Reviews for Mech's Night Out
Isobel chapter 1 . 5/6/2014
Lol I love this fanfic! I can't remember how many times I've read it but I fin it so funny and enjoyable to read. It puts a more optimistic perspective on the Great War and shows the the more positive side.
Fang Cullen chapter 1 . 7/16/2009
Very cool! Lucky femme getting kissed by Optimus...
Kibble Beast chapter 1 . 7/11/2009
omg, that was hilarious.

great to see the dudes all relaxing :D

even ratchet, woop!

and woah, prowl and jazz action.

poor jetfire. he didn't need that.

i love the way he's jetster. :P

and sneaky moves, there.

i bet optimus could have beaten him.

i call my dog the billster. not relevant in any way. o)

great stuff! xD

you should put more jetster in your other fanfics!

you wrote him AWESOMELY!

i never saw him as such a pimp :P
VICTORY IS MINE chapter 1 . 3/18/2009
this made me want to see more of Jetfire in your fics
Bunnylass - Part Two chapter 1 . 2/21/2009

Lol, that'll teach me for trying to keep it all contained in one review box. I blame it on your fantastic writing pulling me in to the fight scene without much of a fight from me, hehe. But I just couldn't believe it! Optimus' hit was...DAMN! Like I said, it was definitely an accident I could see the big bot doing, cringing and apologising profusely for. But for him to nearly down a mech of Jetfire's size...Why don't the 'Cons just throw down their guns? That was Optimus punching at a young age. Imagine him now?

*Swoons* I love a hard mech. ;D

Jetfire did well though! He managed to keep himself together quite well and long enough to get out of the space station. Barely, lol. You can't blame him for taking a hit like that. :) His equilibrium stabilizers? Ouch! That actually sounds painful. I guess it's kind of the equivalent of getting punched in the temple. That's a nasty one. *Cringe* Primus, that was one of the best most entertaining fight/action scenes I've read from you yet! MBRS has some KICK-ASS action scenes. But that bar brawl was MINT! :D

- 'I hated that I would probably never have that kind of fun in one evening again for a long time. A very long time.' If I didn't know he was going to be appearing sometime very soon, I would be pulling my hair out with impatience at not getting to see THIS mech again! He is an absolute BLAST! I can't wait to read more of him! :D

I feel a little better now. Atleast I don't want to rant and bitch like I did before. With damn good reason! :P But I seriously loved this fic. I needed the laugh and this had LOADS of them. The Jetster is going to become infamous in my reviews in the third story. I can see him getting huggles and love for his hilariousness alongside the ever adorable Leo and Bumblebee. :D Until then, you rock and so did this fantastic story!

*High fives* Just keeps getting better! :)
Bunnylass chapter 1 . 2/21/2009

Instead of getting myself riled up and thoroughly pissed off with some idiot who don't have a clue what they're talking about *cough* I LOVE SPARKLINGS, THEY ROCK! *cough*; I'm going to use my time productively and write a review out for the JETSTER! Oh yeah! *parties* It's long over-due a proper review, so Primus help me I'm going to do it now! :D I hope it don't turn out too crazy...

*shifty eyes*

Have I mentioned yet how awesome Jetfire is? He's a fun loving, nutter of a mech who probably now has a scarred processor from walking in on that Prowl/Jazz moment. But still, he's a pretty damn cool mech! The beginning with him recalling the trouble with the Decepticon's and how it's still hard-work; you could kind of tell it takes quite a bit to knock him from his cheerful pedestal. I have no doubt he enjoys the little bit of action the outer rim gets from time to time. If Optimus' brawl was anything to go by.


Okay, I feel better for that little shout out. There's something extra awesome, yummy and very cool about the boss bot picking mechs up and throwing them across the room! But I'm getting off point. Guh, how many times does THAT happen when I'm reveiwing your fics, lol. I do feel bad for him that his parents died too. But he's obviously dealt with it, you can see an inner-strength there already. And this bit just got me grinning - 'I too may end up dying trying to protect the mines but a few fragging ‘Cons with go down with me when I do!' *High fives the Jetster* YOU KNOW IT, DUDE! :D

Bit of a charmer with the femme's...Why am I not surprised? *Giggles* - 'Oh yeah, the Jetster was on fire tonight!' Hehe, that line will NEVER get old! He's going to be a menace when he comes to Earth. And I can't WAIT! I'm so glad you wrote this out, I'm having an even better laugh reading the second time around, then I did the first! :D And if I didn't know what it was he HAD planned for the femmes, I would have been very worried. He sounded so mischievious when he said that.

I have so much trouble imagining Optimus scrawny, lol. You write him sound so much bigger than he is with his brilliant characterisation and antics. Even more so when you make him the most ADORABLE SPARKLING EVER! *Clears throat* Sorry, had to have that dig. But seriously, you make him sound invincible even with his AWESOMENESS in this chapter. Chilled out, over-energized Optimus brawling in the bar...It's THE BEST kind! :D And I'm even not surprised Jetfire uses his famous mech-wrecker (no doubt interface appliance rumor) of his cousin to get him some interfacing. It's totally rude, but totally works for him! :D

*Jumps around*

And now the real fun part starts! :) - 'He had an aura about him that just exuded raw power.' *Shivers* That is a NICE line. Damn lucky femme Elita! :P I'm positively bubbling with excitement and fun reading them together. The way he greeted them all was wicked! - “Magnus, a mech who knows the femmes almost as good as me." I hope they left that bit out when they were telling Akima the story. :D Although, I wouldn't put it past the Jetster for telling her that and some stories when he comes to Earth. He seems the type to end up in some kind of trouble or 'foot well and truly in mouth' moments when it comes to things like that. Hehe.

They blew up a weapons crate? Aww bugger! I wish I could have seen the look on their faces when they did THAT! Scared but proud at the same time. Until Hide arrived anyway. :D Ohh I loved Ratchet’s retort too! - “No, it’s just more mature foolish behavior from what I’ve heard,” Hell yeah! Damn this mech is fun! :P Oh, there is one of those foot in mouth moments! Prowlie and the rod up his tail pipe...*Guffaws* I love Prowlie, but that comment had me trying not to laugh too loudly. Especially when Optimus got all mortified and embarrassed. I’d have been hiding behind Magnus laughing my ass off if that was me! :D

I need his hand-book of Jetfire mischief! – ‘It took me half a deca-cycle to get our tactical officer all riled up enough to blow a logic circuit.’ It would have come in handy when I was at school. Now I just know a few people who could use some Jetfire treatment. *Smirks angelically*

Lmao! This story with Jetfire and the lot of them is fun. But damn if he don’t have some hilarious stories of his own! The whole interface appliance getting stuck was funny, but even better when Ratchet piped up that he knew because it was from experience! It’s so hard to imagine him and Hide being young, young mechs! *Snort* Eloquently done Magnus. Share the ‘frequent’ knowledge of Optimus and Elita’s private life, lol. Not that the femme magnet seems to mind. :D

It’s great reading Optimus so chillaxed and at ease. Not to mention how young but wise he is in the parts that matter the most. I liked the whole kind of ‘into the future look’ sort of setting it up for some of the events in MBRS. Like the talk about sparkling and the war. But it was only outdone by the respect Jetfire obviously has for Optimus and everything he’s done. :) We all respect and admire him. But reading it from the Jetster’s POV is even better. :D *Huggles him*

Cheeky fragger calling Prowl and Jazz his waiters! :P And I just knew at that point that the line I got a sneak at, was what it was. My jaw is actually hurting from grinning so much! Grins, smirks, laughs you name it, this chapter made me do it! :D Especially with Optimus’ little comment about a stronger drink. Bring out the big guns! Whoop whoop! Guh, he seems such a charmer! Oozing his skills over the barmaid. And Optimus don’t look hard-core enough? Gal, you ain’t seen NOTHING yet! :D

*Rubs hands together in anticipation*

Aww slag, you sure you wanna go down there, Jetfire? *Smirks* Prepared for scarred optics? *Giggles* Primus that part was funny! - ‘From experience, every mech has a breaking point when he must give in.’ Ohh yeah, Jazz definitely broke Prowl down from what I read. *Snorts* What a show! :D Hahaha. – 'Now I’ve seen mechs interfacing each other before but I never knew a mech could be that...limber!’ Lmao! I could almost see Jetfire standing there, head cocked to the side trying to figure Jazz’s position out! *Cackle* AWESOME! - “Anything for my Jazz.” That just makes me laugh even harder! :D

I’m not surprised he ran. But it was hilarious when he ran back to close the door for them! *Giggle* And his passing comment to the barmaid...Nicely put. :D And SO on a death wish for just HAVING to say something. I’m glad he did though, it just made me cackle more! :P

I LOVED the little bit of pay-back Ratchet got in there suggesting the Jetster kiss a mech! It was subtle and fierce. Sweet! :D – ‘I shot them all a pouting look, pretending that my feelings were hurt. They didn’t fall for it. I laughed. Not sure I’d trust myself either!’ At least he’s honest! :) There’s another family trait! And I REALLY wish I could have gone for a fly too! I probably wouldn’t have lasted as long as Optimus. But still...It sounded like fun! Which was why it was such an awesome bet to choose and lose! :D - “Well, maybe one day I’ll be there to back you up, cousin,” Hell yeah, and soon too! :)

Ohh, bye-bye Optimus! Lol. Poor dude! I’m not surprised he flew off. Cheeky fragger. Still, they both won anyway. I wouldn’t have expected Optimus to fly off for any other reason, hehe. But I really liked the touching moment between them. When Jetfire complimented him on being one of the best Primes there have been. Optimus’ PROUD answer that not all rumors are exaggerated. He can be such a mech sometimes. :P But Jetfire more than made me giggle on that bit. He says ‘Lucky aft!’ I say lucky Elita! :D

The little pushing and shoving match that turned into wrestling with them both on the floor...Sweet as! There’s the lovable happy-go-lucky Optimus I love to read! Where’s not Prime, just a mech out with the lads on the lash, starting trouble and being mechs. That is why this has gone in my faves and is going in my top five favourite stories from you. :D Which, btw, you are making very hard to choose each bloody time! :D I’m gonna have to start making my list longer, me thinks. Or breaking it down into one-shots and stories or something. And I am SO getting off topic again. *Snort*

*Reaches out to huggle Jetfire and Optimus* Both of which, I had a sad smile for when I was reading more of their bonding moment. It just added to the layer of respect the Jetster already has for him. Thank you for putting that part in, it’s of my faves from the chapter. :) That and the bar brawl! FIGHT! Whoop!

I noticed Magnus didn’t say anything about giving his word Elita wouldn’t find out about the bet! Thank Primus Elita didn’t maim him for it. :D Ohh man! It was all going so well until the femme’s dude showed up. I’m actually cringing writing this! I can’t believe it. DAMN! Optimus could have been SLAMMED. I know he weren’t but FRAG! I still can’t believe he kissed him! Full on – “Victory is mine!” And this...OMG! I LOVE Jetfire! – ‘!’ He’s seeing Tweetie flying around his head! :D

*Waves pompoms* GO OPTIMUS! GO OPTIMUS! KICK-AFT! Dude...that part was AWESOME! I’m all riled up again and ready to take on some punters too! Gotta love a good bar brawl! There’s nothing like it to get the ole’ adrenaline pumping. :D Jazz and Prowl were WICKED! I’m so caught up in Ratchet delivering a blow to a mech that put him DOWN I forgot I was reviewing, lol. It’s so easy to get caught up in the excitement and the buzz. Optimus was BAD-ASS! And such a him thing to do when he swung for Jetfire! ROFL, I couldn’t imagine it any other way! Primus that was punch he was trying to hold back? Why the frag do the ‘Cons come back for more! *Cackle*

Slag, I only have a few characters left. Be right back! :D
Plenoptic chapter 1 . 2/20/2009


Jetfire and Optimus get along so well. You wouldn't think they hadn't seen one another since they were kids. "A growth spurt or two", whatever! XD

Loved Jetfire's reaction to Optimus being as good as bonded! Are you going to give Jetfire an actual femme or am I going to have to do it for you? (heh o)

I do love your description of Jetfire. Cocky fragger who's never down, but at the same time you give him some very serious thoughts regarding the war and his duty. And it's awesome how he's not jealous of Optimus at all, just reverent. From Armada we really did get the feeling that he respected Optimus above all else, and you did a good job of capturing that feeling .

Jetfire brought up the interface appliance! That was LOW! Even for him! Poor Optimus, any sane mech would've lost his grip. And he dutifully upholds his end of the bargain...and pays for it!

Jetfire actually kissed the mech! And using almost the exact dialogue from that episode! That was a funny aft episode, it was just hilarious...And then Optimus goes and punches Jetfire in the face! Poor kid XD And I like how he always has a get-away shuttle ready in case things get too dicey XD

And it seems Optimus isn’t really the saint we all thought he was! I’m a little surprised that he didn’t take responsibility for the fight, but it made for some funny aft scenes XD Wonder what else he’s hidden from the council…?

So when was Jetfire on base long enough to pull pranks on all the officers? And what was he doing there?

It’s sad that his folks died protecting the mines. You’d think the Jetster (I LOVE that, can I use it sometime?) would be a little scarred or something, but nope :D it’s all good!

He’s flirting left and right! Good Primus, it’s a wonder he hasn’t got a gaggle of fan femmes on his tail as well! XD HOW has he not found someone to follow around himself?

Anyhoo, fragging spectacular little story-it was pit slagging awesome! o You write FAST, woman, you know that? It’d take me ages to pump this out…I’ll put as much work as I can into your Kacey fic this weekend, and I’ll have lots of extra time next week because my doctor told me to lay off the karate because of my neck. The Flexi-whatever made me so tired that I slept in four classes today! XD I mentioned it to my boyfriend and he demanded to know how the heck I still maintain A’s. Hee-Plenoptic knows all of the universe’s secrets! Also she crams at eleven o’clock every night when she’s done reading fan fiction! XD

Now I can’t WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT for the next Kacey story! Nor can I WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT for the next chappie, so it’s time to put those swift fingers back to work again! XD Thank you SO much for updating, I had a crappy day but now I’m happy again! :3
Bunnylass chapter 1 . 2/20/2009

Oh I SO needed that laugh! This was BRILLIANT! Even better then I thought it would be! :D Jetfire, is one more than awesome mech I'd go drinking with anyday, lol.

I'll write a proper out as soon as I can. I just couldn't read that without saying how frickin' much I loved it! :D I can't wait for him to come in the third story, I definitely want to see more of Optimus and Jetfire having a blast!


You rock! :D
Bumblebee's Girl chapter 1 . 2/20/2009
Can't wait to see the Big Jet again!

great side story! xx
theshadowcat chapter 1 . 2/20/2009
Very cute
Elita One chapter 1 . 2/20/2009
lol very nice

poor Jets having to see prowl and jazz go at it.

that was a wonderful fight
Spiritstrike chapter 1 . 2/20/2009
YAYS! That was the best thing I'd ever read since Saviour where it involved a JFxSS pairing! It's a well loved story, but this one just cut te cake completely! I'm looking forward to the next chapter in MBRS as well as when Jetfire comes ot Earth in the next story of Kacey's adventures.

You also kept Jetfire's character extremely well tied to his Armada self. Everyone always considers him as a prankster, as well as a goofball. That's what's so loving about him. XD
sunnydsgirl chapter 1 . 2/20/2009
"backs up" as long as u dont seel the vitory motto with a kiss like ol' jet here and YEY! bee and kasey and we get to see jet too!