Reviews for The Knight and the Prince
sapzberry chapter 1 . 2/20/2009
Fuck, sometimes I surprise myself with my stupidity.

I read through this entire thing and thought to myself-

This is really good, but it seems like something Lauren would write. That was rather rude of this author to rip off her work.

And then I realized you had written it.

There you go. Between cuntry and screaming ticks. . .I've managed to prove my intelligence, tonight.

Oh, man. I guess I was just so thrown by the fantastical-ness of it all to register the user name.

OutcastToReality chapter 1 . 2/20/2009
Lol, you used an Alice In Wonderland quote! 8D That scene always reminds me of The Dark Knight. Great work! Can't wait for next chapter. And I thought the Rachel Dawes dress idea is GENIUS.
AlexPrime chapter 1 . 2/20/2009
HAHAHAHA! This made me laugh so hard I nearly shed tears. I quite honestly felt like one of Crane and Joker's Laughing Gas victims!

Seriously though, The Joker is probably the single most confident man in the world to be able to strut around wearing high-heels and an evening gown. He even shows it off like it is an everyday thing! Oh man, I do love him so! What a psychopath. And how he manages to justify all his actions to himself.

Not to mention I also wonder where he gets all the Joker Cards. I raid the dollar stores and thrift stores to find as many as I can, but no matter how many you get, the pile never seems to get any bigger.

And as I have said many times before, Poor, Poor Jonathan. Nothing ever goes well for him, does it? Not only is he fleeing from Batman, who terrifies him, he runs into The Joker, who also freaks him out, and then the Joker wants them both to be caught. That poor man. And people wonder why he is so twitchy and paranoid. It's because he is always getting dealt the bad hand.

I giggled like a loon when you gave The Little Mermaid reference. I can easily see that as something Joker would say.

Anywho, Update soon! I cannot wait for more of the story!



GreyLiliy chapter 1 . 2/20/2009
I think my favorite line was Joker thinking it funny Johnny didn't notice his dress. XD

Yay! Twitchy, scared out of his mind Jonathan is back. He's so adorable. Shame he ran into the wrong person that night. And yay for that last line. Joker's so evil. Ha ha.

It'll be fun reading this one from Joker's point of view. :) Definitely will make things interesting.

...I love Johnny. :heart:
Aloria-Catalonia chapter 1 . 2/20/2009
I loved that so much XD I kept wondering about the dress until the last line. And poor Jonny, getting caught so soon only to run into Joker again.

I look forward to more 3
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