Reviews for Never Sleep in a Strange Man's Bed
juicytreat2 chapter 15 . 3/24
Im with Edward on this. Bella needs to learn to communicate!
blb1000 chapter 36 . 3/21
I like seeing them older. It's realistic that someone had died. Love the nearly incestuous nature of their families. You'd think they were Italian. I'm leaving you at 3030 reviews.
blb1000 chapter 35 . 3/21
I did love it. Thank you. SouthernWard is quite unique. Loved his conversations with Jasper when their Southern slang came out in bushels. B-)
blb1000 chapter 33 . 3/21
So Rose is a little kinkster!
blb1000 chapter 30 . 3/20
Here we go...
blb1000 chapter 29 . 3/20
Ha! I think my original may be right.
blb1000 chapter 28 . 3/20
That was very crafty of them, catching James in the act. They've also got his threats against B & drugging her so they might be able to put him away for awhile. Maybe they'll end up going East and opening her restaurant after all?
blb1000 chapter 26 . 3/20
Had to laugh at him driving around the block until he cooled off. Poor Jazz getting all the early a.m. calls!
blb1000 chapter 24 . 3/19
If James is in a story, I always know he'll eventually be trouble.
blb1000 chapter 23 . 3/19
Love it!
blb1000 chapter 22 . 3/19
Forgot to mention... As I read those words in the last chapter, I stopped and listened, and sure enough Rock the Casbah was playing on the radio. :O
blb1000 chapter 21 . 3/19
I was wondering about blinds or curtains on the bedroom window. Usually don't have those in a new house either.
blb1000 chapter 20 . 3/19
Oh yeah, I forgot about the house. I wonder if Bruce will suggest she cut her hours now that she finally has a life.
blb1000 chapter 19 . 3/19
I think B might ditch Bruce & James and Ed will not take the job in Seattle and they'll all live HEA on the East coast. Em & Rose will follow, of course.
blb1000 chapter 18 . 3/19
Nice save! James is probably doing B in back home.
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