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elenalena chapter 13 . 3/9/2013
Hahaha you mean there are some readers who were surprised that Bella's vampire was Edward? LOL! I'm so glad to see him opening up to Bella!
elenalena chapter 12 . 3/9/2013
Awwwww! Lovely chapter!
elenalena chapter 5 . 3/9/2013
Love this!
elenalena chapter 2 . 3/9/2013
Wow I love how this is starting! I wonder what "He" is thinking/feeling...
Sian xxxnxxx chapter 32 . 3/8/2013
This has got to be one of the best stories I have read, I must admit I have mostly been reading a/h fic's lately but I am so glad that I found and read this, I could get enough of this story and found it hard to put it
Renee Aubin chapter 26 . 3/5/2013
‘…my last glimpse of Edward being that crooked, quirky smile.’ Charming.

Thank you for this realistic look at the father-daughter relationship. Very well done from both sides. And not just for how you drew their connection – there was as much suspense / tension in this interaction as in any confrontation involving the supernatural beings.

Some favorite bits:

‘The lack of answer told me one of two things: Either Charlie was so infuriated that he could not yet respond, or he'd had a heart attack when I walked in the door alive.
That was one coin I didn't want to flip.’

‘…a parent who'd sent countless text messages and phone calls to his daughter over the past several hours, probably on the verge of filing a missing person's report, when she walked in the door unscathed.’ Poor Charlie!

“…maybe you were wrong to come here." Oh no!

‘"What happened to you?" His voice was a sigh, dejected and deflated.’ It’s interesting to speculate how Bella must have changed when the Cullens first came into her life. Surely Charlie saw a difference, but maybe he was so dazzled (huh) by the family taking an interest in her…

‘I hadn't actually considered telling Charlie I needed to leave [to be with Edward
the night before].’ It’s hard to imagine that going at all well.

‘"What's your last condition?" I asked, the panic rising in my chest once more.
"I want to meet him."’ Oh, boy.

I had a chuckle at the picture of Bella crouching next to her window holding her 3rd grade spelling bee trophy to defend herself against mad scientists or creatures of the night.

Oh how fun, Edward overcoming all his demons enough to come to her. ‘As soon as both of his feet were planted on the floor of my bedroom, I tackle-hugged him, throwing all of my weight into his arms.’ Aww. He didn’t take the separation any better than she did: "I've been sort of useless this past week." And then it turns out he’s been visiting every night! What a a relief to be together again.

An interesting mystery … ‘It was weird, seeing this hundred year old document and knowing that it was during his childhood’. Definitely weird.
And then the hypodermic mark on his grandmother’s chest and the “blood eating virus”. Sure does sound like venom… Oh my goodness, the final report on his grandfather’s condition at age 88. “Inject me” – shiver!
Renee Aubin chapter 25 . 2/28/2013
Excellent characterization of Aro, by Carlisle: ‘I've always found that to be the most difficult part of dealing with him, and this particular conversation was no exception. Because he truly did not, nor would he ever, care what happened to Edward, to my family, or to me.’ Creep! And then OMG: “Marcus has challenged Jane to a baby-eating contest…” A way to yank Carlisle’s chain.

Actually a tracking device is not a bad idea – except that Aro doesn’t think of it as a way of making rescue possible. Interesting perspective, though: ‘For a human being to control one vampire, just a single one, his power would become limitless.’

Loved this little snippet: “I'd bet Caius' life that…” It doesn’t even matter on what! I wonder if Caius has ever heard a thought like this…snicker.

Enjoyed Bella’s thoughts: ‘…blood-soaked Edward was the sexiest Edward I'd seen yet.’
And ‘He was so much stronger. The way moved, the way he breathed, the way his watchful eyes scanned everything around us. It all came naturally now, like he had found himself in that doe, or at least a part of him that had been lost for decades.’ Yaay!

"You make it better. For me." Sigh, that’s all she ever wanted.

Amusing, the Cullens’ reaction when Bella turns up after Edward’s hunt, all messy with Edward’s deer blood.

Bella: ‘I could see in the way [Carlisle] fidgeted that he was trying to harness his curiosity. The questions beneath those ancient eyes were infinite, I realized, and it took him an exorbitant amount of self control to keep them from flying out.’ Very nicely said.

Excellent: ‘I could pinpoint exactly when [Alice] made the decision to be straight with me, because her face took on a new edge, one that said, this sucks, but you asked for it.’ It's wonderful to see Bella treated as an adult, and as an equal in the ways that she can be one.

‘…we retreated into the only sanctuary that my vampire had ever known.’ Heartclench, of course.
Avid Reader12 chapter 32 . 2/24/2013
Loved your story. Thank you for preserving through real life issues till the end. My favorite line is "It's as though this piano is linked to the inside of his soul, as he effortlessly composes whatever feelings are in his heart." Reminds me of Twilight when Edward composes Bella's lullaby.
You have written a beautiful story and I hope you will continue to make your lovely ideas into stories we want to devour!
Ps: would have loved to read about the consummation of their love
LovelyFusion chapter 12 . 2/23/2013
Awww that was cute and really emotional when he spoke, especially what he said. Aw yay makes me happy hehe.
LovelyFusion chapter 4 . 2/21/2013
I do like this story but I think Bella's reactions are overly-dramatic. Yeah seeing someone in that state would be horrifying but she's risking her life by being around him and she doesn't even care? She's crying uncontrollably and is inconsolable despite that Carlisle is HELPING him. I don't know. What Edward (I assume it's Edward) has been through seems terrible and we don't know any specifics but I think Bella is being too dramatic and unrealistic. Sorry if this is offensive, just my opinion.
HeartRobward chapter 4 . 2/19/2013
Did Bellaand Edward imprint? Can he only read her mind? I willbe up allnight reading thenext 30 chapters :)
HeartRobward chapter 2 . 2/19/2013
I love this story! I can see I is going to be different! Thank you :)
Renee Aubin chapter 24 . 2/18/2013
Oh my gosh, every chapter is so harrowing now. I so treasure the occasional light moments.

Like this one: Bella sneaking a peek out the bathroom door while Edward changes his boxers. And this was fun: ‘His smile had a new coyness to it, like we were the only two people in on a huge secret, and maybe we were.’

I like how you keep putting in the details that remind us how different the human and the vampire are: ‘I pulled up and he let me.’ If he hadn’t let her, she wasn’t going anywhere.

It just makes me want to cry that he has no choice but to share all of Alice’s horrific visions of his future. A case where ignorance might actually be bliss. It’s almost worse that he stays so composed, as if he always knew the worst was inevitable.

‘I wanted to shake her. And Jasper. And Edward. Eventually they'd have to let me in on whatever was going on…’ So frustrating. Enjoyed her tantrum – she’s got to let off steam somehow. Oops, Carlisle heard her. But he says "We have no right to keep things from her.” – yaay.

Oh, good girl! ‘Edward was stronger than me in every way. Screw that. I could do better than falling to pieces at the first sign of trouble. I would do better. For him, I would find a way.’

Wow, interesting that Carlisle focuses on Edward needing to eat to be as strong as possible. Makes sense.

Another instance of loving the long-established relationships between Bella and the other Cullens: ‘My focus immediately went to Alice, as it almost always did when funny business was going down at the mansion. Sure enough, she was lost in another vision…’

Heartbreaking to think of what he must have seen in her vision: ‘He stumbled toward the side door, using the wall for guidance and support… Edward was leaning against the siding, arms wrapped protectively around his torso, a distant shiver running through his body.’

They both really needed that run, even if it just for a moment gave them the illusion of escape.

Good answer, Bella:
‘"It seems like [the visions] are getting worse," he said solemnly with a shrug.
"Then I guess it's a good thing that we're going to change it."’

She has an excellent argument this time for the “change me” rant. It's sooo weird to think that this Edward wouldn't even know how to do that.

Loved the scene where the human talks the vampire through what she knows about hunting. ‘And if Edward was a willing participant, it'd be a cold day in Hell when I held him back.’ Can you tell how much I love your Bella? "Just don't eat me, okay?"

I can’t believe he still manages little smiles in the midst of this … awfulness. I imagine having Bella there helped lighten the experience. Poor guy, he has to get past the gagging several times, but he doesn’t give up.

What a relief that he manages to pull it off!
Pixie's Mama chapter 32 . 2/8/2013
Ummm... How did the Cullens get Edward out of his cell?
Renee Aubin chapter 23 . 2/6/2013
Oh no, Bella starts having nightmares where “they” have Edward. Shudder.

Shaking my head over the direction dinner with Charlie took. Bella really was brave to even admit it had anything to do with “a boy”. Aww, how sad: ‘As much as I wished it was different, I knew implicitly that there was no way my dad would ever meet my vampire. None.’

Well, she’s being realistic: ‘If they had captured Edward and all of those other vampires, of course they could capture the Cullens too.’ No wonder she has nightmares.

The scene where Bella is soaking wet and cold, and wants to take a shower with Edward but can’t decide whether he even understands her intent … so amusing. ‘I wish I could say it felt sexy, or at the very least comfortable, but I, Bella Swan, do not make a habit out of showering with boys, and it was definitely awkward.’ Wonderful. And the way it turned out: ‘We stood there, our eyes closed and our lips just centimeters apart, his arms wrapped around my shoulders and my fingers trailing up and down his back. And I truly think it was probably the best moment of my entire life.’ Aww.

Oh, I didn’t even think about vampire hearing – all of them heard when Edward told Bella his story! In a way that’s a great thing, because he never has to repeat it. On the other hand, every time someone thinks about it in his presence…

Wow – the Denalis found a vampire in a similar condition, but didn’t have anyone who could make a connection with her. And eventually ‘the sisters put an end to the vampire's suffering.’ Shudder. Is it a coincidence that she was left near another vegetarian coven? Or is it just a permanent settlement?

This is a good point: Alice distracts her mind with nonsense to hide her thoughts from Edward, but while ‘It seemed to work, to an extent, although it hampered her ability to interact with us.’ It sure would.

Excellent interaction between Jasper and Alice, trying to help her cope with a vision that was terrifying her. I feel so bad for both of them when he urges her to keep looking, but "I can't look, Jasper. I don't want to know. I don't want to know what they're going to do to him!" Of course she doesn’t - what a dilemma.

I’m so glad I’m reading it (this time) when the whole story is finished. I might chew my nails off anyway!
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