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dwelian chapter 14 . 7/10/2009
Damn but this is good! I am totally flipped by the idea of Fraser having seen his mom's death. I hadn't run across that one before, and wow does it ever give new meaning to things for the poor guy. I have been gleefully rolling through your DS stories for the past two days and I have loved every one of them. You have written the best ones I've read, and they tango with many of my thoughts on the characters. Thank you so very much for sharing them and I can't wait to see what you come up with next!
SilverKnight chapter 17 . 6/18/2009
Good to see that Xu finally got what was coming to her, and that everything ended in a fairly upbeat fashion. The epilogue sorta sets it up for a sequel, which I'd be happy to read, provided it wouldn't devolve into some squicky slash thing between RayK and Fraser. Mind you, I only object to the pairing on a principle standpoint. While I realize Gross purposely added homoeroticism into the later seasons, I couldn't help but think it was done only as some sort of, "Hey, let's screw around" aspect that fairly diminished the entire point-if they had one at all. They should've either just gone the whole nine yards or left it out entirely.

But I'm totally babbling. It was a good read.
jessicajason chapter 17 . 6/16/2009
" I'm a little sad it's over, but mostly ready to move on to other projects!"

Seconded! I always look forward to your stories!
Hanson's Angel chapter 17 . 6/16/2009
"Buck made a motion. . .the way he'd failed to in life."

Lovely exchange, we are treated to so much "stuff" in just a few lines. . .the past, the partnership, a father /son relationship - and maybe it's because I am not as up on the show as everyone else here, but everything mentioned in that particular exchange was such a revelation to me, nice and packed with things that quietly blew me away. It's that saying so much with just the right words business again that I like so much when you write. : )

And can I just say how uncomfortable I was during Fraser's and Ray's conversation - I mean, it was uncomfortable and painful to be in on, I can't even imagine what it would be like to have it. But very necessary, obviously, and when I say painful and uncomfortable, let me just say I like feeling that way when the situation calls for it. And it was so good to see Fraser back to himself - or at least, getting back to his old self, the more I think back to what he went through, the more glad I am that he is whole still. . .he really is just such a good guy, in all aspects, flaws and all and that's why seeing him go through all that he went through, you really can't help but root for him. . .and your portrayal of him is what makes me - us - the readers - feel that way.

I am mainly sad this is done. This is kind of a sick thing to say but when you weren't updating I was (kind of) glad because that meant I still had something to look forward to. . .and I know I still will because whatever you treat us to next will be wonderful but this was just a great ride, both this and "Without My Hat," just something that obviously was meant to be written. Wonderful, and I thank you for it and even though you have other projects to tend to I am going to hound you - nicely - for some more of the boys in the not-too-distant future.
AgentHumen chapter 17 . 6/16/2009
YAY CAJOLING! hahaha great story and a perfect ending, look forward to your next story, i trust you have something lined up?
vic32 chapter 17 . 6/16/2009
A perfect end to a perfect story.

I love how you wrote Welsh and Frobisher so funny i can just picture and i can't stop laughing very nice. And the two Ray's bonding excellent.

I really think you hit the nail on the head with Ray V and Ben having that chat it seemed like they both needed it for them to start again after all they are like brothers and that is very important.

Kowalski is just great i'm so happy that he was in this story and you wrote terrifically.

Well done i'm so sad this is over i really hope there will be more from you. I need my fix of great stories from you :)
Hanson's Angel chapter 16 . 6/6/2009
Apologies for being in absentia during reviews, ugh, just the usual real life excuse. . .but here I am, ready to go : )

First off: Dief should have his own story. I'm not a huge fan of animal "stories" in general, but I would sit and read his word for word, only because I like him so much.

Second: I want Buch Frobisher to be my dad. Seriously. This is the first DS story I've read where I paid attention to him - I love him. He's the best.

I hate to say it, but I am happy that Xu is dead. And I didn't think I would ever feel that way about her but she was just too insane to redeem - but you did a superb job throughout the story having me think there was a slight chance - as did Fraser - that there was a teensy bit of hope for her. But when it was clear that there wasn't, it was a relief and almost a pleasure to see her go. I will miss her because she kept me on the edge of my seat but I am sure you'll give us another bad guy like her at some point. . .

Dolenz. What an idiot. Yet I found myself feeling a slight pang of sympathy for him because he is such a fool. Of course, he wasn't pure evil like Xu, just pure greed, pure selfishness (which could be argues isn't that far removed from evil behavior, I suppose) but he may even come to realize that eventually. . .don't mind me feeling a slight pang of regret for him, I'm weird that way, I'm sure I'm way over-analyzing his character but that's because I can picture you doing something with him in another story somewhere down the line. . .

Speaking of sad, Fraser all alone in the hospital room at the end was so very sad. Well, not completely alone, he has his thoughts with him, and he obviously can't escape those. . .I can't wait for the epilogue thing which delves into friendship and healing. . .he needs both in spades and that last line was so very heart-shattering, I keep saying it over and over in my head as I see his face - that beautiful way you have of evoking a raw emotion in us with a few well-chosen words, often out of nowhere.

Ha-ha, bar-hopping in the one-horse town they're in. . .that would be a fun read, for sure. . .speaking of, I may have to console myself with a glass or two of wine knowing the end of this gem of a story is almost here. . .please don't take too much of a DS break, we need you here, even if it's just for some one-shots or something. . .
AgentHumen chapter 16 . 6/3/2009
awesome chapter as always...looking forward to the last part. Is the title by any chance a homage to a song? Maybe you stated that already but i was too eager to read to see that! hahaha anyways happy writing!
vic32 chapter 16 . 6/3/2009
Phew that was a chapter and a half. I swear i wanted to jump into that story and tackle XU myself good on Buck and Dief very strong and powerful stuff there. And that is what you write so, so well it takes you right into the story and you can see it happening so clearly.

I would have loved to have joined in with the two Ray's in nailing Dolenz that man what on earth was he thinking with this assignment i swear some people just don't think about others only themselves.

Poor, poor Fraser what that poor man has been through ad dief is such a strong support it show fantastic loyalty to his pack mate and friend.

Oh no please don't say we only have one more to go no keep it going or i'll cry i will you know i will.
Wuchel1 chapter 15 . 6/1/2009
Great story and a really nice cliffhanger and all, but are you planning on updating soon? :-) Please?
Hanson's Angel chapter 15 . 5/27/2009
"Awk! Cliffhanger! I didn't see that coming!" That was so hilarious, Niente, like you were just as shocked to read it as the rest of us, lol. . .

And this:

Fraser slept on too, drugged and exhausted. He was sleeping in the evening when the slim figure slipped into his room.

Oh shet. O.O But more on that in a moment. . .

Oh my God, our poor Fraser. Never have I wanted to cuddle him up as much as I do right at this moment. His - strength even when he is in a state of collpase is just so wonderfully awesome. He just refuses to ever give in to his own weaknesses - and it's such a beautiful thing to read because you get such a sense of who he is when you read all the details you give about him and what he's about. I know I've said you've gotten the emotional part of Ray K down to perfection, and he seems like he'd be easier to write in many ways. . .I am just now finally beginning to see how beautifully you write Fraser because he is the very opposite of Ray K and therefore more difficult to get a hold of as far as showing who he is and what he's about without changing him - your ability to show how guarded he is, how stiff in so many ways yet how so very aware of what is right and wrong and his strength - that never-ending strength - you show it so well without once saying that is how he is, you let him say it for us and that isn't easy to do, not with how complex of a guy he is.

And I loved how the three of them were intereacting in the car, and how both Rays were so aware of what Fraser had been through and were there to reassure him - very sweet, melty stuff that I can't get enough of, especially because you know how to write it without making it too syrupy or - weird.

Okay, now there was a part of me that thought maybe - just maybe - Xu would slink her way back to Fraser, perhaps even as he lay recuperating in the hospital (yummy mental pic, by the way) but when I read the previously noted line about her slipping into the room - I don't know, it still somehow caught me off guard, to the point where I uttered those famous words and then began hyperventilating and gleefully racing through the rest of the paragraphs to see what evil thoughts she had or what terrible things she might try to do. And you did not disappoint. My God, I am back to hating her again, quite a bit, actually, like in "Without My Hat" where she hurts the lovely Mountie. Wow, she is twisted. Like the torture of Fraser, you really have a way of making me cringe and squirm with the way you describe her thoughts as she's comtemplating the actual physical damage she is about to inflict - more so than reading the actual act itself. I think you have a gift for that - describing evil and torture so vividly with just the right words so that we don't need super gory details and in-your-face beatings. My fave kind of writing, really. . .

Okay, the fan fic review formatting is acting all psycho again so I close with this: excellent, as always. I know what it's like to have the last part still needing to be written so take your time, we'll be here when you're ready. . .
AgentHumen chapter 15 . 5/25/2009
GREAT! Soo good! can't wait always...i'm such a sap for fanfics!
vic32 chapter 15 . 5/25/2009
OMG OMG OMG You, you oh my what a chapter.

I could feel the emotions that everyone was feeling. The way you described Fraser hugging Dief almost leaning on him. That shows that Dief is a source of strength for Fraser that he is more then just the wolf that really got to me. The strong protectiveness of Welsh Ray V and Ray K towards Fraser was truly beautiful and fitting. Fraser is always the strong one the one looking after everyone else that it is so right they take over and do it for him.

The flow of the chapter was great i could not stop reading and wanting more and more. Each character was very strong in their own right and they fit so well together as well.

I love Ray K you have him down for Welsh to want him as part of his team is so great. I really think know i know they will work fantastic together.

And you did it again a BIG cliffhanher how could you do that to me huh i thought you were my friend ah i still love you anyway :)
Hanson's Angel chapter 14 . 5/17/2009
So much inner conflict within both Fraser and Xu in the first part - first with Fraser thinking - knowing - he musn't trust her when she's pleading with him, but he's doing it anyway becasue he's just too - good - for the rest of this world, he can't help himself, it's like you said, it's his instinct to protect and help those who need it no matter what. . .and that's just the way he is, I wouldn't have him any other way, it is why he is so wonderful and glorious, one of those very few rare people who understand, truly, what sacrifice really is all about. . .

And Xu - wow, what up with her and her conflicting thoughts about what she normally does without batting an eye? But I like it, whatever her reason is - can't say I like her, exactly but I like the complexity of her character, I like how she can't be read, can't be predicted. . .the strength of her - and she does have mountains of strength, let's face it - but if only she would've used all those qualities in her life for good. . .what she could've done. . .ugh, makes me sad to think of her that way, and just why I am caring about her character that much, to where I'm pondering how she might've gone had she decided to do things differently in her life just confirms that you've made me "care" enough about her by your brilliant portrayal of her. . .never have I really enjoyed a "villain" as much as I've enjoyed her. . .

But I digress slightly. . .Fraser's "flashbacks" when Xu is shot. . .stunning and unexpected for me, I think because I am not quite as familiar with the show as some of your other readers, but I love the depth it gives not just to Fraser and his mental demons, but to the story itself, the extra dimension it adds by referring to all that Victoria/Zuko business. And I absolutely LOVE the colorful images *I* got when the shooting business was happening - the red of the blood, the white of the snow and the dark of the hair - so intense and vivid. Maybe that wasn't intentional on your part, to have that colorful of imagery, but whether it was or not, it was there and it just made the entire scene so - immediate.

And this: "He saw Xu at last. . .the cycle violence of hurt and pain. . .Now listen to your partner (hee)."

Sheer breathtaking wonderment. I wanted to weep for poor Fraser except I wanted him to get his crap together first - then, when he's safe, weep for him. Whatever happens in the next DS story you tackle, I think there is so much yumminess in those few lines for you to delve into, Fraser coming to terms with some of what just took place out there. So wonderful, one of the things I live for.

I am typing this and the effing fan fic formatting crap is having this thing jump all over so I can't even see what I'm doing. . .sheesh. . .but let me just finish by saying, I am going to be so bummed when this is done. I'm already feeling that way because everything is beginning to feel like it's being wrapped up and it's been such a treasure to read. I know you mentioned something about taking a fan fic break. . .but not a complete break because DS needs you to at least complete some litle one-shots or something. . .anything. I, for one, am glad it'll be another week before you put the next chapter up. . .keeps the goodness around a bit longer. . .

Okay, now I have to go back and fix all the damn errors in here because typing this review has been about as easy as sitting in a room with bright lights flashing in my face the way it's jumping all over the screen. . .apologies for any typing errors I may have missed. . .
jessicajason chapter 14 . 5/16/2009
I can just imagine Fraser's joy and relief at being reunited with Dief! I'll bet it was all he could do to hold back tears.

I've really been enjoying this story, and I'm sad it's just about over. But I guess that just means you can start a new one, right? Maybe something a little lighter, with possibly some Ben/Meg, eh? ;)
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