Reviews for Beg Me
Dreamer Forever Ni chapter 1 . 3/11/2011
Ooooh, I cannot believe I didn't see this story! Finally, more of Light and Hotaru with their dark relationship. You're making me fall for LightXHotaru, stop that at once.
the point chapter 1 . 8/9/2010
Wow. That was just simply... wow. I half expected Hotaru to go Sailor Saturn on everyone's ass and slice and dice through a shinigami or two... but that this was good too. ;P I like how Light fluctuates between possessive and love, and how in the end he confesses that he loves her, but she's not there so it's bittersweet. For some reason, this couple makes sense - you wrote them really well. Thank you for that angsty read. :) Hope you start writing again!
Kazi-Kun chapter 1 . 3/4/2009
Kazi-kun likey! You've inspired me! I gotta write a LightHotaru fic as well now!

Oh, check out NukeMyWaffle. I usually foward her your FF.N alerts via e-mail!
Moi Fah chapter 1 . 3/1/2009
Oh, I've been having a rough weekend and barely had any time to pop in and review. I've been trying to upload the same drabble for about two weeks now (due to techinal glitches and other things).

Okay, enough rambling and onto the review!

Cards on the table, I'm sucker for Hotaru-inserted-into-the-DeathNote-plot-and-timeline stories. I really get to thinking everytime I read the manga what it would be like if she was there, and what difference the addition of another character would make. Just as in my short story (An Afternoon Snack), you portrayed Light/Raito as an insane, sociopath which, he basically is, but only one who wears a good, tight mask. You made it easy to see that sometimes love can't always outweigh insanity or ignorance, and I liked that a lot.

It was also a nice change to see someone not favor L too much and convey both sides of the argument (even if they were from Hotaru's point of view). You made good, logical points throughout the story and the character interactions were fun and suspenseful.

The only real problem I had with the story was about mid-way where Light/Raito returns to Hotaru with his memories. The way Hotaru's sentence (“Ryuuzaki still had the camera’s up, you know.” She reminded him as he smirked.) is worded leads me to believe that the cameras are indeed still up in her room and running, and that Ryuuzaki might be watching them. Now, even if Light's response (“L is soon not going to be here.” His lips were right by her ear now.) had been whispered, when Ryuuzaki installs the cameras, he also installs bugs/microphone types to pick up sounds. And let's face it, if Hotaru mentions that in broad daylight, even with previous knowledge of the cameras, it might imply that she or Light/Raito or even both of them might be plotting something. And I can't really see Light/Raito saying something like that seems too much like he's shooting himself in the foot. Also (shakes finger), that grammer is trippin' you up's supposed to be bad-luck magnet instead of magnate, right?
Sesshy's Mistress chapter 1 . 3/1/2009
I really love your stories. Hataru is my second fave senshi :) Usagi is the first, however. I think they make great close friends in stories as well. Your story is great and it was the perfect length. I just wish you'd write a Usagi one with light and/or L . I can't decide between the two. You are the best Death Note writer on here that I've seen and I think you could do it "Justice". Hehe, sorry, couldn't resist adding that :) Anyway, great story