Reviews for Movement In The Dark
kisa chapter 23 . 5/22/2009
what a find. that a great way to give some one a present letting them dig through what you just getting rid of or selling.
kisa chapter 22 . 5/22/2009
Murdock has a way of getting under any ones skin poor new guy
kisa chapter 21 . 5/22/2009
i love all his presents.. the way she messed with the mammoth was perfect
Cap'n Awesome chapter 25 . 5/10/2009
It's too late to log in :(. OMG UPDATE! :D. Behl seems to have aquired the letter 'M'. Is this new? I still love the guy, tell us more about him! Poor Ness again, will she ever get better? She can have my hayfever tablets if she wants? No I don't want them either. Any how, sorry to tell you but... I'm adicted to two updates a day now. You'll have to write faster :P.
Cap'n Awesome chapter 24 . 5/10/2009
oh *Twilight Zone Theme* Spooky! I made Rocky Road today. This was better. Poor ol' Ness! Don't let her leave Murdock, he can help, I'm sure of it. Maybe Ness would like some Rocky Road? It might cheer her up? If only you could add food to a review. They should do something about that. Keep writing!
Cap'n Awesome chapter 23 . 5/7/2009

Prolific! Darn Strait! Whoop whoop!

...When you say 'more than just tea and crumpets', do you mean dinner too? Or is Murdock in trouble again? Oh noes! I loved Behls christmas carols though! Pure class :D. I'm even more convinced Behl should have his own show now. I would watch that. Behl forever 3. Are you going to get him to showcase his Peanutbutter skillz (It ends in 'z' because its cool). The poor fools though, if they have to put up with the same 10 songs for so long. Murdock should've broken in and put something good on. Just not the Lenin Sisters. And the phrase: 'I demand less blood in my sugar stream!' is going down as eternally awesome. Be proud. The time has come for me to end the review with the customary phrase: update now please!
seastarr chapter 21 . 5/5/2009
Loved this chapter! Her "treatment" of the Mammoth's apartment had me rolling!
Cap'n Awesome chapter 22 . 5/5/2009
Aw, Good night Murdock, sweet dreams, don't let the bedbugs bite... wait do they have rubber-room bugs? Murdock fogging up the window was pure adorable-ness. I can see him doing that so very vividly! Also special thanks to you for my special thanks, I squee'd with joy and my dog gave me the weirdest look! He was like 0.o. Joy! Write some more! I don't wanna study anymore :(. I like reading more!
dreamwatch chapter 1 . 5/5/2009
I've been reading this since the beginning, and like everyone else, I get all jumpy when it hasn't been updated for a few days! How greedy we are. :)

I'm not very good at this, so don't have anything particularly constructive to add, but I wanted you to know you have another regular reader who is just loving it. I do feel cheated though - I really thought there was going to be some tasty Murdock bashing but you gave him a reprieve. ;)

I like the way you write, it's economical which I value greatly. I'm not one for flowery passages of prose where it's not needed. I will continue to check back (too) regularly, and I do hope that once this one is done and dusted you will continue to write for this fandom.

BTW, you belittle your abilities at writing the other team members. Though a small appearance, they were true to character, and I think you would do a great job with them. Go on, give it a try. ;)
Cap'n Awesome chapter 21 . 5/2/2009
OMG FTW! SHE CLEANED HIS HOUSE? Can she do mine? Pretty please with bells on? I love the Team popping in. Those guys are adorable. And the presents were spot on! And super duper double yay for Behl being in the next chapter (I secretly love him, but don't tell anyone. Shh!) Don't fret about the Mammoth's break cables though. I'll cut them for you. Just as soon as I work out what break cables look like... Write more. Now pleaseys (That should be a word, I think.)
Cap'n Awesome chapter 20 . 4/30/2009
Hello hello! I thought you had forgotton your story T-T. I'm so glad you updated. I can't wait to see the Mammoth get what's coming to him! I hope you make the * suffer (Pardon my French) :D, I can't wait for the next update, hurry up, write write write!
kisa chapter 19 . 4/12/2009
thats a great way to get everything to stop. fire alarm kills almost every mood.
Cap'n Awesome chapter 19 . 4/12/2009
Kes chapter 19 . 4/11/2009
I always thought it was kinda 'cause Murdock is like the King of DeNile. That's why he got himself in the nuthouse to begin with, because he got himself an imaginary world (or twenty) that he liked better than the real one and decided to hang around.

I gotta say, I'm kinda hoping The Boys would show up at some point and help Ness (makes me think of the Loch Ness monster) put Gigantor in a world of hurt.

You continue to do good work! Tally-ho, wot wot.
kisa chapter 18 . 4/10/2009
ok ... i thought the alpha had covered this.. olive oil? it will keep Murdock from sticking to the wires. and it will help spread out the electricity a bit. so if it does burn a little bit it will not blister and will look more like a bug bite. but it mammoth holds the wires there too long it will burn worse with the olive oil then with out. its a good conductor.
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