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kw chapter 16 . 8/22/2015
Darkevil laserpants is finally defeated and my imaginary future evil self is defeated now back to the past
kw chapter 4 . 8/22/2015
This is unexpected that crash,junior,and buster would bring past sponge Bob to the future
JC23890 chapter 17 . 8/25/2013
I’m usually hesitant about reading or writing sequels since good sequels that are better than their predecessors are rare and sequels usually repeat too many themes of the previous story. Well, I’m glad to say that Future Shock 2 was better than Future Shock. You balanced the use of OCs and the main cast into an exciting adventure and made the revenge of DarkEvil very thrilling. Once again, DarkEvil simply stole the show. He’s the best villain in the history of SpongeBob, even surpassing the charismatic genius Plankton. DarkEvil was witty, strong, smart, and very intimidating despite the fact that he’s simply a darker reflection of SpongeBob himself. Watching him wreak further havoc was like seeing Darth Vader pump up the volume in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. I liked how you made the complex theme of time travel understandable, used your OCs to good comedic effect to prevent the story from becoming too dark, and how you invoked Spandy themes to make the main cast develop further beyond Future Shock. I think that FS2 is your second best story behind the classic Keeper of the Spatula. I like how the past and future characters all united to defeat the one-man army known as DarkEvil. It was great to see them all use strategy to defeat the evil mastermind. I like how you made things interesting with the shocking vanishing of SpongeBob’s future counterpart and children following the death of SpongeBob himself, and I thought you wrote the death scene in an appropriately emotional way and resolved it by bringing SpongeBob back to life through the intelligence of his future children. Rocky the Robot’s turn toward the dark side was very shocking and was a nice twist that showed the ingenuity of DarkEvil. Overall, I think you made SpongeBob’s future darker before making it the best possible future for him, making your story have an excellent climax and finish. I liked your story so much that I immediately wrote the plot outline for a potential final sequel to it called “Future Shock 3: The Oblivion of Darkness” here on . Hopefully, you read and review this sequel that makes the Future Shock series a trilogy with what I believe is a very satisfying conclusion. However, if you do not like my FS3, then I will gladly remove it from this site at your request. Thanks again for an even more delightfully shocking trip into the future! You did it again SOLMaster and I believe your own writing future is very bright indeed.
milk drinker gamer chapter 13 . 8/7/2013
Actually Patrick is super smart he once came up with a plan that not even Sandy had thought of
milk drinker gamer chapter 9 . 8/7/2013
I know to its future spongebob
milk drinker gamer chapter 3 . 8/7/2013
I can guess that there spongebob and Sandy kids from the future
milk drinker gamer chapter 2 . 8/7/2013
I feel sorry for him and hi isn't even real :'(
Max Wooten chapter 17 . 5/26/2013
Toons Girl chapter 17 . 1/17/2013
I believe you did great on this sequel! This was my first time reading Spongebob/Sandy story so I think you did it great justice! I am sad that it is over, but I hope to see more Spongebob stories from you!
APFiction13 chapter 17 . 5/14/2012
Epic. Just like the last. This story is just so awesome. Well done.
DarkButterfly128 chapter 17 . 2/3/2012
I adore this story! It's so hard to find a well-written Spongebob story, and I am so happy that you wrote this!

I really love the Spongebob/Sandy pairing, and, well, I just can't express to you enough how much I love this story. It's not everyday that I find a story that I feel such joy from reading.

I love your story so much that I'm willing to make it my own head-canon for what happens sometime after the Movie, which as we know the creators have said is the end of the Spongebob story. In regards to that, I truly wish Spongebob and Sandy did get married in the Truth or Square special, but of course they only teased us!

Please continue to write more lovely Spandy stories! You seem to have a real talent with those!
The thousandth son chapter 15 . 8/14/2011
ell, great story as ever, this is my second time reading it. just a few things.

that little kid 'junior' was just plain annoying, the only 'interesting' OCs were Buster and Darkevil, crash and the sisters were stereotyped, rocky was a good idea, but the constant losing to a little kid who could pick up a table and act like a cliche? bad. I am not really a 'Spandy' fan, though if they are well written I like them (Return address: None, [one and 2]is a perfect example)

the potion? blaaaaarg. anticlimactic to the extreme. for a more 'epic journey' read, spongebob dying but Darkevil being defeated (or Darkevil winning) would have made it feel more realistic.

coulda done without the romance, take tips from your fic 'Keeper of the Spatula' possibly the best spongebob fanfic here.

again, junior's 'Don't hurt my mommy' stuff was a bit annoying at first, but the second time? I was in favor of Rocky turing the kid into a grease stain. it made Junior unlikable.

sandy and spongebob having kids at all? massive nono in my opinion. how can a sponge and a squirrel reproduce? if I recall correctly, that would simply qualify as...nothing really. spongebob has no means of sexually reproducing, the thought of the two of them in the sack? the horror. and I have to say, I agree with Commander, in that spongebob is simply too childish to really commit like that, and does not think of love beyond a purely platonic way. (I sometimes wonder if he is a hermaphrodite with a male persona.)

sorry if i seeded a bit harsh, I just take plot seriously and tend to come across worse than I mean.

if you want tips, I usually spend my time on , on the offchance that you do not play wargames with tiny futuristic hyper-violent warriors in the grim darkness of the far future where there is only war (made me think of future shock 1 for a sec) just PM me here.

and may I say, that I was incredibly impressed with KOTS. keep up the good work.

The Thousandth Son
One-Up-Mushroom chapter 17 . 7/17/2011
So we come to the second of the 3 SB stories I read and of course this is again a nice read but however it goes to number 3 in my top list. I was dissapointed that I couldn't really enjoy the sequel to one of my favorite SB fanfics as much as FS1, but alas I just couldn't.

I may bring you down with this review SOLMaster but I must be honest. Ok here we go.


First let me tell you the pros of this fic. One,is that it makes Dark Evil's motivation more clear. Why would he indeed want to destroy Spongebob? Surely killing Spongebob would prevent him from being Dark Evil.

The sequel makes more sense now that it happens a day after Future Shock. Since Spongebob quit his job at the Chum Bucket, he has created a future in which he is good, however that doesn't apply to the Spongebob of yesterday.

So if the Spongebob of today gets killed' then the future will go back to the timeline created by the Spongebob of yesterday, in which that Spongebob didn't quit his job at the chumbucket and becoming Dark Evil!

Another pro is of course the dialouge, "Dark Evil: You've been busy." What's even funnier is the scene that comes after it when Spongebob clearly doesn't get what Dark Evil ment.

Another pro is Rocky, instead of being the jerk boyfriend who impresses the girl stereotype, Rocky was calm, nice, and always helped others. So it was a great, unsuspecting but silly anyway suprise that he was indeed a robot all the time made by Dark Evil.

I also like the fact that none of the future versions of the regular SB cast remember any of the events that happened in the future in the first one, clearly saying that your in a new future.

Of course Dark Evil is as always a delight and is by far, one of your best OCs. While most of his traits are in tact, there is one thing that's changed about him but I'll get into that later.

But unfortunetly, now I must go the cons. The stuff I didn't like alot.

First of all, too many main OCs. One of the many strong points of Future Shock One as I said in that review was that, there was only one main OC, that being Dark Evil. Since all the rest of the cast were the regulars, that really made it feel more like the show and made the viewer more comfortable with the situations knowing the characters they all know and love are being face to face with these situations that the author puts forth.

Here, there are many more OCs this time around, not counting the future versions of the regular characters since they're the same character as the regulars just older.

(Some people may ask why Dark Evil is counted as an OC, well he's not really the future version of Spongebob now is he?)

Anyway, the many OCs wouldn't be much of a problem had they not all been Main OCs. Now that most of the main cast are OCs, the reader feels a bit uncomfortable and would need time to grow into these characters.

The kids themselves are mostly bland stereotypes except for Buster, he was well written.

Also, the main idea of Spongebob and Sandy getting married was already done before its now a common cliche. Also the thought of Spongebob and Sandy having kids gives me nightmares! O_o

The "death" of Spongebob was a bit too dramatic and would almost be a bit laughable, but since Spongebob has been known for its wonderfully over the top dramatic scenes, this fits in with the show surprisingly.

So ther than that, this fic was pretty good, it just wasn't as good as Future Shock and Keeper of the Spatula. Tune in for my review of Keeper of the Spatula! Its coming next! ;)

Darknessflamesaiyan chapter 17 . 7/6/2011
Can you make a darkevil laserpants with a dark evil sandy story it could be good
DiverseDreamer chapter 17 . 10/12/2010
I really didn't like this story. It wasn't as suspensful or interesting as your first Future Shock story. But it was somewhat good, I'll admit. I guess it just disappointed me.
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