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Reader chapter 34 . 8/20/2021
I've always been a Sookie/Eric shipper, but I'm rather confounded to be honest with hypocritical comments regarding Sookie's decision to break up with him. Or complaints about how CH ended the books. I mean... aren't they still the main couple of the entire book series? I know most of the fanbase ships Sookie/Eric (or so I've heared) but goodness calm it down sometimes. There's an integral difference between writing contrustive criticism of a book or simply disliking it because your favourite ship wasn't painted as the best of the best all the gosh darn time.

I get that in most romance stories the main duo always lives happily ever after no matter what (not risking to upset their readers), but SVM was not one of them. There are also thousands of fanfics where Eric is glorified and seen as the best shit since toilet paper and Sookie worships the ground he walks on and wants to be him for whatever reason. But that's just pandering, it's OOC and it's not how CH portrayed Sookie or her love life (Quinn, Alcide, Bill etc...). So why Eric’s bad behavior, the fact that his solution was Sookie to become just his mistress, not to mention all the obvious problems in human/vampire relationships - that was one of the main themes of SVM - should be swept under the rug by CH just to get a cliche "happy" ending?

After rereading the books, one can clearly see all the implications of why Eric was never a good option for Sookie in a long run. She never wanted to be a vampire. I think "A Fate Worse Than Death" by peppermintyrose lays it out there as to why that is just the way it has to be because the alternatives were worse. Don't get me wrong, I always ship Sookie/Eric, but was still happy that she ended up with Sam. As Eric said in the chapter 34: "Unlike Bill, who seemed to be in love with the idea of loving Sookie, Sam actually loved her."

Kudos to the author on this great story though. Keep it up and thanks for giving Sookie/Eric some love.
kleannhouse chapter 63 . 8/5/2021
I loved EPOV and you did a great job, I hated where CH took this story and made all the wrong moves with Eric and Sookie. I wish she used the CD on Eric and her and not wasted it on Sam and his stupidity. Like Niall said he was being pragmatic about telling Eric and Sookie was being an idiot. She knew he loved her and she back but that did not matter to her in the end. Nothing she did after the bond breaking made much sense. Just her own selfishness and this led to the happening of the last book. thanks for sharing what you did. KY
Janella chapter 1 . 3/21/2021
This was my favourite fanfic years ago back in high school and I read it along with the books. Whenever I finished a one Sookie book, I would then come to read this story to get Erics perspective. It was always really hard to not read this fic further and not to be spoiled from what happens in the next book. :D But for some reason I never wrote a review. So I want to say that thank you so much for writing this! I cant even imagine just how much time, work and effort you have put in this story. It's truly admirable.

This story and "Dossier" by peppermintyrose are the best stories that Ive seen written from Eric's pov. Not only this story give us an insight to Eric's world, it also really gave me a better understanding about the books overall and this story makes the books so much better and so many silly things in them make much more sense now! Seriously, fantastic job! I know you haven't updated for a while now, but hopefully you will some day rekindle your passion for this story, I'm sure it would make so many people happy and the books have ended, I feel Eric's story needs a proper ending as well. If not, we are all very happy with these 63 chapters you have shared with us. Best wishes! :)
Janella chapter 63 . 3/21/2021
I'm a huge Sookie/Eric fan, but I'm still part of a small minority that thinks that it was a good choice from Charlaine Harris not to make them to be the end game, avoiding one of the biggest cliches of the romance genre. Besides, Sookie not choosing Eric makes sense narratively and is the best outcome for her. Through the books it has been clear she would not have never been completely happy or satisfied with a vampire. And she definitely didn't want to be turned - which realistically was the only option for her and Eric to be together on the long run.

Also, while they could have been written better, it's often completely ignored that Eric was a complete douche to her in the last two books. This behavior is overlooked by most fans because "oh he was just forced to marry Freyda and Sookie should be more understandable". But it doesn't mean that Sookie has to suffer because of it. Ultimately, it's his problem, not hers. And Eric was also entitled and didn't think what was best fir her; he clearly expected Sookie to just forget her own life and follow him to be his mistress. Sookie had every right to feel upset and break up with Eric. If she didn't, Charlaine Harris would have fallen to the trap that most romance authors do - justifying the hero's actions far too much, and give him consequences for nothing real.

Some fans have said that Sookie should just love Eric, and forget about thinking. I know they love the pair together. But I'm sure if you replace "Eric" with "Bill", you'd see how very loathsome and unhealthy that idea is - past actions and current circumstances are all, not just love. Sookie is a smart woman, ans she always knew it with Bill, Alcide and Quinn. And she sure as hell knows it with Eric as well.

Moreover, what many fans seem to forget that Eric will always love Sookie, but he CAN live without her. His world doesn't revolve around her to the point of patheticness and/or co-dependence. He's always been really independent and never needed a woman (a refreshing change from his trope) which is what I love about him. Even in the show, while it is implied he continue to look after Sookie from afar, he lets her move on with her life and he moves on as well. The same goes for Sookie, at the end of the last book she even states that she will be okay if she and Sam will not work out. And it's not like choosing Sam makes all she had with Eric less meaningful.

And the books were not meant to be a sappy story about Romeo and Juliet, they were portraying real life, and this is what happens in the grown-up world; people hook up, they have sex, and then they say goodbye. Theres nothing wrong with telling a story about it. Besides while Sookie and Eric were a main couple in the books, why does it matter whether they are the end game or not? The whole anguish over choosing a boyfriend being your driving story factor is Twilight territory. The books were more than that - First and foremost, it was Sookie's journey to accept herself for who she is and find happiness and peace. We should all be "Team Sookie".
pascal77ks chapter 63 . 2/16/2021
I really adored your story, especially with the point of view of Eric I would still have liked that you continue it, thank you very much in any case for the sharing karine
levityoflonging chapter 10 . 12/19/2020
The part where they fed her Tru Blood in the book confused me. If a human drank blood, wouldn't it just go down to your stomach to be digested? I don't think it would be an effective treatment for human blood loss.
PumpkinFlower32 chapter 63 . 2/6/2020
I loved reading this! Reading from Eric's perspective made the whole narrative for the series better than from Sookies perspective in the original. Like others, i was hugely disappointed by the way CH decided to end things. What was the point of all those books developing the relationship between Sookie and Eric if she was going to end it like that?
Thank you for this wonderful read, it reminded me why i enjoyed reading this series originally, but i much preferred your ending
lzdiva4 chapter 63 . 9/30/2019
Loved your interpretation of what Eric was thinking as the story unfolded. Wish you had been able to continue on to the end, but can understand why the canon story would not have been inspirational.
tia beel chapter 1 . 2/13/2019
why did sookie make a deal with eric
tia beel chapter 1 . 2/13/2019
i watched trueblood on dvd i like the show because it has werewolves fairies demons and vampires the two chacters i love in trueblood are eric sookie and pam
Greeneve chapter 63 . 1/6/2019
I’m happy this ended here, with hope.
I was so disappointed and heart broken about how CH ended things and the apathetic plot to get there.
Here I am 10 years later still looking for our happily ever after. 1000yrs of Eric wouldn’t be enough!
TeamEricNSookie chapter 63 . 11/21/2018
Thank you, this was well written and I enjoyed the read. In the beginning, I was reluctant to read it because I knew it was not complete but decided since I already know the whole story I would be okay with it... I AM NOT! I love your perspective and would have loved to hear what Eric thought when Sookie used the cluviel dor.
wshakes chapter 1 . 10/25/2018
Really sad this was left without an ending please consider writing a final chapter or epilogue for your devoted readers this is too good
To be left undone
Jazz chapter 63 . 9/4/2018
Well it just took me two days to read all of this and it was soo worth it. I know you haven't posted a new chapter in years and I doubt you'll update again, I just want to let you know that I loved this book and you're writing, no character was OOC, the insight to Eric's thoughts were amazing, and I loved reading sookie and Eric's journey from a different point of view.

Loved this, I hope you keep creating more amazing projects.
padfoots-angellover chapter 63 . 9/3/2018
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