Reviews for Never Sleep in a Strange Man's Bed
blb1000 chapter 26 . 3/20
Had to laugh at him driving around the block until he cooled off. Poor Jazz getting all the early a.m. calls!
blb1000 chapter 24 . 3/19
If James is in a story, I always know he'll eventually be trouble.
blb1000 chapter 23 . 3/19
Love it!
blb1000 chapter 22 . 3/19
Forgot to mention... As I read those words in the last chapter, I stopped and listened, and sure enough Rock the Casbah was playing on the radio. :O
blb1000 chapter 21 . 3/19
I was wondering about blinds or curtains on the bedroom window. Usually don't have those in a new house either.
blb1000 chapter 20 . 3/19
Oh yeah, I forgot about the house. I wonder if Bruce will suggest she cut her hours now that she finally has a life.
blb1000 chapter 19 . 3/19
I think B might ditch Bruce & James and Ed will not take the job in Seattle and they'll all live HEA on the East coast. Em & Rose will follow, of course.
blb1000 chapter 18 . 3/19
Nice save! James is probably doing B in back home.
blb1000 chapter 17 . 3/19
James is clearly up to something. Maybe he's going to claim that B made a pass at him to get her job. If the Chef falls for that, good luck with James in his restaurant in the future.
blb1000 chapter 16 . 3/19
He is clueless, but maybe Christy really will have good advice.
blb1000 chapter 15 . 3/19
If she wasn't so damn insecure, she could see that her life ain't that bad.
blb1000 chapter 14 . 3/19
Her moving to SC makes most sense, esp with Alice moving there and her parents going to FL - not far away.
blb1000 chapter 13 . 3/19
Ed's failure to commit isn't that bad, since he hadn't met Bella yet.
blb1000 chapter 12 . 3/19
Oh good, tables have turned...
blb1000 chapter 11 . 3/19
At least he put an end to Sam's roll. What they heck is a guy with a pregnant girlfriend doing at a bar anyway?
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