Reviews for Midsummer Nights
Pikajenn chapter 9 . 7/21/2003
Bad Chris! No getting a boyfriend for you! I don't think Paul would, well, want a boyfriend.

Poor depressed Puck. He needs a hug and...OOps! Look like his sister is gonna snap him out of his little depressional funk. Go Callie!

Karaoke? What sort of MADNESS is this! Bad readily agreeable Marshmallow! Next time, how about a nice male stri...Oh hey, what's that?

Huh, looks like Puck and Callie are going to Karaoke Night, too. Is that a dig on the title, btw? Karaoke Nights...The Next Big Story from Trish...

Nah, too strange. Especially from someone who writes so suckily. Right, Drake? She's a bad writer...

But hey, looks like Mia doesn't like pink anymore. What to do now? Aww, poor Mia! You need to give Puck a hug!

So was Lu using AOL for his magic access? That could explain the unforseen disconnection.

Wha? Plenty of other victims to play with? *shove* Take Gary! ~_
Amber chapter 8 . 2/23/2003
I love it but there needs to be more Misty in it
Stoko chapter 8 . 2/18/2003
Damn. I hope Trish. you. the character you gets better, and come on Puck can't be doomed to a life of misery, can he? I hope it all turns out ok.
Mia chapter 8 . 2/1/2003
Whooo who! Mr Shakespeare arise! This was v. cute and ack Rina is all married up now... and she was still in her prime! Bad (TM)! Down girl! Fabulous as per usual and I hope Chris and Paul are very happy together ;)
Pikajenn chapter 8 . 1/25/2003
Oh, woe is me and my big mouth! Honestly, after this I'm gonna stick to a journal. At least they won't talk back. Um...somewhat. I guess they could talk back if someone read it. Nothing is safe! I shall talk to myself. After all, when one needs intelligent conversation, one should talk to one's self.

*sigh* And again with the foot in mouthness. Anyway. Aww, looks like Puck's suffering from a case of the drunken stankies. Good thing Callie's got loads of magic. Just the cure for hangovers and a need for bathing. Good for Bill! At least we know where he got his ideas.

And then with the wedding! How grand _ I just wonder what Puck might have tried to do, if not for the Looks his mother, aunt, and sister gave him. I'm sure nothing good for dear Mikey! Of course, Puck might have called up something sweet for the newly weds, like butterflies or flower petals, drifting in a breeze.

Ah-hem...Danny needs to realize that the first one to see him gets the flowers;) Pay tribute at the Goddess Villa. But he's so sweet! Such a nice thing to do for his best friend's girlfriend.

Silly Drake for not knowing any better. He should know that you'd never cheat on him! I mean, look at him! Who would? He's got such power ::wink:: Get it? ::giggle:: KnowwhatI'msayin? ::knee slap::

Eeh...Okay...Well, poor Chris! To wake up with such such a...oh this is an oy moment, isn't it? Um..."He kissed a guy?" I'm sure it was much more than one kiss, but not as far as he's scared of! Poor Chris!

Heeh...Natch I look forward to more! Next one out sooner! Or I'll *pinchy* Drake.
Dragoness chapter 8 . 1/24/2003
Eeeek... Lol I started laughing so hard at so many different points and I just came in from the very cold and so I started coughing when I laughed that hard even if that doesn't have anything to do with it it was pretty bad lol..In a good way tho. *.*;;; Gah! There was so much stuffs in this chapter! Will there be more stuffs in the next, yes? *.*;; Gaah.. Lol.. Oh boy. Um...Heeeh...Wah. Okay I totally just lost my train of thought..assuming I had one in the first place.. *blinks* Waaaah. I guess I'll stop now. There's too much to comment on, so I'll probably go crazy in the attempt, assuming I'm not already, which I am, so I guess technically it doesn't matter but...Erm.. I'll just stop now. *sweatdrops* Heheh.. Ashy boy.. Lol dun mind me. *_*;;
DragnBlak chapter 8 . 1/24/2003
Yay! I love that song! -

For some reason, I found Jenn's reaction to Ash's proof quite amusing... poor Jenn... ; *giggles* I could *so* see the looks on their faces when you and Drake found them. LOL And his reaction to finding out Dana was a Pikachu was *priceless*!

Ah, confessions... such awkward things they can be. ; Interesting, though, how no one seemed super shocked at her newly revealed info... _~ "The blonde leaned and whispered in her friend's ear. 'Do I have to give him back?'" _

lol "Wrath of Misty"-I'd have figured after all those years of Togepi's draining her spunk, she'd have lost that rage. _~ Aww, girl talk! . Poor Jenn-I'd be *mortified* if I ever did what she had done. ;; "'And he saw me in my nightwear...' 'Oh no!' her dark-haired friend gasped and then pointed to the side of the road. 'Then I suggest you crawl under that rock and die.'"-LOL That's one of my favorite lines in the whole chapter. - Yes, how *did* she keep that secret...? Oh, such an ironic statement at the end of that scene... ;

lol Oh yeah! The copy! Aww, Ash got himself into trouble when he didn't even have to... ; Though his reasoning at the end *does* make a lot of sense...

It's a good think Oberon seems to have good instincts, and it's a good thing he sent Calliope to check it out-if anyone will keep an eye on him, she will. - lol Though I don't know that I'd have been so merciful if I'd found my brother the way she'd found him. *thinks* Eh, I'd probably take care of that after all the other danger was over. And I don't know why, but I found it touching that he convinced her to let "Bill" stay... .

*tears* Oh, I love weddings... . I thought this was touching: "Flory was more like a brother to him and if Puck's happiness was to be forever denied...well he would be damned if his cousin was to be denied his." Poor Puck... curse Lu and that spell! Puck doesn't deserve such misery... ~.~ Especially after the wedding when he saw Mia and Mikey... :( Oh dear, so much heartache at such a happy event... ; Did I mention I love that song? I'd sing it now if my roommate and most of my dorm weren't sleeping... :P

Aw, that was nice of Danny to try to cheer you up... aw, poor Jenn again... she just gets no mercy... ; It's a good thing he was there to help you out, though I don't like the looks of Jaime w/ the camera... ; Though it was kind of cute when she sent in her Pichu to get the envelope. *giggles* I could just see it scampering around... too bad it was for such bad intentions. Ack, curse Lu again! Now Drake is becoming doubtful... of his girlfriend *and* best friend, the ones he should trust most! ~.~ Wow, Jenn's full of ironic statements this chapter... :P

*blink blink* ~.~ It's a good thing you guys like coffee so much, or else I'd probably never have found you. Aww, Jenn's just taking care of ya, fret not. _~ *giggles* Fidget... reminds me of 4th grade. Now who could that arranged date be... . *sigh* True, dresses are the most annoying things on earth... but hey, it's for a formal, and it's RED. -

O_o Oh no! I hope he's OK... But what a shock at who he was. .; But he was so nice about the whole thing... *starry eyes*

XD I do believe this is one of my favorite scenes... poor Jenn! Of course, I can't blame her-ogling does tend to do that to people. . "'Next time I don't take any notice of you - hit me with a reality mallet.' 'With pleasure.' 'Hey!'" XD

*still starry eyes* So dreamy... ~-~ If only there were guys like him around here... ;

Aww, Drake was watching over his little brother-that's so sweet! As was his asking Jenn to dance, since she looked so forlorn and all. . lol She finally got some mercy. :P But I felt so bad for Drake after hearing that couple... Ack, you'd think he'd know better... stupid spell! ~.~

Ah, I was wondering what happened to "Christine"-what a place for a "gal" to be. I like the name, btw-I'm a sucker for Grass-types. :P "Maybe being a woman wasn't so bad, he thought fuzzily"-I found that funny and descriptive at the same time. - lol But what, exactly, made him decide to get in touch w/ his feminine side and sing that song? Though the song *was* quite fitting. _~

LOL Ooohhh my goodness-I could just see his reaction to that one, whether something had happened or not. ;; "Chris's eyes grew wide. He kissed a guy?" XD Oh man, I'd *love* to see the reaction of the person of whom he asks advice. :P

Overall, a very exciting chapter-and suspenseful! What's going to happen to you? And Jenn? And Chris? And whatever *did* happen to that crazy Mew? O.o Wonderful job! -
Sparky16 chapter 8 . 1/23/2003
I just loooooooove the wedding, it's so beatiful, they way you write it. Now you got jenni wanting to crawl under a rock, but hey, she asked for it! The reality mallet bit was too funny, and so was the 'inter-species' part. could yu imagine? EWW! forget I said that. Jaime's up to something that is noooo good! Chris? I didn't know you went THAT way! LOL, oh this chapter has been excellent. perhapes one of the best so far. (I think it was the wedding that did it for me.)
DragnBlak chapter 7 . 1/4/2003
*blink blink* Yeah, what DO they mean? I dun like the looks of it, not at all. Aw, Trish is concerned for Drake… .

Aww, poor Puck… he doesn’t deserve such pain. Bad Lu! lol But count on that crazy Mew to stir things up… :P Shakespeare seems a little more prepared for this adventure, though, fortunately. I’m eager to find out how he is inspired again. -

*tsk tsk* Jaime, Jaime, Jaime… though I can understand the temptation… :P But poor Ash—I can’t even imagine how it must feel to have such prestige in the world… or what it would be like to know there’s a poster you don’t even remember doing… ; lol I liked that little variation of the Prayer. .

I’m glad Lord Oberon could sense the evil—especially since we know the problem with Puck. I wonder what Calliope is going to do to help…

O_o A Pika wedding… lol Ash sure is getting the brunt of it in this story… :P But, the horrid soul that I am, couldn’t help but giggle at his lamentation. ; I feel a bit sorry for Jaime, too… it would be hard to resist… but I do not like the looks of Lucius’s intents for her. Then again, I guess I’m not supposed to, huh? :P

*giggles* “Curiosity killed the Meowth, not a Pikachu”… But seriously, it’s a shame she accidentally blew her cover—that’s a lot of info she won’t be able to tell anyone… ; I’m scared! ~.~

Ooohh, caffeine… . lol Poor Jenn… that’s why I took up humming instead. _~ I’d be very afraid of a Pika Ball, though… ; Aw, poor Jenn again—but at least they can trust Danny to keep it a secret. Eeek, Jaime… I’m afraid again! ~.~

;;; Aw, she did it again… it’s a good thing Drake took it better than expected, even if it isn’t true. I wonder if it’s a good thing she let him think that rather than just telling the whole truth… dunno. ; Grr, Lucius! This is not going to be good for things… ;

XD Jenn cracks me up in this story—and *again*, poor Ash… but at least he isn’t a Pikachu anymore. I wonder what made the spell stop. *ponders* I really liked the ending of this chapter… I don’t know how to describe it… but I like it. - I can’t wait for the next one, and Happy Belated New Year! (n_n)
Mia chapter 7 . 1/2/2003
Awww this was sooooooo cool! "From now on, shall you be cursed. If you try to tell what you've just heard, you shall be doomed to sing in musical verse."

that is so my favorite verse now. AND BILLY BOY IS BACK! 'member I have to glomp him. It's required... _ Eee... poor Gary all deprived... Jamie is scary... poor Danachu and *ahem* Ash *snicker* Lucky Jenn ;)
Sparky16 chapter 7 . 1/2/2003
Awww, !_! poor ~_ look out oh might goddess, Jaime's coming to getcha!

haha! Jenn here I have a rock you can crawl under!

Poor trish! she's going to get so sick with that spell casted upon her. oO; and now drake might be a problem uh-oh... Can't wait to see what happens in the next chappy. More NOW!
Dragoness chapter 7 . 1/1/2003
YAY FINALLY I FINISHED IT AND THE REVIEW THINGY WORKED! GAH. Technology seems to be hating me these past few days...Anyways...! *o.O*;;;; Last scene...Um...*thinks* Is Dragoness jealous..? ...YES! Gah! * _ *;;;;; alskdopmadldfvjpa... *blinks* I need to comment on the rest of the story...Um...Yes, it was..story..ish..thingy...ummm...Uhh...I do recall liking it. I do recall being incredibly pissed at my computer for failing to load it completely/atall MANY MANY TIMES... um...I remember thinking that Lucius guy is quite the evil mean type person. annd...i want sato-chaaaan...*;-.-;* Gah. *squeezles him anyway* Lol, oh my what a horribly strange evil horrible horrible bad evil bad..ness.. place to end. Very bad. LOL...We've been over this already tho, so take it as you will *_*;;;; Can I even hope for something to match that..? *o_O*; that was very odd...I should stop babbling. ehehee...I think I'm rather biased in my opinion, ne? Haii...Er, okay um...I'll stop now. and bug you later. hehe.. Tat's all *_~*;;
Stoko chapter 7 . 1/1/2003
Excellent as usual, I can't wait for more on this, although I think someone should find out about Puck bein back, maybe they find Willia... I mean Bill an he tells them or something. An how come Ash turned back into Ash? No matter how many chapters there are there always seem to be more questions, just the way I like it ;-)! Keep up the good work!
Jenn chapter 7 . 12/31/2002
Don't complain about the email addy, T. You know that's not real

Yay! I'm an incantationist! *cheers* And Uber Romance and Embarrassment? The end to this was full of that! *pauses* You mean it gets better? Of course it does, what am I thinking:P

HOWEVER! I'm still as traumatised as poor Satochu over the Matchumony. And here I thought I was full of puns. That one took the cake. Get it? cake?

I know, I know...I'm impossible _ Well, I just watned you to know...I plan to continue!
DragnBlak chapter 6 . 10/25/2002
Yay! Review time. - This is probably my favorite chapter so far. _~ Warning to review skimmers: Spoiler madness!

Poor Puck... I can't even imagine how much pain he's going through... Lucius really seems to know what he's doing... that's very, very bad when the villain knows what he's doing... ;

OMG Mew! Karayzee Mew and his flowers... you know him mixed with a not-so-sober Puck is asking for trouble... which leads to RANDOM SPELLS! Random things are fun. -

LOL Of all people... Dana and Ash... jeez, Puck and his lack of undoing trouble... ). And not only is the real Ash a Pikachu, but now there's another copy... ;

LOL The scene where Danachu goes to see Jenn and Trish is hilarious! "However it is rude to leave a visitor standing on your doorstep so... 'Um, would you like to come in?'" XD And the way she showed them who she was, was priceless! Aw, pwetty bow... o-o

TEAPOT MEW! Oh, the world needs more Teapot Mews... LOL "Why does everyone say that?"

Aw, Poppy is such a good girl obeying her mother... . Meowth cracks me up, he does. Especially his last line in that scene... _~

Wow, that was a good coverup story-LOL Satochu! That's great! And a close call with another bow. :P

Poor Trish... I seriously wonder what that bug is, especially after 2 weeks... LOL I'm sure the look on her face was priceless at Meowth's suggestion... and perhaps it was for the better that Danachu was around to... "persuade" her to go see the doctor. _~

And yet another good coverup story-aw, Richie's so loveable. . LOL And the one for Danachu ("And she glomps"). LOL Jaime's so funny-and the last part of that scene is, too! _~

LOL "Your Pikachus are chatting!" Fixed? O_o! Aw, everyone picks on Richie... _~

Oh my, secrets revealed to the WRONG Pokemon... Not even Trish knows? Oh, such irony. - If only Jenn knew... ;;

LOL Even as an electric rodent he thinks with his stomach. Interesting last line, there... can you tell I'm gaining an affinity for irony? _~

LOL "I've got an older sister and a sister-in-law, between them, they have five kids. I do know the signs by now!" _ But I'm SOO curious about the phone call. If it's not a stomach virus, then what is it...?

Last, and certainly not least, I'd like to say that my prayers are with those who were lost and those who loved them are in my prayers. Enough about the sniper-somehow this seems a bit more ominous and in need of attention.
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