Reviews for The Knight and the Prince
Shmelly chapter 46 . 5/5/2009
XD Roflcakes! Oh, vomiting. Fun times are here again. -_-

The ending made me feel sorry for Jonny. Mah.

I wish I was a koala - my sleep pattern is utterly craptastic. Plus, koalas are cute. When they're not being grumpy.

Where are all these comics? I have seen NONE. Anywhere. Ever. For surreal.

You've made me want to see The Exorcist now.
J-Horror Girl chapter 46 . 5/5/2009
Okay, how sick am I for finding sick!Jonny adorable? Although I feel really bad for him too... Of course, this version of Nurse!Joker (sans the wig, dress and pantyhose of course) is pretty sweet too. 'Raindrops on roses and opening fire on school buses.' I find that hilarious-more evidence of my sickness. All in all, there is just some really wonderful snark going on in this chapter, but then there always is in your chapters.

Loved it and hope you update soon!

lost soul's keeper chapter 46 . 5/5/2009
*nods* teh sad thing is the joker is right you know...jonathna's probably treated better by batman adn joker and the others the he ever has been n his life...

Poor johnny. I hope he'll be ok...

Is that true about narricsits?
xXDeidara-chanXx chapter 46 . 5/5/2009
Loved the Hilton line and all in all a chapter that was up to your usual standard,

which I might add, is very high.

Good interaction and great way to built tension here.

The suspense to how Johnny will react is really good.

TheOtherMaddHatter chapter 46 . 5/5/2009
Being afraid of birds isn't a pleasant thing, I'm here to tell you what. They scare the living Hell out of me, even the small ones, and where I live is like bird central.

I think one of the comics I'd seen with Johnny's background in it, there was a considerably small teddy bear sitting on the all to small bed. It looked like a nursery in that one though.

The puking thing makes me think of home... XD

Sorry it took me so long to review, but I've been away from home for a bit and was unable to access a computer.
Sammy chapter 46 . 5/4/2009
Poor Jonny. I only hope that Scarecrow will realize that Jonathan may not make it through this and come back, because if he doesn't, I'll cry.
Voldy's pink teddy chapter 46 . 5/4/2009
The Joker is pretty proud of his monster status, isn't he? I think part of the reason he's so compelling is that he seems to have so much fun being a sadistic bastard. Anyway, poor Jonathan, caught in one of his "there is no way this could end well for you no matter which decision you make" traps, again. God really must love homicidal clowns, lol.
SetInSmoke chapter 46 . 5/4/2009
The Joker's last sentence broke my heart. It's so twisted that it's true.

Great chapter!
Elizabeth Tudor chapter 46 . 5/4/2009
Kudos on Dean's List, and good luck on your finals! Mine aren't for a couple weeks yet, thank god...

Jonny talking back is quite a lot of fun. The can catching fire... Ah, good times, good times. :D

Oh no, poor Jonny. Bziarre as his coping mechanism is, given just how many god-awful experiences he's had with the good ol' H2O, puking nonstop is just miserable. I would probably have killed Joker by now, though he seems to be taking reasonably good care of him. The thing with the teddy bear is equally adorable, pathetic, and heart-breaking.

...oh god. Poor Jonathan. I feel bad now, I love birds with an obsession to rival the Penguin's.

This alternately very funny and very sad. Particularly Jonathan's rant about losing himself, and Joker's conversation with Bats. I really don't have the vocabulary, or skill with words, that would be necessary to put it any better than this, but it really is stunning.

GreyLiliy chapter 46 . 5/4/2009
Aw~ Johnny's starting to lose it.

Wonderful downhill spiral. It's fun watching Joker deal, fairly well, with a slowly going crazy Jonathan. Loved the attentions to detail with his steady decent.

Though, my favorite moment is Bruce bringing him an extra blanket. So cute. So very cute.

And of course, Jonathan being compared to a pet is also rather nice.
Forest Bonevene chapter 46 . 5/4/2009
Poor Jonny. *Huggles him* And for being as insightful as he thinks he is, Joker sure is taking a while to figure out what Jonny means when he says he's alone. And Batman is clueless as usual, but at least he tried with the blanket and all.
King0fCrows chapter 46 . 5/4/2009
"I now have this really random mental image of Crane rocking out to “Baby One More Time” alone in his house." LOL! He'd do in a dress shirt, socks, and underware also. Just like that scene from Risky Buisness. LOl.

Aw, poor Jonathan...I feel so bad for him. He has such a crappy life. I really just wish he got a happy ending. I feel like he deserves it...Is there any chance of this series (including future fics) having a happy ending? Wait! If there isn't...i don't want to know, because then i'll end up crying, making myself sickish (sickish being that hurt feeling you get in your chest cavitiy when your really sad; it's the best way i can discribe it), and eating way to many sweets.
MK08 chapter 45 . 5/3/2009
Wow, my heart just broke a little more for poor Jonny. For his sake, I really hope Joker keeps his word this time. The end of this chapter was super cute, I loved it.

I'm pretty excited to see how Joker's plan will unfold!
Forest Bonevene chapter 45 . 5/3/2009
Scarecrow, how could you just up and leave Jonny there? Bad, bad other half.

Poor Jonny, now he's all alone with a maniacal clown, who will probably not honor that promise at all. Joker's plans always have a way of getting Jonny hurt.
SetInSmoke chapter 45 . 5/3/2009
I'm such a sap. A few tears slipped out. For some reason it hurts to think of Jonny without Scarecrow. (

Another great, yet heartbreaking, chapter!
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