Reviews for The Knight and the Prince
Mandy chapter 2 . 6/1/2010
So, I just started reading your work a few days ago and haven't been able to stop. You are a fantastic writer, don't give it up! You could easily transition from fanfic to real published fiction!
Spiggster chapter 42 . 5/30/2010
I was wondering why I had so much difficulty recognizing some of the words in the French quotes, as I do live in Quebec (Though, I'm an Anglophone), but seeing on how it's European French, I understand now why I was going "What is this?"

By the enjoy, I incredibly enjoy this fanfictions, and it's prequels, and I look forward to reading it's sequels.

One line cracked me up from a previous chapter, where Batman said, "That's it. I'm going to bed." This is commonly said by one of my friends, who is the Batman of the group (I'm the Joker, and we had a Robin, but she's leaving). It tickled my funny bone beyond belief, and I continue reading it on Facebook, as I HAD to inform my Batman, it still makes me giggle.

A lot of this review was pointless information about myself, how silly of me, so now back to the main point of a review: Reviewing the story!

It's well-written, and the characters aren't being unrealistic in anyway to the Nolanverse selves. I enjoyed how Alfred was completely AWESOME and gave the Joker hair advice, though.. How he knows these things I'm wondering -Perhaps Bruce tampered into hair dye before-.

Thank you, for not being a terrible writer, like some others I've seen, and avoided. Thank you, for giving the characters their dues. Thank you, for having such EXCELLENT reading material, and such excellent references (When required).
Fantasy's Reflection chapter 20 . 4/7/2010
The business with the apple was brilliant. Pure poetry. I stumbled upon this story quite by accident, but I am very glad I did. I like how realistic the characters are. Many writers, particularly Joker fans, over-romantize the characters and shy away from the gritty, or sometimes just plain gross, details. You, however, have managed to capture the strange repulsive magnetism of the Heath Ledger Joker, and for that I applaud you. Great job!
MikiNare chapter 1 . 3/8/2010
Holy crap! I am stunned. What an amazing, AMAZING piece of writing. I literally sat in front of my computer for hours without moving because I could not stop reading this fanfic. I am so so happy I discovered your fics and thanks for sharing. I loved this story. Loved it!
KM chapter 55 . 12/31/2009

BEAUTIFULLY written, and no icky OOC-ness (Joker's breakdown doesn't count as OOC). It was really refreshing to read a fanfic comprised of such polished, professional writing. Being a writer myself, I get tired of sifting through juvenile and/or sloppy writing (which this is definitely NOT)looking for interesting fanfics.

My comments are likely going to be kind of random, and quite possibly nonsensical at points, since I haven't slept for...awhile, and I just finished reading this behemoth in one sitting. Just a heads-up. Anyway...

I love how you explain your references-some were kind of obvious, and I was thinking "who wouldn't know THAT" but others were obscure and really interesting. While reading other fanfics, I sometimes become interested in random references or anecdotes, only to waste time trying to understand them through fruitless google searches, when the authors could've easily added a footnote and eliminated the readers' confusion. So I love that you take the time to explain/provide context for your allusions.

I also think the balance of comedy and drama/seriousness in this fic is perfect. Several times I found myself laughing hysterically at something, but I was also completely drawn into the story. Off the top of my head, my favorite funny parts were when Joker said the fake-prayer over the food, and some of the interactions between Crane and Scarecrow were just hilarious.

The characters were very well-portrayed and stayed in-character, and the character details that you added/created were brilliant. As I mentioned, I love the internal dialogues between Scarecrow and Crane. Another thing I really love/appreciate is that although Joker has his moment of humanity, he stays JOKER. He doesn't turn into some watered-down, broken, "normal" version of himself (like in some stories).

PERSONALLY, I would've preferred more Joker/Batsy slash (I'm quite obsessed with this pairing at the moment), although I love the stolen kisses and the fact that Bruce doesn't give in-immovable object and all...but I loved the scene with the apple-I was like, "holy crap (Batman)(tee hee), he just gave in and doesn't even realize it!" Also, I adore the scene with Joker um-performing-for Batsy's security camera...some variation of this scene tends to show up in a lot of fanfics, but it never gets old because it is just so JOKER to do that. I love it. I actually started reading this hoping it would turn into J/B slash, but even after I realized it probably wouldn't go that way, I couldn't stop reading because the writing was so damn good!

I loved this story! You are an amazing writer and you ROCK! (turns hopeful pleading puppy-dog, uh-I mean KITTEN eyes on you) Please write some Joker/Batsy slash... please? :)

crazikido2 chapter 34 . 12/12/2009
really strange story...i like it! thanx. chapter 27 . 12/12/2009
thanx fo r the funny's really intruging.
ChasingProse chapter 1 . 12/2/2009
Oh. ma god. What ish going on?
GiveTheDevilHisDue chapter 17 . 10/26/2009
Oh my god thsi story is great I tells ya! I am so hooked, and I think the characters (even though Crane's a bit screwy on the meds from Arkham) are very well done. Joker's innuendoes are hilarious, man:) Lol, I could TOTALLY see Crane being chance could you do a backstory to just how the Joker found out about Crane's little secret? pretty pretty please?
4ofCups chapter 55 . 9/3/2009
I. Love. Cliffhangers! :D

Once again, my dear, you have managed to write an incredibly intriguing story, using a very small cast of characters. 55 chapters, and really only 3 characters (aside from a few appearances from supporting ones)... it takes a hell of a writer to be able to pull that off, particularly when so much of the story's plot thrust comes from dialog and psychological spelunking. Your character development is phenomenal, and your ability to create valleys and crescendoes from one chapter to another are the mark of a born-story teller. Your ability to infuse drama into situation that are otherwise mundane is a wonderful skill and not one that many can cultivate.

I am genuinely looking forward to starting "Shadow Selves", so I can see where this story continues: Joker on the lam, waiting to heal, while Batman nurses a broken Dr. Crane. You've set up quite a challenging hand to play, one that, in the hands of less talented authors, would be futile...

...but given your talents, and your mastery of the characters, I have no doubt that you will come up with yet another story that is worthy of publishing, and will beat the pants off the majority of what's on this site.

Again, Ms. Lauralot, Bravo. :) Bravo, indeed!
4ofCups chapter 54 . 9/3/2009
I can just imagine how hysterical the Joker would have found the Batman's secret for heading on down to the Batcave, and I love the inner dialog in his mind that you gave him, as he raced through the different modicums of stealth, however trite, that Bruce could have used but didn't.

"Finders keepers." Oh dear Lord, the Joker running of with Batman's cape is just too funny of a visual!

And I loved the line from JCSS. One of the best musicals on earth. :)

“How did we get here?... Batman. The Joker. Bruce Wayne and…whoever this was.” What an amazing pontification, and a sorrowful one, in that the Joker apparently has no recollection or desire to remember who he once had been.

“They haven’t seen colors. They don’t know. We’re not like that.” Again, simple poetic brilliance! For all the physical pain that the Joker can endure, the pain of the "snow", the white static, was truly a touching revelation.

And the ending... stealing a kiss after the self-reaffirming reawakening of himself... and lunging off the balcony...

perfect. Absolutely perfect. :)
4ofCups chapter 53 . 9/3/2009
" Certainly, he wouldn’t have had the rational thought to make all those irrational arguments." What a wonderful twist of words here; this says so much about the Joker's perception of the Batman, in such a succinct and cogent manner.

"It was like reading The Art of War while the rest of the class was struggling through Pat the Bunny." I laughed when I read this metaphor - not only is the comparison so humorous for the chasm between implied intellectual capabilities, but it's a wonderfully frightening reminder of great of an outlier the Joker really is in society. There are standard deviations away from the bell curve... and then there are the blips that are so far out that they don't even register on the graph. I don't think I've ever used a statistician's graph as a metaphor before. What a bore I am.

"Batsy had to be more than just a man, because if he wasn’t, the Joker would be truly alone. And the thought that he was the only one in the world who mattered, that no one else could ever reach his level, not matter how close they seemed on the surface, would be enough to push him over the edge, if it turned out to be true. Enough to make him, ironically, every bit as mad as they thought he was."

Oh. My. God.

That was absolute genius. Soul-ripping truth, and a tremendously sad statement. Very poignant, and very stark. :( The thought that loneliness was at the core of the Joker's fears makes him all the more tangible... and fragile.

I could just imagine the raging jealousy the Joker would feel over Jonny getting to cuddle with Bruce's childhood teddy bear. He must have been seething! And yet, he still managed to choke out the words, "I'm sorry" to Jonny. :)

I love the song, "Angel of the Morning"!
4ofCups chapter 52 . 9/3/2009
How very Joker-like to suggest that the entire debacle with Jonny's mental health is Bruce's fault, exempting himself from any blame in the matter whatsoever. I hate people who do that... yet how can anyone really hate the Joker, even when he's being a complete bastard?

Bruce's questioning of the Joker's sanity was a great moment. I liked how you laid out that, for any other person, the reaction of the Joker would have been terrifying to stop someone dead in their tracks, yet Bruce just had to smirk. The Joker's loss of equilibrium while standing on the couch didn't really do himself any favors in the intimidation department. :)

I like how the Joker delineates the difference between Bruce mattering to him, and understanding him. Two very different concepts indeed.

Bruce's words for the Joker at the end were fantastic. Finally, get gets in some good licks, and makes some very salient points about the Joker's ignorance of his own emotions. Our clown is not as in control of his faculties as he'd like to believe. Great twist, giving Bruce the upper hand!
4ofCups chapter 51 . 9/3/2009
Why is it absolutely adorable to think of the Joker trying to imbue his coat's colors with magical powers to try to offer Jonny a modicum of solace? Aw...

"He didn’t care if it sliced, diced, grated, peeled, scrubbed, shined, bleached, disinfected, gutted, and vibrated all at once, or even if it came from Germany, he wasn’t going to listen to a sales pitch from a man with no indoor voice." This was comic brilliance. :) As was the entire description of the Joker's perception of the drivel on TV that he was flipping through.

I like how you built up the Joker's dawning comprehension of his own guilt, yet managed to set up the epiphany within such an amusing context. It was perfect; a somber acknowledgement of guilt just wouldn't be... "Joker".
Jack of Chocolate chapter 55 . 8/17/2009
I would have reviewed earlier, but I had to go to sleep.

I read this whole fic within around two or three days. And goodness gracious, I am so drawn by your writing despite a handful of unintentional grammar mistakes. I didn't exactly know HOW I was going to finish 55 chapters, but it went by so quickly that I don't think the next fic is going to last very long for me.

So, about the story. I extremely enjoyed the risks you took to revealing the Joker's exploitable weaknesses. You still managed to keep him in character, and I was surprised. Many writers often portray him in "too-human" manners, and it destroys his entire character. But I think you found a great balance between vulnerability and invincibility for the Joker. Also, the whole mask revealing fiasco that left both Batman and the Joker exposed delved upon the humanity that compares them in creative ways. Not many authors care to do that, but I am happy that you dug at the subject.

And let's not forget Jonathan Crane. His character always pleases me, especially the way you portray him. Oh, and the sentimental attachment to his teddy bear makes me giddy. It IS extremely cute and calls for consequences when Jonathan's mind is functioning properly enough to realize just exactly what he has been doing.

And what's more, you grasped Alfred's dry humor and seemingly unfazed state of mind perfectly. I laughed heartily at the Joker's bewilderment at Alfred's lack of expression upon meeting him.

Oh, and I definitely laughed with the Joker at the Batman's mattresses where the brand name tag was cut off, but the "DO NOT REMOVE" tag was still on. Every time I think of it, I still laugh. And laugh harder.

Well, I hope you know I don't really give long reviews, but I think you definitely deserved it with all your research and sensible humor.

I will now be off reading your next fic which I am especially looking forward to because of the SLASH. Yum.

Thank you so damn much for writing.
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