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nightwish635 chapter 40 . 1h ago
OH its been such a wonderful journey i can't believe its over. It was a pleasure reading each and every chapter to see the struggle and the growth of each character and amazing job on the battles they where well done and my favorite to read. Hope to see you soon !
Freida Right chapter 40 . 1/14
There may come a day when humanity crumbles, and sucomes to the darkness within - there may come a day when the courage of men fails - there may come a day when I have some interesting, original dialogue - BUT IT IS NOT THIS DAAAAAAAY.

Bahamut. That whole thing nearly broke my heart. Bahamut is the best dragon. :)

You know what else nearly broke my heart? Edward and Tellah show up together. Gets me every time.
(Did Anna come along with everyone else, or was that something I made up on my own? I can't remember now... :/)

I love your description of the magic as visible, tangible threads being woven together and apart. It reminds me of The Enchanted Forest Chronicles, by Patricia C. Wrede.

Also, I love how all their Holy weapons kind of disintegrate or explode by the end of the battle. XD

"My sense of justice kept him at bay, no doubt." Yes, Edge, you're such a saint. Now shut up.
iflip4dolphins chapter 40 . 1/12

Oh. Man. Okay, first off, I loved what you did with Zeromus and the whole neural network with the crystals thing. In fact, I love the whole magic SYSTEM you've created. It's somewhere between pseudo-science and straight up fantasy and it just works SO WELL. The way that magic's changed since the Lunarians first created the power crystals, the way that they've basically gained sentience - or semi-sentience, whatever - and how Rydia and Rosa have to relearn magic in order to use them... it's amazing. It adds a whole new dimension to things that makes a lot of things make sense. And it's interesting to boot!

And then there's the battles. You have somehow managed to make every single battle interesting, give it purpose other than random boss battle #342, and that in and of itself is quite an achievement. And then you go and turn Zeromus into a mental battle that's in some sort of special mind-world the crystals made to keep him from getting to the core? BRILLIANCE. BRILLIANCE, I TELL YOU!

The banter. The DIALOGUE in this battle was nothing short of perfection. I just... so few battles have the opportunity for dialogue like this, and when they do, it's very rarely done WELL. This? This was done well. VERY well. Zeromus is just so evil and that practically oozes off the computer screen when you write him. It's perfect.

Bahamut giving Rydia Flare was an excellent touch. I like how you've come up with REASONS as to why people suddenly learn new awesome skills when you've previously established that magic takes a lot of time and effort to learn. Holy. Flare. Meteor. I love how it all ties into the narrative and how much sense it makes, and I applaud your successful efforts at darning up the plot holes in the game.

Personally, I loved the ending. It's not quite an ending, yet - I know there's an epilogue in the works and you've got another story planned which I am SO LOOKING FORWARD TO OMG - but this chapter ended very nicely. Some banter, some Edge being snarky, some wrap-up, and of course a kiss from the resident lovebirds because of course they did. All in all, very nice, and I think the battle itself ended well too. It's certainly more satisfying than having Edge throw the entire inventory at Zeromus in game while you cry and sacrifice animals to your deity of choice.

Very, very, VERY well done. Guh. Amazing. Beautiful. STANDING OVATION FOR THE QUEEN OF THIS FANDOM AND HER BRILLIANT STORIES! *wild applause*

(Oh, hey, look, I reviewed. So that's a thing that actually happens on occasion. :])
InkIllusionist chapter 40 . 1/11
Yayyyy update! Thank you for all of your hard work with this story. And the final battle you actually did make it make sense lol, the whole friendship holograms of strength thing was so silly I'm glad you made it seem more real. I look forward to the next and final chapter, it's been a great story and I look forward to see how you end it!
TheMoonclaw chapter 40 . 1/10

Dear FuSoYa. Thanks for making it easy to come here and help you. Sincerely, the heroes.

You are made of magic and you can chose any form, so! BEHOLD...This...scaly...crab...thing...and WRITHE IN FEAR! Really Zeromus? Really?

Use teh Crystal!
Which one?
TEH crystal XD

Is it wrong that...I kind of MISS writing Zeromus's over dramatic speeches about doom and gloom and hate? lol.



"Oh well, thanks lesser mortal beings for beating OUR foe for us. Now, kindly get the **** off our moon. K, byyyye!"
Stupid FuSoYa

You have no idea how glad I am I kept that brain-storming convo between use regarding this It's so much fun to re-read XD

But more importantly, YOU MADE IT! YOU FINALLY MADE IT! :D
Valkyrie Celes chapter 40 . 1/8
Your version of the final battle makes a lot more sense than well...the final battle lol. Explained all of the ridiculousness in a way that made sense. For some reason, the conversation Rydia had with the crystals was thoroughly entertaining to me, and I don't know why - maybe cuz they were kinda snarky and I love snark XD aaah it's so crazy that it's almost over! I'll miss this story so much. Epic battle and I liked the DS dialogue you used in this a lot, hurray for final battle being over! It was so badass to read all of Rydia's magical kickassery.
nightwish635 chapter 39 . 11/16/2014
Wow what rosa said to rydia was hurtful poor girl can't catch a break with edge either cant wait to read the final battle and the aftershocks!
TheMoonclaw chapter 39 . 10/28/2014
Seriously. They need a snack break. ASAP. Needed one about four chapters ago, actually. lol

Why are the Lunarians so opposed to elevators? YOU MUST WALK ALLLLL THIS WAY! The Tower, the's crazy.
Also, I don't know exactly how the meeting went when the Lunarians were deciding to enchant items and picked ribbons, but was no one like..."yeah, maybe this isn't the best item to use?" I'm beginning to think Zemus had good reason for trying to take over. Maybe he's the only smart one, lol.

LOL, you can summon monsters! Why the F*** are we not leading with that EVERY. BATTLE. Soooo true.

Okay. The holding hands things made me chuckle. XD

Crazy Rosa. lol

Ethers. Yup. That's going to be a thing now XD

But yes, not a good idea to make your sole white mage mad before a big battle. That's just asking for trouble.

You. Are. Almost. There.! I will drag you, Myth, kicking and screaming, to fight Zemus himself if it means finishing this crystal-forsaken story once and for all, lol. ;)
InkIllusionist chapter 39 . 10/28/2014
You went there! Finally, Edge goes for it! in a way that is totally in canon with what happens with him at the wedding, breaks my heart, ugh.

Even though you thought the chapter was jumpy, I thought it worked well with the characters having very harried thoughts this chapter. You always find a way to make small details of the game memorable and worthy of writing, the Zemus ghosts idea was brilliant.
This has been quite the tale and I can't wait to see how you wrap things up(and hopefully write an epilogue concerning Rydia and Edge's "conflict". ;D)

Thank you so much for this chapter, writing when in bad states of mind is extremely difficult, and I applaud you for all the work you have put in thus far.

Can't wait till next chapter, but rest well! :)
nasnann chapter 39 . 10/26/2014
Tee hee, that was a sick burn from Edge to Rosa...I could not stop laughing.

Love love LOVE this fic so much...I cannot wait to read more! You are an amazing writer!
Valkyrie Celes chapter 39 . 10/25/2014
I've been reading this since the beginning of the year (along with all your other Rydia themed stories - she is my favorite character, and you have made Edge a character I enjoy to read about after not liking him in the games) and I just adore this story. This chapter was so good! But the Edge/Rydia drama is never anything I like to read cuz I just want them to be together D: but given the way the game ends, it is necessary...but hey, this is a fanfic right? So you can make it less ugh why aren't they together WHYYY XD

Kain is my 2nd favorite character, and I love how you write him. HE is perfect amounts of self-loathing, yet not to the point where you want to slap him. Loveable characterization of him, and well, everyone and this story has been a fantastic ride. Will be...happy/sad when this story ends? lol I love this story so much and can't wait to reread it when you're done :)
TheMoonclaw chapter 38 . 8/23/2014
Weeee an update!

It has always bothered me how SLOW Fussy and Golby are to get to the core. They left before you. They aren't stopping to get all the treasure chests. They know the area better.
And yet, they take a really long time to get there, so long, in fact, that you catch up with

Kain will never be allowed to give advice on anything, ever. Fact.

"Dammit Kain, even when your trying to help us you still manage to cause problems. None of us lost OUR weapons."
"I even THREW mine and it's fine."
"Stop picking on meeeeeee!"

lol, Ifrit. He has every right to be ticked. You summoned me FOR THIS?! RUDE AS HELL I DEMAND BATTLE, WOMAN!

Somehow I think Rosa unintentionally insulted Rydia by comparing her to Tellah. He was old and obnoxious, of COURSE Meteor killed him.

The group still needs a snack break.
Guest chapter 38 . 8/22/2014
As always as ever, great job with this chapter! The group dynamic is so fun to watch, Kain and Edge especially had some great dialogue this chapter. Their love lives both leave a lot to be desired lol.I also am loving how you're dealing with Rydia's interactions with her magic. It always seemed too easy to be able to cast flare and meteo ad nauseum, but you've made her, and the party's fatigue, real. I can't wait to see how she deals with her losses mentally, and sorts our her own powers as you've hinted! She is really the main damage dealer in the party, I'm glad she realizes this too!
Edge's past with the woman he was looking for comes to mind for some reason(probably due to his visions of his parents/his past), I want to see where you were going with this.
Ogopogo one of the boss fights that you need a guide for, seriously, so annoying!
All in all a very emotional and intense chapter, I want moreeee. Thank you so much!
ChAoTiC-nOrMaLiTy chapter 38 . 8/21/2014
I fan-girl squeal whenever I see your notice in my inbox. Just so you know lol.

I hope you get to feeling better
I Walrus chapter 37 . 8/6/2014
As soon as you implied sexual intercourse I new someone was going to stumble upon it. I'm glad it was less embarrassing than I anticipated, and a lot funnier. I also liked how you resolved Cecil and Rosa ' s conflict. I eagerly await the next chapter.
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