Reviews for Leaf Hero
Altaria Fan chapter 4 . 1/23/2010
yay! i love oc fics!

Name: Lauren(human)

Appearance: Brown Hair, Green eyes, 5'5 feet, black coat, grey skirt, wears a red rose in her hair and white panty hose.

Trainer or villain: Trainer

Three pokemon:

Blaze (Blaziken, male): Very loyal.{Flamethrower, Focus blast, Flare blitz. mirror move.}

Aqua (Empoleon, male): Very formal and polite.{Hydro Pump, Toxic, Ice beam, Flash Cannon}

Stratos (Altaria, female): Very gentle and kind. Likes to battle, however.{Dragonbreath,Sing, Protect, Air Cutter}
Nianque chapter 4 . 1/11/2010
You gave up on this story, didn't you? Oh well...

Name of Villian: Gex (Sceptile)

Appearance: Dark crimson red with black stripes.

Has Shadow Bugs or not: Yes

Attacks: Dragon Pulse, Energy Ball, Rock Slide, Earthquake, Night Slash, X Scissor, focus blast, agility, attract, and Giga Impact.

Other: Male, constantly tries to flirt with female pokemon, and loves to make a fool of his enemy.
Sam Leonhart chapter 7 . 12/11/2009
Wow, third review tonight. Usually, it's only 1 everyonce in a while...

Oh well. Update! You already have a chapter name! Please?
The Dragon of the Moon chapter 7 . 10/29/2009
I have a character, oh and by the way love the story!

Name: Glace

Appearance: She has soft aqua eyes with a hint of brown hair that reaches past her shoulders, never in a ponytail. She is asian and american. Wears a green top with a symbol of a Dragon,a red vest, and red skirt with jeans. She can be wild but mostly 's a considerable leader to others.

Trainer or Villan: Trainer

Three Pokemon on them:

-Female- Moves: Blizzard, Waterfall, Aqua Tail, Hydro Pump

-Female- Moves: Leaf Storm, Return, Solar Beam, Energy Ball

-Female- Moves: Shadow Ball, Dig, Endure, Iron Tail


Name: Mercury

Appearance: Looks like a metal wolf with a fire for a tail. It's ears are made petals and leaves. Part of its body is made of water.

Has shadow bugs or not: No(not yet anyway)

Attacks: Synthesis,Water pulse, Flame wheel, Metal Claw
Froggiecool chapter 6 . 7/21/2009
If you need to know anything else about my character, PM me or look on my profile, please.
Froggiecool chapter 7 . 7/19/2009
Platinum is good. Fantastic story. My brother is looking at me oddly, due to the laughs. Have an OC and an evil legendary. May give you more at a later point.

Name: Charna

Appearance: Blue eyes and long, dark, almost black, hair. It is always loose. She is European, and wears a turquoise t-shirt that's a few sizes too big. It has a TTPCom logo on the front, and a picture of two dancing phones, holding a flag, on the back, along with the words '10 Years Of Success In Cellular 1996-2006'. She is tall, but has a short body, and long legs. She wears a pale blue skirt, with darker decoration. Always goes around bare-foot.

Trainer or Villan: Trainer

Three Pokemon on them.

1: Lucario - Female - Moves: Metal Claw, Shadow Ball, Focus Blast, Close Combat

2: Feebas - Male - Moves: Surf, Blizzard, Tackle, Dragon Breath (possible through breeding)

3: Kirlia - Female - moves: Confusion, Psychic, Teleport, Magical Leaf


Name of evil Legendary: Frigatto

Appearance: A bit like a frog, except hudge and grey. And it's tongue is made of fire.

Has Shadow Bugs or not: Yes.

Attacks: Surf, Water Spout, Crabhammer, Octazooka, Rain Dance, Aqua Ring, Water Gun.
Neo H.B.B. Sam chapter 6 . 3/15/2009
This chapter was epic, just like the Odyssey. The fights were good, the lines were good and well pretty much everything about this chapter was good. Keep up the excellent work dawg!
Neo H.B.B. Sam chapter 5 . 3/4/2009
Thank you for using my O.C. and for letting him be in a special chapter later on in this fanfiction. Also, thanks for making him kick ass by owning that Snorlax, Heracorss and Epoleon. By the way, my two favorite characters in Brawl are Solid Snake and Sonic. So yeah, keep up the great work Smash Knight 23!
Amethyst Bryony chapter 4 . 3/4/2009
Name: Kat

Appearance: Remember Lovrina from Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness? Picture her, but her pigtails are just below shoulder length and they are bright blue.

Trainer or Villan: Villan!

Three Pokemon on them.

1: Absol - Female - Moves: Night Slash, Flamethrower, Thunder and Hyper Beam

2: Glaceon - Female - Moves: Blizzard, Bite, Avalanche and Return

3: Zangoose - Male - Moves: Crush Claw, Water Pulse, Giga Drain and Shadow Claw
ShimmerMist chapter 4 . 3/3/2009
Name: Karen WaterDrop

Appearance:Long blond hair, brown eyes, Long blue shirt, brown pants.

Trainer or Villan:Either

Three Pokemon on them.

1: Mismagius

2: Luvdisc

3: Gastrodon(blue
Neo H.B.B. Sam chapter 4 . 3/3/2009
Name: Caesar

Appearance: Is an African-American, has short dark hair and brown eyes. Wears a red t-shirt, a blue cap that's backwards, black shorts and white running shoes.

Trainer or Villain: Trainer

Three Pokemon on them.

1: Mamoswine (Male): Moves - Earthquake, Ice Beam, Take Down and Ancientpower.

2: Tangrowth (Male): Moves - Power Whip, Slam, Toxic and Endeavor.

3: Electivire (Male): Moves - Fire Punch, Giga Impact, Thunderpunch and Magnet Rise.

Name of evil Legendary: Heatran

Appearance: Hard to describe since it looks so damn messed up.

Has Shadow Bugs or not: Has the Shadow Bugs

Attacks: Iron Head, Magma Storm, Stone Edge, Sunny Day, Solarbeam, Dragon Pulse, Earth Power and Iron Defense.
ShimmerMist chapter 1 . 3/1/2009

The 14-year-old was going to Lake Variety previously by himself, but Skyra followed him, and he agreed to take her with him

Lake Verity. VERITY!

That is all