoid the issue in that scene, even though he was obviously just as upset as the children were. So in that regard, the way you wrote it was spot-on.)
cflat chapter 15 . 12/9/2013
Really like this. Hopefully you can finish this story before next year is over. Also, I always thought it would be interesting if the family ran into one of the childrens' former governesses.
delete-account-please 5149757 chapter 15 . 11/3/2013
Really excellent story so far want to see more so please update soon please.
IloveHeat chapter 10 . 10/24/2013
I have only just realized this story is incomplete. I have been rushing through these chapters loving every one of them but now I am afraid to reach the incomplete end. Thank you for a beautiful story. Definitely going in my favorites.
ScentofSpringRain chapter 10 . 8/31/2013
Even though I've seen the movie at least a dozen times, I've never thought about what the Captain was feeling before, especially at the party. You've done a wonderful job of going inside his head! I think it fits with the movie very realistically.
whitepolarbears chapter 15 . 8/24/2013
Woah this is definitely the best TSOM fic I have ever read! It's great that it sticks pretty much to the original story without any extra bits that would make the feel of the story different...I'll be waiting for the next update! (Please don't take too long if you can, haha!) :D
crumpledduckling chapter 15 . 8/23/2013
dear something good,
i am a great fan of the sound of music and this amazing work you have written is just awesome!
i found this on the internet just earlier today and i had not been able to stop reading it.
the way you write is so captivating and the way you describe the captains reluctant feelings for maria.
i would love it if you would continue writing this story although it has been so long since you have.
from your new fan of you fiction
crumpled duckling
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