Reviews for Legend of the Blond Aburame
One reader chapter 3 . 8/24/2017
There are a lot of grammar mistakes!
Guest chapter 5 . 8/20/2017
Pls learn the def of the words derive, expell, vacate and prevail. I am 12 and speak better English than you.
StoneTheLoner chapter 2 . 6/12/2017
I have to agree with Shiki, are we really sure you put in the effort to make Naruto an Aburame? It's kind of bullsh*t that you were pretending like it's normal for Naruto, mentally speaking, to be so different from the people who raised him. He is not the Naruto of canon. He didn't learn the same things, experience the same things, and he didn't have the chance to grow into the same person as he would've in canon. So why then isn't he already a poster child for his clan when we have every reason to expect him to be(He was raised by them since day one after all)? He should be the silent sort rather than the kind who shouts out what food he wants like an idiot with ADHD. He should've been better equipped to handle stares considering his entire family experiences them; accepting them as normal and moving on without a second thought. - It's always a guess for whether or not I'm using those right lol. And he should be better with his Kikai than with his martial arts, because in his clan martial arts are secondary to their insects. I feel like you got lazy when coming up with this story idea, being unable to kick the image of an outgoing canon Naruto character from your mind when writing it. Realistically, your current version of Naruto shouldn't be possible, and shouldn't exist. It shouldn't have taken some weird event to make him realize he should be smart rather than brawny. No, that should've from the start been his baseline normal.
Wolfone10 chapter 37 . 4/20/2017
This one was a good one, very believable. Although naruto seems to be falling into his seniors' ideas that "deferring a problem till later is as good as a solving it"
Wolfone10 chapter 36 . 4/20/2017
This is silly, the GOTTA recognize ANYTHING and ANYONE they throw at naruto will ONLY make him stronger, so if they keep taking pot-shots all they're going to do is make him INVINCIBLE before they are ready for him.
Wolfone10 chapter 25 . 4/19/2017
Yeah more fighting over idiots that don't matter in the slightest and advance NOTHING as far as career.. woo a/n snotes?.. Um yeah kisame's sword LOOKS bad ass, but want to know a really obscure piece of intel? Shark skin is the most insanely EASY FLESH of any creature ON THE PLANET to cut through, it shaves because of the grain, put against ANYTHING on the PLANET and it's swiss cheese.
Wolfone10 chapter 24 . 4/18/2017
Two chapters ago is when the story STOPPED being interesting.. What you did with the characters is AWESOME, the interaction... GREAT... The overall arc.. where you tried to match it to canon? EPIC FAIL... Ocs from IWA? Then everything the hokage and others has done FOR YEARS has been for NOTHING.. and should be ended INSTANTLY... (or another political body-slam) 7 WHO CARES? Naruto is suddenly finding some sort of BIZARRE compassion for the moron? Out of the blue? I haven't found any and I know his TRUE story! So why should a character that knows next to nothing? Let team 7 die, or get bit, or HERE IS A RECURRING theme.. they (he) is spared! Happens quite often to him. (Itachi, haku, zabuzza, orochimaru, naruto)...rofl the dude has more lives then a cat!
Wolfone10 chapter 23 . 4/18/2017
I'd like to know how "greenhorns" got into so many stories, that is an American southern colloquialism, and not appropriate AT ALL to ninjas of the far east. It's wrong on SO MANY LEVELS. As best I can tell, the naruto world, is NOT the only one strapped to that planet... Remember the "stone of gellel".. we had knights in armor and flying machines... from the west.. that healed "as fast as naruto"... sans demon... SO... I'd tend to think there were MANY other stories before the writer decided "aliens" and the x-files were the best way to to me, is a LACK of imagination, I bring this up because doggedly following cannon when clearly NOTHING before is cannon is ALSO a sign of LACK of imagination. These exams are PATHETIC, in EVERY sense of the word... They do NOTHING, they allow a security breach and they are for the most point, ABSOLUTELY without reason. (the second chunnin exams get cancelled again, and in frustration, the kages announce ALL participates CHUNNIN, telling that they can promote anyone at anytime they want to). So these exams are STUPID, pointless, redundant and should NOT be followed. Naruto even in cannon protects team members (something I WOULD NOT do for the uchiha), and beats a bijuu by HIMSELF, if that doesn't make a chunnin then I have NO IDEA how Iruka and Mizuki every got the title.(considering ANBU can't fight a bijuu in SQUADS!)
Wolfone10 chapter 22 . 4/18/2017
You know at this point, I'm not sure there is a difference between LEE and SASUKE as far as disgusting ARROGANCE... I think that's something that a lot of authors don't pick up on, BOTH of them are equally REVOLTING to my stomach. Lee is NOT a good guy, "look at his actions" not his words! same with negji and sasuke.. ALL of them ACT THE EXACT SAME WAY, enough to make me THROW UP IN MY MOUTH.. not idolize them. PATHETIC... WEAK... Wanting to prove exactly what I have NO IDEA, (I mean seriously if you gotta prove yourself against someone else? Your pretty weak, you have NO confidence in yourself, If you HAVE to have OTHERS say your good? YOUR actually terrible... (I actually thought sasuke was alone in this but you've shown me, Lee is just as bad).
Wolfone10 chapter 21 . 4/17/2017
"given an assignment of the highest order"?... You know taking unwarented revenge against a guy that just did what he had to and also has DIED almost 2 DECADES ago (longer then some have BEEN ALIVE), against a KID who doesn't know anything about him, doesn't have ANY PART of his name and DRESSES nothing like him... Oh yes, that sounds like an "oh so important mission". Konoha should just laugh IWA right back out of the gate when they show up! Also, why does Iwa have good spies in konoha of all places (they shouldn't be able to put together the kinda pay necessary for those kind of spies), also if they have spies in konoha then KONOHA should have spies in IWA at least just as good (they kinda ARE THEIR MAIN ENEMY) (so they should know their after naruto and all the hiding and stuff for YEARS has been FOR ABSOLUTELY NOTHING)
Wolfone10 chapter 20 . 4/17/2017
Has it ever seemed strange to you that if Jiraiya or SO MANY others in the naruto series is CONSTANTLY walking around with "chakra suppression" seals, why NONE of them EVER use ANY of them on the akatsuki when they attack? OR orochimaru during the "forest of death" or the invasion. Always seemed like ANOTHER hack to always put naruto down whenever he started using the kyuubi. or any jinchuriki using their power.
Wolfone10 chapter 10 . 4/16/2017
Ok, I KNOW danzo and the third had the kids killed because they didn't want them growing up and wanting revenge, but what gets me, is out of ALL of the kids in the uchiha clan, why IN THE WORLD would they let the SON OF THE CLAN HEAD live? Isn't that the EPITOME of what they DIDN'T want to survive?
Wolfone10 chapter 9 . 4/16/2017
And now we start the "power yo-yo" right? Take him to a forbidden section, make uber strong, at least till he fights his first opponent then DROP him back down to near cannon levels then BACK up to new highs till the next opponent then BACK DOWN... *shiver* it's getting so predictable that it's lost it's amusement.
Wolfone10 chapter 8 . 4/16/2017
Actually, sarutobi's ENTIRE speech was NOTHING BUT A LIE again! Like I said a few chapters ago, the third is better at MAKING threats to the village rather then stopping them. No wonder he keeps danzo around after all these years, the two are nearly THE SAME! If he wanted to make SURE this little idea didn't come back to bite the village in the rump, he should have had sasuke killed in the hospital. I never understood why he didn't just admit he had the clan exterminated and why he did it. It would instill the kind of FEAR that he SORELY needs in his reign. Plus, it would have stopped the village from spoiling sasuke and MAYBE turned his EGO down a little bit. WINS ALL AROUND! (well except for sasuke finding out, but then again, he was going to find out ANYWAY, just when he was POWERFUL enough to be a threat to the village).(see? Monster number 5 of his making!)(orochi, Itachi, painting girl, danzo, sasuke oh and mizuki. after all who the heck lets a traitor around ALL the clan heirs when they're kids)
Wolfone10 chapter 7 . 4/16/2017
If the uchiha were "destined" to be the greatest, then how did they ALL wind up corpses in a single night? ROFL! Apparently like Negji, sasuke has "misheard" destiny.
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