Reviews for Choices
Mister Buch chapter 1 . 2/27/2009
I like the romantic, idealist natue of Shepard - it fits nicely with a paragon character in the game, and you make good use of imagery too - the Reds returning from robberies like rats and the 'steel jungle'. Your interpretation fo Earth sounds interesting - I want to know about the 'wasteland' in particular. That's creative and interesting.

My criticism is that the grammar and very occasionally spelling are sometimes off, mainly in the first story rather than this one. Both would be better with a little polish, but I like the style and the story. Jasper is a nice touch too. Oh and the part with Frankenstein and Robinson Crusoe was good!

One other thing - in the game I'm sure Shepard tells Finch that she doesn't remember him, so it seems hard to beleive they had sucha close relationship as this. Unless she's lying I suppose.

I hope those cricisms are constructive. I like the story and particularly the imagery.