Reviews for Backstage 06: Morning’s Echo
Sabrina chapter 3 . 6/6/2005
I just finished going through the reviews for this fic, and it seems like some people didn't quite understand the basic premise... So just to help anyone out, this is everything that the fic alludes to...

In 'Band Candy' season 3 of Buffy... Giles and Joyce have sex (on top of a police car no less)

In Aadler's fic universe...during that sexual encounter, Joyce conceives a child (female)

Ethan Rayne (also present in the same episode) is once again thwarted and beaten up (just a little bit) by Buffy Summers.

After the end of the episode (once again in Aadler's 'fic universe') Ethan Rayne is enraged about being thwarted and humiliated by Buffy, and more than a little jealous about the fact that she has taken 'Ripper' away from him. So he gets spectacularly drunk and gets the addled idea of making Buffy 'disappear'. And this is a very extreme kind of disappearance, in which Buffy not only vanishes, but the spell he plans makes it so that Buffy was never even born...

This is a rather complicated and cumbersome spell that requires a LOT of power (which he 'borrows' from the Gluuphthri demon mentioned in chapter 2), and a slightly more sober mind to perform properly... So its small wonder that the spell goes spectacularly wrong, wrongwrongwrong...

The spell involved somehow grabbing onto Buffy as a newly conceived zygote (means freshly fertilized ovum... look it up), and pushing it back into a time when (presumably... I'm just guessing here) Joyce was still pre-puberty and therefore unable to sustain the ovum within her properly... In ideal spell-casting the Buffy zygote dies, disappears from existence and Buffy Summers is conceived yet never born...

however... Ethan was drunk out of his mind. So while he was focusing on grabbing the Buffy zygote and pushing it back a reasonable number of years (lets say 18?), he completely missed missed out on the fact that the zygote was created in November 1998... And in pushing it back 18 years, while Ethan thought he was forcing the zygote into Joyce of year 1962, he actually pushed the zygote back into Joyce of 1980... Therefore 18 years later, Buffy is still around to kick him around and steal Ripper away ;)

There is it... bald, blunt, dull and completely without style... the entirety of this particular fic. Please read it again to fully appreciate the genius that is Aadler ;)
Sabrina chapter 1 . 6/6/2005
Its an absolute crime that this lovely fic didn't get more than a handful of reviews. In fact it seems like a lot of your wonderful stories have been hideously neglected in the review department. I've only gone through about half of your posted fic so far, and this one is one of my absolute top two favourites (the other being 'Hell Hath No Fury').

Its really amazing, and it obviously takes a great deal of talent to be able to manitain the reader's interest in the story despite the fact that the three chapters seem to be jumping from scene to scene without any connecting factors. And then to bring all the seemingly random story elements together into a beautiful seamless, faultless (and perfectly working within the Btvs mythology) pattern with a couple of quick paragraphs at the end... Sheer BRILLIANCE!

As I mentioned before I have only read through about half of your stories so far, but I would LOVE to see your interpretation of 'the truth about Xander'. I always believed Xander Harris got seriously short-changed in Buffy from season 5 and onwards. It really was a pity that Joss decided that to simply cut the character off at the knees and sacrifice him so completely to comic-relief and expendible tragedy :P

About this story... Its a brilliant new twist on an old, OLD and overdone concept. Most stories tackling this particular premise always send Giles and/or Joyce back in time, or perhaps create some silly reference to a forgotten (or even secret) long ago love affair. Whatever the case... this was the first fan-fic I read where the idea of Buffy being the result reunion of a passionate liason between Giles and Joyce didn't seem the least bit contrived. It seemed so natural, so real and so incredibly possible that its actually difficult to imagine any other scenario. This fic made me completely accept the actuality of Giles being Buffy's natural father. Frogive me for not being able to express it any better than that, but the point is (in my subconcious, in my heart, gut and kidneys) I have completely repudiated the idea of Buffy having any kind of a blood relation with Hank Summers :P
allie chapter 3 . 5/22/2004
This is an amazing story; I'm not even sure where to begin. You brought in so many different characters - both underused one-timers and well-loved regulars - and portrayed them all perfectly. Not to mention you brought together some unconnected characters without making it feel forced (fun interaction between Cain and Ethan comes to mind). You're writing style is really great - I got roped into this story right away - and the dialogue is in character and interesting without being over-the-top.
A few random things I particularly enjoyed: The beginning of the first chapter was brilliantly written to be misleading while still making sense. Most of the characters in this story (and a lot of your stories I've noticed) weren't inroduced right away. Instead, readers first got some clues to their identities through what they said and how they acted... and what they wore :) Really fantastic job of subtle writing. It was also great to read a single tale through three very different slice-of-life stories. I read this story twice in order to pick up a lot of what was going on.
All that said... I think I'm going to have to echo Gyrus: I don't get it. O.K., I think I get some of it (I hope). On the second reading through I actually saw the connection between Ethan's and Whistler's stories (Whistler is a wonderful character by the way, thank you for making such good use of him), still, I feel like there's some riddle to solve and I'm just. not. getting it. I read the last few paragraphs of chapter three many, many times over but it just kept going over my head. :( I guess that is the only consructive criticism I can offer: perhaps you could spell things out a little more clearly. Or at least put in some kind of author's not at the end so that those of us who happen to be a little slow on the uptake can have a cheat sheet (cliff notes would also be acceptable:) )
Final note: This was a total joy to read. I can't wait to get to the rest of your stories!
foxy chapter 3 . 8/17/2002
this one has really good possibilities... it deserves to be finished...
Jedi Buttercup chapter 3 . 4/1/2002
Only two reviews? Let me put in a plug for it, then, for any who may snoop reviews as I do to find the good stories. Morning's Echo is, so far, my favorite of all your stories; it is well-written and the characters utterly believable. The premise behind it, as well, is utterly fascinating in its implications, and could plausibly fit into the B:tVS mythology.

Another reviewer mentioned the shifts in POV; I actually enjoyed them. This story could never have been told from just one angle. More than that, I liked the "glimpse-in-the-life-of" feeling to the chapters; there is no sense here of the characters being artificially drawn together for the sake of the plot.

All in all, an excellent story.
Gyrus chapter 3 . 3/3/2002
I'll be blunt - I don't get it. While I found this piece to be extremely well-written and interesting, I felt like I had read the first chapters of three different (and perhaps unrelated) stories. Where are these beginnings meant to lead us? That being said, however, I really enjoyed the dialogue. The conversation between Giles and Joyce was downright riveting.
Lakrids chapter 3 . 2/28/2002
I have read all your stories and they were all well written. Your greatest strength?, is that you take character from the periphery or make new ones, and avoid most cliché, some cliché is ok it is fanfic we are talking about. When I first your stories started with one where the non of normal btvs character where in, and that made me stop reading it. Accidentally I read another story here on fanfiction, which made me give your other stories a second chance, a thing I have not regretted.

I get the felling that all your stories is connected in some way?, and perhaps will your new stories reflect that.

Pleas write a story about the truth about Xander Harris, so long it is not a highlander crossover. I do not think that he have a Destiny in Joss universe. He is to much the reference point of normalcy, in some strange wacky way. I am my self trying to write a story about that subject, but my English and writing skill, is not up to my ambitions for the story

Sympathy for the Devil, indeed.