Reviews for The Vampire in the Basement
BellaTesoro chapter 32 . 10/6
I wanted more of their love to shine through and have them explore their sexuality and other human/vampire life and love experiences. I guess I have to let my imagination do it for me. I did enjoy this story and I'm grateful that you've kept it here so readers like myself can find it and be entertained my your writing skill. I hope you are still writing and hope that you would return to the fan fiction...
Thank you!
BellaTesoro chapter 31 . 10/6
I think some of the details about the who what and where of all this went over my head but I got the important details. The only thing I didn't like was Bella's short note. After all this that's all she gives Charlie? She ran away with her 17 year old boyfriend, someone she hasn't even had sex with? What about her mother? I think some other ending for her human loved ones would have been more Bella and Carlisle to just let poor Charlie suffer like that was awful. Another thing missing from this otherwise wonderful story is more romance between Edward and Bella. I wanted to see more of what made their connection so raw and unconditional that they'd suffer for the other as they did and why Edward was so attracted to her...Maybe the epi will have some of that.
BellaTesoro chapter 30 . 10/6
OMG what drama in that burning facility. I wonder who's going to get Edward out? I love how Carlisle turned into a fierce dad and of course vampire newborn Bella going toward her vampire...I can't believe this only has two more chapters!
BellaTesoro chapter 29 . 10/6
I hope this gets resolved soon because it's getting to me. And now that the end is here we don't even have time for a beautiful HEA it looks like.
So Alice messed up? And now Carlisle is going against Aro's rule of law? Aro warned him that this won't end well for him if he interferes. So much drama...
How are they ever going to explain this to Charlie? He knows just enough to know the Cullen's are hiding something big...
BellaTesoro chapter 28 . 10/6
Once they left, the Cullens could have gone after them, since they don't have Bella hindering them at that point. Yes Emmett couldn't fight them while they held a gun to her head but once she was out of the picture they could go after him and fight off the humans. I hope that's just what happens next.
Going back to when Bella researched at the police station and she asked Charlie if Garrett was the one who came looking for her and he helped her reluctently but he did they her go with all the information he could gather, why would he let something this dangerous just go without further fatherly and most importantly Chief Swan investigating what's going on with his daughter. He gave in much too easily to what was a serious issue in his daughters life.
BellaTesoro chapter 27 . 10/6
How could Charlie have forgotten something as odd and serious as the man who came to his door at 5:00a.m with a need to see and warn his teenage daughter? I would think that would have been the first thing out of his mouth when he went in search of his missing daughter. But it was rather dramatic to piece this together after the fact. And it was immediate to me that the man Charlie described was the man Edward told about being their with him when he was left in the woods, why would Edward hesitate to make that conclusion right away?
Anyway, I can't believe this is all going to conclude in only five more chapters.
BellaTesoro chapter 26 . 10/6
Although Charlie had a point about being disappointed and worried about his daughter leaving her bed in the middle of the night etc I think at 18 even a parent has to realize that they now have an adult and taking away some material things they pay for is understandable to do but to take away her complete freedom from leaving her room is taking away her rights. You can't have it both ways in my opinion, either 18 year olds have rights or they don't. Now a parent can kick them out if they want but it's unreasonable.
BellaTesoro chapter 25 . 10/5
Aro's suggestion to put in a GPS into Edward was a good idea. I don't trust him though. If someone knows of the Cullens they would know of Alice's gift so maybe one of the vampires who know them is involved.
BellaTesoro chapter 24 . 10/5
Who is Carlisle calling? The hunt was rather disgusting, so I agree with Edward. But he did it.
BellaTesoro chapter 23 . 10/5
When did Alice have this scary vision of not being able to help Edward? Was it before she picked Bella up in the middle of the night after Bella's nightmare or was it after? I'm getting the timeline a little confused, I guess it doesn't matter. I hope they can piece all these fragments together to be prepared for 'when they come for Edward"
I'm also curious about Tanya and why they put the vampire they came across similar to Edward, why did they put her out of her misery, meaning they killed her. Why not do what the Cullen's did and at least try. Someone knows of these two vampire clans to have left them nearby so they would be found. I have to think some vampires are also involved.
BellaTesoro chapter 22 . 10/5
This chapter was rather graphic but Edward needed to get it out. I wish he'd have shared this with Carlisle when they had their chat. I was really mad at Bella for taking the wrist band and using it to get Edward to relive all that abuse but I suppose it needed to be done, still, he's had most all his life manipulated and I wish they'd stop doing that even now. I'm curious how the wrist band could have had the bar codes on them since he said that the band was put on early in his capture. It seems this place he was held and the people working there had some very modern equipment. How does that happen?
BellaTesoro chapter 21 . 10/5
It amazes me how easily Bella was ok with being turned and leaving her human life behind, for Edward. And they haven't even gotten to 'second base' lol. Their walks outside by the river are always pleasant to read. I do want to hear more from Edward about, everything. I can't imagine that he's ready for a forever relationship with anyone even his Bella the way he's still so broken, so for Bella to change for him and because she wants forever with him seems premature.
BellaTesoro chapter 20 . 10/5
Bella's and Edward's sweet first kiss balanced off Edward's retelling of what he felt when Aro and Jane made contact with him. That was very hard to read. What was Aro doing exactly? It sounded like he already knew Edward could mind read and wanted to trip him up? I'm a little confused about Jane too and Edward's perceptions of that event. I wonder did Edward tell Carlisle all he told Bella about that encounter?
BellaTesoro chapter 19 . 10/5
How did Aro hear that the Cullens had Edward? His visited was very scary. His retelling, to Carlisle, of what he saw in Edward's past was chilling. At least Aro was of the mind to hunt down those that would do this to vampires. I can't wait to find out who or what organization had this undercover experimentation with vampires all these years.
kcali chapter 32 . 10/5
This story gave me increased anxiety for the past 3 or so days I've been reading it but I will tell you that it was friggin good. I was hooked. I wish there were more. I wish there was more to Rosalie. But if anyone is reading this in gauge to see if you should... YOU SHOULD.
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