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Yincira chapter 12 . 7/31/2017
Nice to see both Fuku being creepy and Michal entering the story, and Rihito in low key protective mode over Michal.
Yincira chapter 11 . 7/25/2017
The historical tale came across a little awkward, my initial impression was that it wasn't quite honest. The emperor declares war over a refused audience and what might've been just the middle of a terraforming project cause the aliens got different needs, with nothing having spread outside the lands apparently. But then he got new information that justified it. Might've flowed better if the attack happened before the declaration of war.

Seira being able to absorb power too is a nifty concept, since Michel's compatible with that kind of power. Not so obvious the characters would've have thought of it on their own since they got no wings, but it made instant sense once it happened.
Waterlinkedgirl chapter 18 . 4/2/2017

It was the original emperor! *did not expect* xD I must say you're making a really nice contrast between the emotional Michel and more serene Emperor!
That last scene really had a lot of movie value in it, I could almost see it happening.

It's time for the mermaid princesses to take up their voices against a new enemy o

Sorry for not leaving a review earlier, even though I really wanted to, test week drained me of my time and willpower. I'm really looking forward to what's going to happen next, and I always feel kinda blessed when you update, it just makes me really happy x3
waterlinkedgirl chapter 17 . 3/20/2017
Looks like you're not the only busy one xd

This chapter unexpectedly made the story pick up a really quick pace. I had expected the assimilation of memory orbs to go a little more gradually (because of the angst potential xD)

Our dearest copy Michel is bitter as always, isn't he? Arella was surprisingly cute back then.

I wonder what they're gonna do w with Michel X3
Waterlinkedgirl chapter 16 . 3/6/2017
Another update! A long chapter! Aaaaaaaaa!

Amazingly, I recognised the lyrics (even though I can't speak Italian, though I had Latin)! It really feels like a first season mermaid melody song, too, so Coco's comment is completely justified.
You did well on the cleaning up! I also don't really think the Italian dub, while overwhelmingly great in comparison to others, actually counted on making the second season. The second just fundamentally is less popular than the first. I think that's why they didn't change the songs.

I am actually surprised the Soul Pains haven't started yet.
Michel trying to still his hunger is a lot like trying to quench your thirst if you have a throatache. It might help temporarily but it won't exactly get rid of the cause~
The non-pickyness of the food choice was a nice subtle detail!

Makes me a bit worried for the days to come :3
Looking foward to the next chapter :3333

I feel like the inbetweens on the song were really nicely timed!
Hudrun just loves to fling people over his shoulders, doesn't he?

I feel that Arella became a lot better of a character since you've started writing this story :)
Still a bit wary of Fuku tho.
Waterlinkedgirl chapter 15 . 3/2/2017

I really like the development of things!
Noel is many a fan favourite, and she was really, *really* pushed back (even more so in the anime). After the deal with Karen, we barely got to see our glasses-wearing princess again, so I'm glad she takes on a more important role in here :
I also read Enemies (several times and more, new content has been scarce since forever and I definitely do not mind reading it again) so shoutout landed X3

Sara watching over Seira, like the great unofficial official mom she is. It's nice to see that side of her.

I'm glad I could see the effects of the power transfer. Some series tend to overlook the repercussions of those, but I felt like you handled it well.

Also, it's really neat how Fuku can talk to other birds! Usually, animals are able to feel when bad things are going to happen, so its nicely significant.

Also, some development around Arella! Also nice! Though it wasn't written out how Michel got a hold of her staff, I assume they met up with Michal and figured out 'oh this must hold magic power let's try to give it to our local power well before he runs dry in the worst way possible'.

(sorry for not being able to review last chapter, it was a busy week. I could tell you were reading Grave Mentor while writing it v it was nice to see! The author was also happy to read your reviews! Thought I'd tell you :)
Waterlinkedgirl chapter 13 . 2/25/2017
Yay for the secundary trio kicking ass!

I'm glad Lucia remembers what happened :

I already really thought the lyrics of the song felt mermaid melody-esque, so it was from the italian version! Are more songs from the Italian dub going to appear?

I remember the secundary trio trying to kick ass in the manga by holding Michel back, so that the main trio could get to the fossil, but utterly failing. I mean, it couldn't be helped that it happened that way, but it made me sad.

I loved Arella struggling to handle Michal. It really felt like it added character.

Hanon, please don't strangle Michel D:
You need to put a little trust in him now that he's on your side D:
Waterlinkedgirl chapter 11 . 2/19/2017
I can never leave enough comments, it seems X3

I was so overjoyed when I got the mail that this fic was updated! As I already said in an earlier comment, new Michel content is so rare nowadays (and yet I keep monitoring google. what does that say about me.)

I might've made this review too long, whoops. I hope you don't mind too much X3

I like the way how the drug had more effects, beside just causing sleep. It makes it feel a bit more realistic.
I really wonder what the identity of that specter is going to be, and how Ole-Luk-Oie is going to affect Michel's sleep. It really is fun, playing with dreams.

Another little thingie is that I'd like to know a bit more about Hudrun and the King of the Dark Ones!
Their viewpoint of history, what drives them to their evils, maybe a bit of a society? I love seeing bits and pieces of nuance and depth in antagonistic groups :3

I wonder if you're going to include other 'significant' places?
Also, did the orange disappear from Seira's transformation? I'd normally expect powers to mingle (for example, Michel's wings sprouted orange orbs). Could this be because Michel's power would be a lot more vast than Seira's?

I also wonder about the physical effects of the Power/Memory Orbs! As memories shape a big part of someone's personality, if Michel starts to remember his memories as a copy, I wonder how this would affect him? Not only that, but a certain beautiful few of his memories might make him want not to remember any further ones~ :

And on the topic of Power Orbs! If we're talking about copy Michel, we still have the problem of his body. I would expect, if his power gradually increases, that this would start to take its toll on his body. Which makes me come back to Seira! How strong is the power link (how much power can the body take) of a Mermaid Princess?

In overall, if you're still planning on writing this story, I'll be looking forward to each and every chapter you make :D
I'll keep on following this story until the end!
Waterlinkedgirl chapter 9 . 10/3/2014
So because this story needs more love I'm going to review this story again. Just 'cause ye deserve it :)

I know this is a really old story of yours, but when I discovered you'd updated way back in January I really was overjoyed! I like the direction this story is going at, so please don't abandon it yet!

Honestly, no-one ever writes about Michel anymore, and that makes me sad :(
I really enjoy when someone is more loyal to the manga than to the anime and gives it a darker twist, because it means that people are taking the manga serious and that makes me happy :)

I want to be able to write, too, but whatever plot I come up with, in the end it's always plotless romance stuff, and I haven't been able to convert (from roleplay format to story) the darker stuff yet. That's why I try to support people from the shadows if my shyness allows it .

I know you're somewhat busy with life, but please pick up this story again?
Waterlinkedgirl chapter 10 . 2/3/2014
To be honest, I was overjoyed when I found that this fanfic was updated! I found this years and years ago, reread it a lot, and forgave the spelling mistakes, so... .

I really look forward to it getting Darker and Edgier.

(Also, good luck with the cold weather. It just refuses to snow here :c )
Yincira chapter 10 . 1/8/2014
Fuku makes me wonder whether he's up to something of his own.

A bit of crit, you tend to skip details that might help flesh out the experience of the story, particularly in the environment. How did Arella get out of the castle without being spotted, what measures did she take? Is it hard for her to sneak through the place when she stands out so much? How did the wisps get into the house? Try fleshing out these things, it might help with immersion.
kittywitchy chapter 8 . 1/16/2013
This is really good!
blackpearlprincesskaty chapter 8 . 10/13/2010
you spelled his name wrong, it's Mikeru, not Michael. Anyways, it's great story so far, so please hurry up with the next chapter, i have to know what happens next. i'm trying to be nice, but i have read alot of stories that end with way too much suspence for my taste, i mean, i like a little suspence, but the stories i've read always leave too much suspence, so i'm starting to get pissed. Still love it so far, so please hurry up on the next chapter, please?
Princess TMR chapter 8 . 4/4/2010
a.t chapter 8 . 1/14/2010
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