Reviews for Drunk Daddy
The Scarlet Sky chapter 1 . 2/27/2009
Sugar, how do you do it? Really. How do you, time and time again, post these amazing stories that never seem rushed at all and are so many varying genres it's staggering? You are the most prolific writer here! I'm so jealous of your quality/quantity equilibrium, I swear. XD

I loved the persona you gave Dan. Brusque, real, no-holds-barred. You didn't sugarcoat it all, which I found the beauty in this piece: how jarring his thoughts were, how brutally honest. And your song didn't even feel like a song, but a poem-seamlessly tying the scenes together.

The best part is you're such a sweet person, and you can still nail the most screwed-up voice with ease. Anyone can write themself, but to convincingly write someone else? That's talent.

Major props.