Reviews for Legend of the Blond Aburame
PuffsOfPygmys chapter 44 . 16h
Loves this story…..any plans for an update?
jamthacreator chapter 44 . 12/12/2021
This fanfiction is one of the best naruto fics I’ve read, really creative story, I like it, it would be awesome if you continued it, thank you for the amazing read and sharing your gift for writing with us. Stay amazing and abundant and live success, free, happy, positive and joyful
Cryptid chapter 44 . 12/3/2021
I just finished this beautiful fanfic and I love it. Easily one of the best fics. As much as I wish for it to be updated, I understand that the author probably won't.
10/10 glorious fanfic. Was some spelling errors but was easily overlooked.
Hope the author is going good as well.
Username6166 chapter 28 . 4/22/2021
It's a shame that Lucky Seven Chomei's personality is that of a generic biiju in this fanfic, but to be fair he was barely known a decade ago when this fic was released.
Username6166 chapter 14 . 4/22/2021
Anko thinking that she's dumb for using an earth jutsu is one thing, but she's certainly more dumb for thinking that a mud wall (practically the most basic earth style jutsu that even genin have no trouble using) could defend against the water dragon jutsu.
Username6166 chapter 3 . 4/21/2021
Byakugan aren't an awakened dojutsu like Sharingan or Rinnegan, the Byakugan is there at birth.
Guest chapter 8 . 3/26/2021
I agree, it was a bad idea visiting the uchiha.. .He's a waste of time, energy and effort... To be honest, the ABSOLUTE kindest, nicest thing I can think to do for the idiot is COMPLETELY avoid and ignore him... (kinda like what people do to naruto in canon, but naruto didn't cause it... the uchiha DOES!) DON'T save him if he's in trouble, DON'T BOTHER to help him against orochi... Just let him RETURN to his clan and be DONE with him! He's not WORTH anything else!..and remember, this is the NICEST I can to do for him!
Guest chapter 8 . 3/26/2021
What's up with danzo having the sharingan? It's the writer's favorite "pink eye". everybody at a school gets that stupid INFECTION if someone's got it.. SAME SITUATION HERE.
Guest chapter 8 . 3/26/2021
No it's pretty much just because the uchiha SUCK THAT MUCH! Most of EVERYTHING that the village thinks of them, is hype or OUTRIGHT lies! They're just NOT that strong.. Think about it, if they WERE, they wouldn't need such OBVIOUS author help in canon! They wouldn't NEED to CONSTANTLY try and prove that they are strong... They wouldn't NEED to brag about themselves... (others would do it)... BUT all their powers are either morally REPUGNANT(and stupidly convoluted) or just for COPYING other people. That means if they're not around people to copy?... They effectively CAN'T DO ANYTHING. Also their eyes aren't as strong as the doujusu that's JUST about sight... So actually they always were and always will be... Just vile, imperfect COPIES of originals. If THAT was the entirety of my legacy? I'd probably be lying my butt off too and making sure people didn't REALLY look too close at the clan or test it's strength. (they'd get known as the FRAUDS they are)
Guest chapter 4 . 3/26/2021
Actually, no I don't think the hyuuga do NUMBER that many, remember the aburame are BASED on insects meaning great amount of importance is put on NUMBERS and the hyuuga? There is like 3 main branch members and THAT'S ABOUT IT. This does NOT show a DEARTH of numbers, also only ONE style of the ENTIRE family? It would be kinda TERRIFYING if someone, SOMEWHERE figured out how to counter it... The entire clan would be royally SCREWED.

They kinda NEED naruto.. Minato and Kushina's genes(especially kushina's, the strong bodies/lifeforce) and political clout (again Hiashi should KNOW) not to mention the power that could be given OUT from the kyuubi and the possibility that it could REMOVE any curse seals (ichibi can create em', manipulate them, and remove them and he's the WEAKEST) AND as stated in someone's previous post, hiashi WANTS to abolish the cage bird... That's actually IN canon... He just doesn't know how.. Till now.
Guest chapter 4 . 3/26/2021
Not real clear on why EVERYBODY wants to make naruto a BRAWLER... I mean one or two stories I can understand but ALMOST every single one (regardless of what powers naruto is given, even if it's WILDLY inappropriate for the style) wants naruto to ABSOLUTELY LOVE physical stuff and do almost NOTHING but PUNCH AND KICK! You'd THINK people could actually do something ORIGINAL.. I mean making what was originally a brawler, good at "brawling".. NOT EXACTLY "creative"... He's just another "lee" clone... I guess the main problem is that with ANYTHING else, too many authors are ENAMORED with ninja's speed... Making the bad guys "somehow" dodge EVERYTHING that isn't a fist or a foot! (even if it should be logically, physically, biologically and LOGISTICALLY impossible to do so).. Somehow, someone can dodge fireballs, LIGHTNING STRIKES, lasers, vacuums, winds, shadows and sounds but are utterly incapable of defending against a body part traveling at them.
Guest chapter 4 . 3/26/2021
If Hiashi KNOWS what kind of power naruto possesses (he does, as in the first chapter) then why would he "picking a fight" with someone that can INCINERATE him in an instant!? Also hiashi knew minato... IT"S GLARINGLY OBVIOUS who naruto is.. EVEN IN CANON HE KNEW... It's not possible to NOT know especially if your entire shtick is VISION! There are NO blonde or BLUE eyed people IN FIRE COUNTRY other then minato and the yammankas and NARUTO is now blonde with BLUE eyes.. SO DUH.. If he's NOT a yammanka (which he would have been taken by them even if they didn't WANT to if he was)... then it's KINDA OBVIOUS who he IS! FORCED DRAMA is the WORST DRAMA. Hiashi IS kinda a bastard in canon but really ONLY in the very beginning, NEVER(not once) against naruto, and pretty much "blows off" the elders and just tells them to "suck a big d*..STICK". (and that's about ALL the power they have) Everything else is just "contrived", "forced", and "feels FAKE as hell". Mainly because these people (clan heads ALL the clan heads. Other then the uchiha, because their mentally deficient.) all knew, liked and respected Minato and his wife.. Plus they are all supposedly MODERATELY intelligent... So THIS level of OOC? Doesn't make any sense, plus it's NOT comparable with living as part of a village with other EQUALS and SUPERIORS!(at least in power).. The uchiha tried that... LOOK WHAT HAPPENED. (besides they are all BRAIN DAMAGED, the hyuuga are not)
Guest chapter 3 . 3/26/2021
What? Hinata didn't ACTIVATE it? ROFL No.. It's not like the "pink eye" of the uchiha.. It's pretty much active all time, which you can KINDA TELL... It's TRULY active component is just sending chakra, there really isn't an "activating thing" that needs to happen.. Look it up.. You'll see. There is no "trigger event" it's just ALWAYS there. (it's much more stable... Probably since it's not in the hands of a clan that's more psycho then the Bates motel!)

Also what's up with Hiashi? I mean you talk about OOC.. He can't "beat his daughter" that bad.. If he puts her in the hospital that is NOTICED, if it's NOTICED people talk, people talk THE HYUUGA LOSE FACE.. And they can't afford to lose face (they already aren't looked at well with the cage bird.. And Hiashi DOES want to get rid of that*regardless of what some ff say*) they CANNOT keep up the facade of "nobility" AND draw attention to NOT-SO noble actions. It don't work that way.
Guest chapter 3 . 3/26/2021
You know, if the hokage is ALWAYS TOO BUSY to help naruto in these stories.. Or "always too busy" to seize back the village... Or "always too busy" to handle danzo or call back tsunade... THEN WHY IS IT EVERY STORY where he's seen, he's just SITTING THERE READING PORN!? He does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! He's NOT "the professor", or "god of the shinobi", he's a FRAUD, a complete and UTTER MORON! A BAKA kage, A SENILE OLD MAN that SHOULD have either retired or BEEN retired! Kakashi, Yammato, Asuma, HECK even GAI would be a better choice! Maybe he should get his hand of his withered, old rotted stick and put it on the steering wheel of the village! DO HIS DAMN JOB!
Guest chapter 3 . 3/26/2021
The hinata thing makes me smack my head... It's one of the things that HAVE GOT to be altered about her.. I like hinata.. I truly do...I think she should ALWAYS be with naruto (regardless if he gets others too, or just the one), because she was basically CREATED just to be with him, but her personality DEFINITELY needs "altered" a bit. RIGHT NOW, it's ok.. Because she's pretty sheltered and she's relatively young (no shinobi is ACTUALLY young.. they just DON'T GET THAT.. It's the price for power), BUT before puberty(so age 9-10) that personality quirk should be LONG GONE. But seriously.. You wanna see ANYONE that doesn't like hinata... THIS personalty quirk is the reason... It's ILLOGICAL.. CHILDISH, NON-NONSENSICAL, UTTERLY at odds with her chosen profession/lifestyle and honestly? NOT funny anyway. (it's really NEVER been all that funny, just once in a while, NOT EVERY FLIPPING time she sees him!).
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