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Cormag Ravenstaff chapter 6 . 12/18/2012
Oh no! What happens next!? Please update soon!
Oh, and by the way, love this fic!
blueschist chapter 6 . 2/23/2011
I know it's a little late to say it, but I honestly love this story. For some strange reason, I've always been a fan of present-day school AU scenarios. When executed well, they show the author's versatility with set characterizations, I guess. I don't know. But this is executed excellently, if I do say so myself.

I remember reading this over a year ago, and I remember liking it a lot.

J chapter 6 . 1/23/2010
When are you going to put Karel in there?
peachymomotaro chapter 6 . 11/10/2009
It's good, it's good! I like this quite a lot so far, and I'll be looking forward to any more you write.
Amesachi chapter 5 . 8/21/2009
Sain and Lucius are funny XD

This story ish awesome but I've already said that...
Amesachi chapter 1 . 8/21/2009
This story is so detailed and vivid :3 I can say for certain that I absolutely LOVE 3 it. You should be an author and publish your stories! Awesome job!(Haha I'm going to be hounding your stories, I ish obsessed now and I blame a good way)

Mea~ Keep up the AWESOME work! I ish so hyper now -_-''


I doubt there ish a lot to improve upon but that's just me :)
FireEdge chapter 5 . 8/14/2009
Wow so I'm like a year and a half behind on reading your stories (you update/write too fast!)! Time hates me T.T. Anyway, I'll just start with this, I suppose. But I'm afraid that it won't be very constructive since my brain (and limbs) are currently made of mush, I'm so tired.

The whole scene with Kent and Lynsuper duper cute and made me gush. Especially the part with Kent feigning sleep and Lyn taking off his glasses. And umm... umm... I enjoyed Sain's incoherent speech as well as Wil's epic failure at gaming. Anyway, I'm interested to see what happened to Farina and what exactly "Spaghetti. Ring. Marriage" means.
Qieru chapter 6 . 8/10/2009
Harro~ I'm here to leave my super late review~ (let's ssee if I can actually remember how to write one...)

As always, I loved reading this, hee, the characterization is so perfect for their 'modern' depictions. Rebecca is so addicted to WoW she has to go over and watch Wil play, which is just amazing. And of course Wil is so hyperactive that he tries to play WoW /and/ Wii Tennis at the same time. Poor Guy.

[Then, a moment later, his whole face darkened in a blush, and he mumbled out a, “H-Hello, Florina.”] D'aw, you have two stuttering blushers, how cute. Hehe. x3

And it's just like Wil to forget he was playing in thirty seconds.

[I’m poor, and I don’t want to end up like…him.] A perfectly valid reason to be avoiding the game.

[“Like the time you tried to go on an adventure with Dan? You packed up all your favorite things—including a cutesy little teddy bear, I remember—and made it all the way to the park in the middle of town before Dan ran back home and left you there.”

“It almost ruined our friendship,” Wil complained, making Florina smile. “We were going to go on epic adventures together! We were going to see the ocean, become pirates, look for treasure!”

“But he skinned his knee on the see-saw, instead.”] An amazing and life-threatening adventure reduced to a frolic to the park and a skinned knee. Amazing. xD

[“—Hector! He could host it! He’s rich, lives in a huge house, and I heard that the weekend after exams is the weekend his brother will be out of town on business!”] And of course WIl gets the idea that they have Hector host the party. How very fitting given that he squeezes in on characters in his supports. The question is, though. How will Hector take this surprise party? He could be amiable, or he could violently eject people from his presence.

[“S-So is Sain.” Everyone turned to stare at her, and Florina flinched. “I-I mean, uhm…”] Snce Rebecca was just talking, I'd switch it around to 'everyone turned to stare at Florina, and she flinched' to reduce confusion.

[Heath and Priscilla were both adults, and nothing she said or did would convince them that practicing making babies was not a good idea. ] *snrk* xD She'll learn sooner or later...

[His fingers prodded around at the front of the bed until they found the edge of some of her blankets, and he peeled them back, uncovering her head] Aww, and I am amazed she could fall asleep completely covered. I've never been able to do that myself, feels too stuffy and thick. But warmth is warmth for her I guess. x3

[The older man’s finger pushed against him, and he did his best to look his father in the eyes. Isaac wasn’t exactly furious, but he was angry, and Kent supposed he had every right to be.] D: Aww. Kent... It's... easy to feel how intimidating and commanding (or would it be 'demanding?,hmm, perhaps all three) his father is. The strong personality is very evident in how you write him, shown in not only his actions but how he cows Kent.

[“I can’t believe that I’ve let you turn into…into this. I thought I raised you better…”] D:

[He had loved Ellen, and he still loved Kent, but sometimes it was hard to find the affection hidden beneath all of the hurt and the anger.] I like this line...

0: Old Faithful has breathed it's last...for now. But poor Farina, stuck in the wilderness. Dx Good thing it was Jan. For a little bit I thought it might have been Legault, but Jan is a good fellow to stop and help. :D (and most people tend to forget he exists, though it's not terribly surprising given he's not a terrible explored or significant character)

[“You’re so smart. I knew there was a reason I kept you around.” Sain’s smile turned devious before he tousled his own hair and shook his head. “Fiora was furious, though, thinking I had tried to propose on the first date, and with a ring in her food that choked her, no less!”] She WOULD be furious, ahahaha. What strange luck. Poor Sain. Though... in some instances, I might not be surprised if he said something on a first date which sounded like a proposal, given his flattering speeches, hehee. x3

[“You are a magnet for trouble.”] Truer words are hard to find and in short supply.

[Sir Wallace proposed to Professor Sol—it was very creepy, by the way, and he actually called her by her real name, which I will not reveal!] A proposal by Wallace to Vaida /would/ be creepy. Goodness. Sain and Fiora might have nightmares for a while. odear.

[“So in other words, she said a few sentences, and you’re overly excited about it, thinking it means you’re really close now that she’s ‘confided’ in you?”

“…Maybe.”] Win. xD

[“Back to seduce him again?” he said dryly, sounding nothing less than annoyed. “I can’t believe he would fall for… Wait right there.”] Aw. Jumping to conclusion like that. D: And so bitter towards her too...

[She wasn’t used to being hurt by his words, by those short sentences and his straight-to-the-point approach. She took a step toward him, but didn’t know what to do when she found herself closer. After a moment, she reached out for him, her fingertips grazing the sleeve of his shirt. “Kent…” She hadn’t meant to upset him, and she wasn’t sure why he was upset with her, nor was she sure what exactly it was she had done—how exactly she had managed to offend him by showing up at his house.] Aww~ D:

[He didn’t even check to make sure that she was okay.] ;A; Kent. Wryy? You are too cruel, Kitten Kisses. It's so sad...

[Wil had introduced him to the Ding System, which pretty much annoyed the hell out of Rebecca…something that was almost as fun as annoying the hell out of Farina.] And, naturally, you follow sadness and depression with hilarity. You cruel, twisted being you. :B

[“Who knows Kent, who is a prude, but owns a truck.”] Poor Kent. Reduced to two defining features: being a prude and owning a truck. Shame she didn't actually know him herself. On second thought...if his dad knew he was going out to rescue a girl-another, different girl- bad things might happen. Dx He already thought Lyn seduced him...

[“And what are you doing, looking at my ass, Hector von Ostia?”] This is strangely and terribly amusing. xD

Ee~, good chapter. :D I liked it very much, you're doing so much with all the characters, and connecting them to each other in a slew of ways. It's totally awesome. X3

PS. I'm sorry about the plethora of cutesy noises and text emotes. Still overusing them. D (and there I go again)

Trevor X chapter 6 . 7/30/2009

Wil and Rebecca - Ramble. Yep, that's the word. They probably talk in their sleep. _

Sain... is a disaster waiting to date someone. Fiora is the unfortunate someone being dated by said disaster. Though the ring and proposal incident was clever. Search for an hour...! I'm surprised Lucius didn't die of asphyxiation from laughing too much at Sain's recounting.

Hector and Farina - yeah, Hector can manage to surprise even himself on occasion. Should be amusing, whatever happens there.

Florina is still too cute for the world. And Guy still gets flustered way too easily. Still, they might make a cute pairing, provided they actually get that far...

And "Oh Kent!" and "Oh Lyndis!". My heart bleeds for thee! Scary, scary, scary! He never wanted her to come there because he was afraid that his father would hurt her, so he hurts her himself? Though I can sort of understand, perhaps. Defying your parent is a hard thing to undertake, no matter how unreasonable they have become. So often it takes the form of just enduring the pain and walling off the outside world.

They're lucky to have one another, but this will take some time to get over. Ah geez, now you've made me cry again!

NO! Too much Kent/Lyn angst!

:P that bein' said, good luck on your inspiration for new chapters!

Mellie427 chapter 6 . 7/27/2009
New chapter! New Chapter!.*Squeals and jumps up and down full of excitement* What type of surprise do you have hidden in this chapter?Can't wait to read!

*Reads chapter*

OMG, I almost cried at the part with Kent/Lyndis and their conversation. And I have almost to never cried for a book or story. I feel bad for Kent to have a dad like that, it must suck being him(except for the part he has Lyn). I also love when Hector rubs Farina's hair, that is so funny. To me. I'm not that interested in the Florina/Guy thing, but I still read it.

I wonder what is going to be in the next chapter. Update soon!.
Ethereally chapter 5 . 7/26/2009


See, I've been... busy. And I thought that I had you on Author Alert so when I didn't get anything from you I thought you were dead or something, and I've been waiting around for ages waiting on you to write something and to UPDATE THIS STORY...

And I went on FFN, clicked on your page by mistake, and saw this.

You have just made my day. The mental image of Kent frying bacon and eggs has sent my inner fangirl into mega-super-hyper overdrive, MATTHEW AHH MATTHEW I SEE MATTHEW, Hector was... being Hector, and photoshop aksjdlfla;d; LOL!

ANYWAY. This story is going on my alerts list FOR SURE. Just to make sure that I don't pull an Ethie again.

I've been kind of fic-dry, I know But I'm working on a novel atm so yeah.
Sam chapter 5 . 7/21/2009
Yay! I was so excited to see this update. It's always a pleasure, especially when said update begins with Kent and Lyndis waking up after spending the night together. Always a very cute situation. I am really looking forward to seeing how Sain and Farina's stories progress. Poor Sain. It seems like he's finally caught a girl, but has no idea what to do with her now. Anyway, great job, and I can't wait to read on!
Mellie427 chapter 5 . 7/20/2009
I seriously loved this story. Pleaase update soon, I am so intrigued by the story. I also love the KentxLyn pairing too :D
Sardonic Kender Smile chapter 5 . 7/19/2009
[With her head on his shoulder, his cheek against her hair…] Aww, I can totally see that. Kent remembering it-he's so cute ;_;. It's so easily interpreted as a merely-friendly action, but he feels like it was genuinely affectionate, doesn't he? And, well, it totally can be. So it's cute. :P

[Well, perhaps that was not-so innocent.] There should also be a dash between "so" and "innocent", I think.

[which only dragged the tag out, so he had to tuck that in, too] BAHAHA IT'S SO ADORABLE. Also, I keep forgetting that Kent wears glasses, but every time you mention it, I'm like "OH YEAH! That makes SO MUCH SENSE!"

[“So cute…” she murmured to herself only moments before he felt her fingertips against his temples as she gently took his glasses off of his face.] You are. Killing me. I was going to make some snarky comment about how one can't really control blushing, but that line turned my brain to happy mush so YOU GET NO COMPLAINTS.

And aww...Lyn is really cute when she can't think straight xD. You did a really good job of trasmitting how it feels to be sick, though...I found myself relating to how crappy Lyn felt (like sleeping in a hoodie...yes.) and I'm hardly ever sick!

...The mental image of Hector VON OSTIA rolling around on his bed is the Greatest Thing Ever. xD

[“Afjdks;hafdksafhkda,” he said.] NICE SEMICOLON, SAIN. /absolutely DIES of laughter. Also, this: [The Shaker of Sain sounded confused.] Inside Sain's Head must be the greatest place to be. Also when he says "Blarg"..."intelligently"...and Lucius...well, I'm just rambling like an idiot, okay? Long story short: EVERYTHING IN THE SCENE WITH SAIN MADE ME LAUGH. EVERYTHING.

[Guy was sorry to see the beautiful stream of red and blue and yellow disappear.] The rainbow is gone...there's no way to "taste the rainbow" now...that's just horridly depressing. But him and the WOWing Wil and Matthew are so dynamic together~!



Fan Fan Girl chapter 5 . 7/18/2009
Oh, Manna. You do amuse me. This story has been a fun read so far. And even though college life in this story has been a little cleaner than what I've experienced in my days as poor (literally) and unfortunate student... it's refreshing. I almost wish my college were like this, with kids that respected their professors, and dorm life that was actually fun. Hahha... *bitter*

Anyways, I think what makes this story so utterly readable is that it has so much potential. It invites the reader to interact with it, to imagine the lives of the characters. You have to wonder how they all fit together in this very different environment. And it's interesting to see them develop relationships outside of a life-or-death situation. Sure, they have to worry about classes, but it's fun to watch them play computer games in their spare time. (There needs to be more epic Wil/Rebecca interaction, seriously.)

(And more HECTOR. YEAH, BABY.)
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