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vthokie90 chapter 32 . 1/29
I'm really enjoying your story and I promise to read it in its entirety. But I can't help missing Jacob's bravado. Did imprinting take it away? In "Eclipse" he kept insisting Bella loved him despite her protests. In your story he can't believe Nessie loves him no matter how many times she tells him. In E he fought for Bella, but he doesn't fight for Nessie when he thinks she's attracted to Seth. Does imprinting cause him to be so afraid that someone, even himself, will hurt her that he's paralyzed? I know your story is complete, but I can't help hoping that in the next few chapters the "Old Jake" will show himself.
vthokie90 chapter 4 . 1/27
It's 2015 and xbox is still around. I have only read 3 chapters but so far I am really enjoying your witty storytelling.
Guest chapter 83 . 1/20
Wow. Just... wow.
You wrote this almost perfect story to ruin it in its last chapters. I mean, I loved this and then you just basically shot it in the face. This chapter was - for lack of a better word - fucked up. Congratulations! You made me care for 80 something chapters just to make me hate it in the end. The irony is you ask the reader for respect when apparently you have none for either Jacob or Nessie's character. How you managed to write something so out character when you actually did really good for so long is beyond me. You tried to make it look like some kind of funky I-know-what-you-want imprint interaction but it just doesn't work. Like, at all. It doesn't translate and comes over as disturbing to say the least. If this is your idea of proper problem solving then I feel sorry for you. What a waste of what could have otherwise been some really good writing.
Cindy Klein chapter 86 . 12/29/2014
I just read this story and I love it!
I love everything,I would laugh,I would cry and I would not put my phone down for a second,that's how much I love it. Love to read more and love to see a movie about this fiction.
Alice chapter 86 . 11/30/2014
I have read all 86 chapters in a week, you have such skill and its exactly how I wanted them to be after the books ended YOU GO GIRL XOXOXO
Concerned chapter 83 . 11/3/2014
Ok, so I know you'll never read this review, and I know I'm only writing this for people like me, who read this chapter and want to know what other people think. I wish I could have reviewed sooner, when it was current.

You touched on a very controversial subject, and you're a strong writer in a lot of ways. But I can't stand the way you justified the content of this chapter, and I certainly don't believe it's in character. Moreover, I don't think you really understand what the issue at hand is in writing something like this.

Kinky sex is fine. Kinky sex is normal for many people and, when done correctly, perfectly healthy. Everybody's got a random. So for people to just straight up and down say, "ALL SPANKING IS EVIL" is a bit reaching. Certainly some women and men enjoy that, and that's ok. So long as it's something you enjoy, and you and your partner are both clear and comfortable with it.

What isn't ok, and what really upset me in this chapter, is Jacob's attitude. It's not a sexy act. It's not meant to be arousing, in the beginning. He's punishing her. He feels hurt and he punishes her, humiliates her even. And you claim it's in character, but it doesn't even make sense in the confines of your own fanfiction. Didn't he just explain to Nessie how Billy handled punishing his own children? He would go and cool off. Jake never did that. Jake never waited, took a breather, came back with a more rational mind.

When Jake spanks Nessie, all it is telling your readers is that Jacob knows better. Jacob calls the shots. Nessie can say yes or no, but ultimately she does what Jacob needs her to do. The fact that you call it consensual and have her utterly terrified and speechless (and crying and apologizing in guilt over doing literally nothing wrong) is beyond upsetting. It's insulting to the quality of your story, and it's offensive to all those who practice BDSM and now get a bad rap for it, because of misrepresentation like this. By all means, write what you want and live how you like. But please don't try to justify something like this to me. Don't try and call this healthy.
Drunken Hamster chapter 18 . 10/16/2014
OMG i am so glad i decided to read a longer story again(especially after 2 longies i got bored with). so much emotion, i couldn't help but sing the chorus to "Adele - Set Fire To The Rain" in my head as Nessie and Jake kissed this chapter, i was able to visualize it like a movie, i almost cried(man i sound like a pussy, i mean i'm a DUDE for chist sake). i even played the song.

Also i'd like to congratulate you, on writing the second story that has made me post a review, and writing the first that has made me create an account to have a review that can be replied to. oh that reminds me, time to go claim my first review and start adding the other 38 Fics I've read to my favs list (SRSLY, all 38 or so twilight fan fics) Congrats! :D
willow.tribe chapter 1 . 10/15/2014
God bless you. After reading crap for the past hour, I have found a decent writer! I usually don't insult others but my goodness! The giddy highschool stories are annoying!
Jennifer chapter 83 . 10/14/2014
I did not like this chapter either. Sorry :(
This chapter really seems too much like "50 shades". Also, if the spanking is not meant to be abbusive that should probably be explained a little better. It just seems really out of character for Jake the way Stephanie wrote him in this and the previous chapter where this occurs. But I respect that it's your daydream that you are sharing with us. So I get why you wanted in. So far really liking it, which is why I don't post often- too busy reading.

...just one more thing- kinda creeps me out when Jake calls her "momma" :)
Guest chapter 3 . 10/11/2014
Really enjoying this. I have been wanting to write something similar but now I don't have to! You're right this is a story that has to come out!
Guest chapter 1 . 10/11/2014
It was difficult for me to understand who was running at first. I thought it was Jacob. I had to go back and re-read to piece together that it was Nessie. You may want to put further description here for dummies like me :)
Guest chapter 1 . 8/27/2014
I love Hands on Me, its tha perf story, amazingly amazing, but you said that there would be a sequel. I have been searching your page for the sequel but i cant find it. Did you write one? If not :( so sad, if you did and your reading this can you plz reply? Your probably not seeing this because its 2014 and you got this up in 2009? 2010 was it?, also i saw that there's Jacob's version to this story but i don't get why you would have that and not the sequel. I'm probably getting it all wrong anyway, but still, i need that sequel ! kudos
marie chapter 86 . 7/22/2014
omg sooooooo good
Guest chapter 86 . 7/17/2014
booknerdgirl182 chapter 11 . 7/5/2014
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