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TheOneWithTheObsessions chapter 12 . 4/10/2009 choices, song choices -muses-

Probably either Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol, Viva la Vida by Coldplay or The Pretender by Foo Fighters.

Also, Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen BUT if you wanna get technical it's been covered to death not overplayed though - Jeff Buckley's version was the only decent cover (in my personal opinion obviously).

Now, the story, I have a question for you:

Are YOU writing the blog entry things that Edward and Bella write? Or do you get them from the internet someplace?

If it's all yours...I raise my drink to you in recogition of a new literary genius...the poems (? I'm not sure exactly what to call them) are amazing and deep and personal and a window to the characters soul and if I don't shut up now I'll go on forever so just WOW! -claps-

If there from the 'net...You found perfect passages to go along with what the characters are going through and thinking at that exact moment. So perfect, I can 'hear' both of them as if they were being read aloud by the characters in my minds ear (minds eye just would sound weird), and that doesn't happen often so well done...out of interest what site is it?

SO , next item of business, UPDATE NOW PLEASE..-smiles- (including impossible-to-resist-puppy-dog-eyes)

Keep writing even if it's just for my sanity...

I'm being serious!
Itsacircusinhere chapter 12 . 4/10/2009

this shiz consumes my life. bizzaro but every time I read a chapter of your wondfuckful fic all I can think about is Tropic of Cancer. You and Miller dominate my life. :P

song Wonderwall, Oasis
ElleCC chapter 12 . 4/10/2009
Between D88’s “poison darts” and Bella’s “I kissed his face,” I am pulling away from my idea that it is Alice who figures it out. Maybe one of them finally gets it. I am anxious about all three things: the first time they sing together; the first time they really have at it physically, with no one drunk; when they (or at least one of them) figures out the OG/D88 thing. And then there’s when BOTH of them know about the OG/D88 thing. You’ve set us up for SO many awesome things. Just one of the million reasons this story is one of the best. Ever.

I’m excited that it’ll only take one more kiss to make him fall… she can manage that. There’s going to be a SLEEPOVER for Pete’s sake. Man oh man. I cannot wait for the sleepover. How many people have you on alert? Every single one of us is on edge, anxious as fuck for the sleepover and jam session. Oh, all of those 1 for americnxidiot who is in Italy and can’t alert your story from her blackberry.

I love that this question was filled with chapters, and aside from the ones between D88 and OG, it starts with Alice’s of Bella. I love that rapid-fire answer thing. I loved it in the movie – it was in the book, too, right? Damn, FF has ruined my recall of the original books. What do you mean vampire Jasper didn’t wear red one-piece long underwear? WhyTF not?

This line gets me. Every time. “He smiled, and blatantly stared at my mouth. ‘Yes.’” And, as I so eloquently stated on the forum: Guh.

Random aside about Chris Cornell. We were just talking about him – and Temple of the Dog and Soundgarden – yesterday in the office. Apparently he played around here sometime last weekend. Hmm. I guess I primed the Chris Cornell schema.

That whole “’Ordinary Girl’ sucks” thing? Money. So money. Poor Edward. Poor unflappable Edward. All it takes is a little bit of Bella and he’s almost as much of a mess as she is.

“Only maybe, Bella?” Holy crap. Please. I wish he would “Only maybe, Elle?” me. God bless Rockward. It’s just a matter of time. Just a matter of time. I keep telling myself that…

I am looking at my Chucks (pink) and wondering if they’re better than Vans. I had some pretty awesome Vans.

Slick, sexy, and the zipper is down. Button-fly jeans?


I love Edward’s artist choices: Mozart, Jack White, Stevie Wonder. So eclectic. What a great question, too.

That whole Lauren Mallory/Angela thing makes me want to punch Lauren in the guts more than her kissing Edward. W. T. F. is her problem. Crazy bitch.

Love this: “Quil played all the weird stuff, like bamboo flute and odd drums and whistles shaped like birds.” He’s their Alice :) I can totally see Alice playing whistles shaped like birds. She sort of IS a whistle shaped like a bird.

This made my heart ache: “She would sing us to sleep when she babysat me; I remember every song she sang. I used to pretend she was my mom, too, you know?” As well as the bookending: “I just let it float over the water and the sand, singing to the little boy who had borrowed my mother for a time because he had none of his own.” That gives me chills every time I read it. It’s beautiful. The words and sentiment.

I am tickled that Bella didn’t really care about the Lauren/Edward thing. Good for her. I pegged her reaction wrong and I don’t even care. And I really fucking hate to be wrong :) I love that she is confident to know that Edward wants her more than he wants Lauren. I love that confidence. We don’t see a lot of confident Bella’s. We’ll add this to Dawn’s reasons why Blue and ToV rock so hard.

This is hilarious and so descriptive: “…he was twisting like a fly caught in a spider’s legs, shoving at her ineffectually. He looked miserable.”

It was awesome to see her sing from her POV, after seeing Edward’s. I’m so proud of her that she was proud of herself.

More lovely word “…glad his feet were firm where mine were not” and “curled down my throat as I breathed them in.”

Ha. This is perfect: “I’d guess a six foot two tall bird of prey with green eyes and a leather jacket?”

I love that Bella knows now that it was Edward and Alice who heard her that first day of school. I wonder if/when that will come back up.

What Alice did to the Waits tee… both astounding and sacrilege. Like Alice herself :)

And I love this whole exchange: “Why do you always make me look disheveled and like I just woke up?” / “Because that is your nature, Bella.” / “What, a mess?” / “No, something wild; you’re like a changeling or something untamed. To straighten your hair or to put you in conservative clothes is as artificial as Jessica Stanley’s boobs.” / “So I’m actually better as a mussed up fashion victim?” / “Fashion is fleeting. Style is constant.” / “Alice, you’re kind of wonderful, you know.”

I do love your Alice a lot. I know I’ve mentioned it before, but since she’s usually just a terrible parody of herself, in FF, it’s worth mentioning again.

Oh, he’s like our pissed and petulant adolescent tiger: “If it were possible to pace like a caged mountain lion inside a Volvo, he’d be doing it.”

You look like a mermaid. No, you look like a mermaid. No, YOU look like a mermaid!

I liked the whole “I kissed Edward last night. / I kissed your brother, last night. / You kissed me last night. / Will you kiss me again?” thing. I think it worked really well.

I am SO glad she remembers the kiss. I was worried the alcohol would screw with it. But, you’re good at just being forthright. I love that. Another reason why Blue and ToV rock so hard.

That whole La Mer thing? I was familiar with Debussy’s La Mer… that Bella took that and used the NIN song for her ringtone… that is really fucking brilliant. Between that the Chris Cornell OG reference… for the love of fucking god, someone has to get the blog thing! SOMEONE HAS TO GET IT.

And Moodward… that better not last all night, bucko! I can’t imagine it will, once he gets singing and playing and drinking. And hopefully Bellaing.

Seriously. This story. It’s just. I don’t even know anymore. Nothing I could possibly say does it any justice whatsoever. I’m just… amazed every moment. It’s so smart and so funny and so sexy. It’s hard enough to write a story that is any one of those three, but this is ALL of them. All at the very same time. “Just maybe, Bella?” See, all three at the same time.

Thanks for adding a few more songs to my ToV playlist. I went for Early Mornin’ Rain, Jasper’s Moondance, and NIN’s La Mer.

Your question: I actually rarely listen to the radio anymore. 8/10 when I do, it’s NPR or a classical station we have. Sometimes I can get the Baltimore Classic Rock station down here, but not often. So… I trolled through the songs I have in my iTunes (this is my new laptop so it doesn’t have my full library) and couldn’t come up with anything good. I am going to beg off this question. But if I think of something I’ll leave it on the forum….

Win. Just… win.
acirelemagne chapter 12 . 4/10/2009
for her covers, she should have said: Tori Amos, Etta James, and Joni Mitchell. in my humble opinion of course!

loved it again.

and none of my favorite songs has been overplayed, by anyone other than myself at least. my favs are not often on the radio.
Ginabella59 chapter 2 . 4/10/2009
Nice chapter.
Soprettytome chapter 12 . 4/10/2009
I discovered your story yesterday and I really enjoyed catching up.

You managed to write Bella and Edward as I love them so thank you :)

I am looking forward to reading the next chapter.
Ginabella59 chapter 1 . 4/10/2009
I think I'm gonna like it.
jvegas chapter 12 . 4/10/2009
The longer this story goes on, the more I love your characterizations. I LOVE this Bella. She wasn't all whiny and jealous about Lauren, but rather saw the situation for what it was. The mention of Ordinary Girl was priceless. Love when Edward is befuddled. B&E's sexual tension is so delicious that I am hoping that the sleep over is more about music. Gee, I have been saying that all along. I sound like a broken record myself. I'm afraid that I agree with Bella, that Roxanne has been permanently moved to my never-listen-to-it-again list. (Although, I did sing it on Wii Rock Band to help out the kids.) Thanks again for writing.
stilljustceci chapter 12 . 4/10/2009
Song: Don't Speak, by No Doubt (but I have to admit, I don't consider it played to death and I've always to buy into the artistic elitism of considering music crap just because it's mainstream, and good bands sell-outs just because they get discovered. I like what I like, whether it's acceptably private or on heavy rotation playlists. I guess it helps that I tend to listen to my favorites hundreds of times over, over and over, and am unbothered by repetition.)

DOES EDWARD KNOW IT'S HER NOW? I feel like I'm living for the moment they figure it out. (And the first kiss was nice, too.)

PS I forgot to answer your tshirt question! Better late than never? My favorite is my yarn store logo tee.
annie chapter 2 . 4/10/2009
Your writing is so poetic and beautiful. I love the characters you have created and cannot wait for another update.

Favorite songs played to death: I'm Yours by Jason Mraz
Jammya chapter 12 . 4/10/2009
I have no Idea what half the bands/singers you mentchen in this story! lol Does Edward know that she is Ordinary girl! Love it! :]]
Lola Schatzi chapter 12 . 4/10/2009
I love it when Edward gets Jealous... and I LOVE that Bella knows the effect she has on Edward. She knows what she does to him, she's confident of his feelings. She has every right to question why he wont kiss her. And OH what a kiss it was!

I love this chapter. I love that Alice works with Bella's style, and doesn't force her own upon her, you don't see that in stories!

I'm in love with this fic, truly I am!
mjinaspen chapter 12 . 4/10/2009
singing to the little boy who had borrowed my mother for a time because he had none of his own.

- That is such a sweet and pretty thought.

I love the feeling of warmth and intimacy that you've created between E & B. It's the same feeling between E & B as it is between D_88 and Ordinary Girl, too. And that's a cool consistency!

I don't really listen to the radio, so I'll take a little bit different tactic in answering this question. The #1 most played song in my iTunes is Aurora by Foo Fighters.
colacherry chapter 12 . 4/10/2009
you know i was confuzzled at first and i didn't realize this was bpov of the same chap because it felt different (well i mean of course it would in another pov...) i loved it all the same and i still love the way they talk to each other (i.e., 'you leave me no dignity' and 'why do you sing with everyone but me')

the ordinary girl thing. huh. does he know? i wonder if he's thinking it, but if she said she didn't like the song...

i don't listen to popular music (generally) so i have no idea if my favorites are overplayed. i guess that maroon 5 song 'this love' was overdone a bit...but i still like it.

and i don't think i reviewed last chapter but i have two favorite says 'go vegan or die' and the other says 'mix-tape is still king'...

i swear i'm not an ironic hipster.
nerac chapter 12 . 4/10/2009
Great chapter! I was a bit confused at first thinking "Wait, didn't this already happen?" then I had a forehead slap moment and realized it was Bella's POV, LOL.

Am I missing the significance of La Mer?

Oh and I'm not sure on my favorite songs but I'd have to agree that Hotel California is definitely one of them.
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