Reviews for You Can't Take the Sky from Me
SilverRuneofHestia chapter 32 . 5/17
Love this story! Easily one of the best stories in the fandom! Everyone is in-character, especially America, makes me love him even more :)
SadButSmiling chapter 32 . 4/20
Amazing. Honestly, just amazing. The story line was well thought out, the characterisation was perfect and it felt like the story could be published. Seeing as it's been about 3 years since your last update, I'm thinking that you won't be writing anymore for this story. As sad as that is though, this story still easily makes it into my top 10. Thank you for writing this.
Guest chapter 1 . 4/6
I'm imagining that date right now. Along with England yelling, 'That's not how you steer a ship! You'll be blown off course in no time! Even Sealand holds a sword better than that!" So the guy sitting next to him asks him "What would you know about it?" And he just gives him this withering stare and goes back to ranting. Afterwards, America freaks out because he thinks his date sucks, but when he turns 'round to apologise, England's booking the next one, because "Those " pirates" sucked, it was hilarious!"
Not that I think Sealand's a rubbish swordsman, you understand. I haven't seen him do anything yet to judge.
Really, America? Finland isn't a prisoner, you doofus!
just a fan chapter 32 . 3/19
God, I love this story so much. I love the steampunk world it's written in. Love how it also has most of my ships.I definitely love the way you write America and England (so in character).

This is a master piece.

Keep going on the good work.
JuneNight01 chapter 32 . 2/29
Please update! This is so awesome, I wanna know what happens next! ~
mary chapter 1 . 2/13
Please update soon! …
Indipindy chapter 32 . 1/23
Gah! I know it's unlikely since it's been like 3 years... But please update! I just found this story the other day and I've read everything so far. I think it's a great concept and I wanna see the baddies crushed XD Anyway, I would love if you would update, even if it's just a little note to say that the story's abandoned. It's better than just leaving it like this.
AllerionR chapter 32 . 1/6
Please update soon! I love it!
Guest chapter 32 . 1/4
This was the first fanfiction I read two years ago. Best decision I've ever made. Your story is what got me involved in the shipping if usuk!
Still hoping you update one day! Whenever that day is, I'll be here in a heartbeat!
Marshie chapter 32 . 12/6/2015
Shadow chapter 32 . 10/28/2015
This story is freaking amazing! I know you probably don't look at this anymore, but I'd like you to know that I love this. It would be awesome if you updated again. :)
RoxanneTaylor chapter 32 . 10/13/2015
Oh god, this fic got me back into Hetalia and now I realize it's not been updated in 2 years... *sobs*
Lolxxx chapter 32 . 9/11/2015
When you said you planned on finishing this, what exactly did you mean? The last update was 2013...
I love this story, by the way. Something about pilot america and pirate england sets my heart ablaze. Bless.
ZH9 chapter 32 . 9/5/2015
Woah, so cool! I can't wait for the update, if there is one but I'll wait anyway :D.
Relicssk chapter 1 . 7/15/2015
I've commented on this before as a guest, but I like this story.
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