Reviews for Ashes to Ashes
AncientDoom chapter 34 . 2/8
Its been 3 years. This is good. It deserves solid completion.
Chise Sakamoto chapter 34 . 1/30
Beautiful! Zuko and Jin should join Aang with momo
Krusher chapter 34 . 1/12
Sooooooo... Are you dead or something?
Krusher chapter 22 . 1/11
Yeah, Katara is pretty much a bitch in season 3. Don't worry you totally have her in character.
NoGutsNoGlory chapter 34 . 1/6
It's a shame you discontinued this one, it had a lot of heart.
Hivedragon chapter 34 . 12/23/2015
I really do hope that you will pick up this story again its one of mine favorites.
Anonymous chapter 34 . 10/22/2015
You should stop making promises you can't keep. Anyway, loved the story and would like to see it completed one day.
cj1of4 chapter 8 . 10/16/2015
Now shame on both Zuko and Jin, Kiss and make up already!
cj1of4 chapter 7 . 10/16/2015
I've always loved Zuko's blue spirit persona, and Zuko is my favorite character in the later season of Avatar. Sadly before that he can be an aghasty brat. Hurry up and grow into your bad-A awesome self Zuko!
cj1of4 chapter 5 . 10/16/2015
Bad Jin, be nice to the emotionally damaged fire prince... Didn't I make a similar, but opposite review a few chapters ago?
cj1of4 chapter 3 . 10/16/2015
Bad Zuko, don't hurt the poor girl's feelings. She is only trying to help.
cj1of4 chapter 1 . 10/16/2015
Jin is such a little used character in Fanfiction and she made such a cute couple for Zuko.
Totally Spazz-tastic chapter 34 . 10/9/2015
very soon...heh...after 3 years. Promise breaker.

still, love this fic! I love your version of Ursa and Zuko's reunion. A lot of people just have him just overjoyed to see her, with little to no resentment in their relationship. I love that your Zuko is especially angry and hurt; not only is he emotionally vulnerable, he's been struggling against being abandoned by everyone he loves. And finding one safe and sound and happy without him there breaks his heart.

It's very normal that some part of his brain would blame Ursa for Ozai's escalated abuse following her disappearance.

You've done a great job with inner turmoil, despair, and trust issues that plague our beloved Angsty Prince; and you've done so without totally neutering him in the process. He's prideful; and even at the most broken he still clings to some kind of dignity,

JinKo has so much great potential for fanfic; we know so little about her for certain that we can make her epic or a footnote.
Two-Stomach chapter 10 . 7/9/2015
I'm dying, your end AN is fucking hilarious
Yea it did suck
Guest chapter 17 . 6/3/2015
fuck you :'( only kidding tho :'( :'(
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