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Guest chapter 12 . 7/14
*prays that the author gets inspired enough to pick this up again*
Guest chapter 7 . 6/29
Yeah, all the main characters in CG are batshit at some point, in one way or another (or another, or another...). XD Our favorite Suzu and Lulu are among the worst (that still successfully fake functionality, that is).
Guest01 chapter 12 . 4/8
Please, please update. With the new season approaching would you be interested in finishing it! Thanks again for writing it though, its one of my all time favorites.
mango1242 chapter 12 . 3/6
I really really love this fic (and a lot of your other work too!) I saw you posted a new Code Geass one shot recently in response to the season 3 announcement and can only hope it gets you excited about finishing this fic
blueninja89 chapter 12 . 2/13
While I know it is likely this story has been abandoned. I just want you to thank you for writing a wonderful story thus far. If for whatever reason you do decide to continue this work of writing, I want you to know you still have a reader and I'm sure many readers who would love to continue their experience of the world of Code Geass you've beautifully constructed. If that day should ever come thank you in advance and thank you now for introducing me to this beautiful world.
suzako chapter 12 . 12/29/2016
i started reading this somehow convinced it was a complete work and now i am a bit sad. i say just a bit because i'm still glad you wrote it, i know its old stuff and your writing style has immensely improved since then but it was great read ! especially the flashback parts ! loved it
GUEST chapter 12 . 12/7/2016
Hello. Really loved this fic, with Code Geass getting another season would you consider continuing this. I'd love to see what happens next.
HTTYD-PJATO-ROTG-41185 chapter 12 . 9/2/2016
Pleeeaaassssse continue
ayakaayakanitta chapter 12 . 5/19/2016
Please continue this story. :)
Sturnidae chapter 12 . 5/13/2016
hetalia taken everyone, huh? :P
Mikachin chapter 1 . 5/2/2016
I know this is an abandoned story, but I just wanted to say that this fanfic really grew on me. Our two main characters' relationship was so fitting and normal and rewarding, you have no idea how much I enjoyed reading it. I even dreamed about it once.
You're an amazing writer and I hope one day you wrap this story up. Just... don't leave it forever unfinished please, it's much too pretty to stay that way
Diurnal Days chapter 12 . 4/9/2016
How veryconvenient that Rivalz and Kallen are still in contact with each other and he just happened to be the security guard who found Suzaku and Lelouch out. Still, life has its incredibly strange coincidences, amirite? :)

In all seriousness, even though this fic is probably abandoned at this point in time in favor of gay (and thoughtful) Hetalia fanfiction, I'm still going to wait out the next chapters here in my little corner, not that I'm really complaining at all. As long as the next chapter comes someday and is to your liking, I'm A-OK. (Though, "someday" is a bit loose, since you could update the day after I die and I'd be none the wiser, lolololol) The atmosphere of Geass is captured so well here (and the gay levels amplified so much) that I'm taking this fic as a fanmade R3. :3 Too bad that Rivalz will live knowing that the Demon Emperor and the Traitor Knight were both living and their reign of global oppression acted out but will likely never know the entire story nor see his friends-turned-symbols-of-public-hatred ever again. He isn't exactly privy to the deeper parts of the world of Code Geass even though he's Lelouch and Suzaku's former classmate just like, say, Shirley or Kallen - which is better for the sake of Geass's story, I guess, because he seems like someone who'd probably handle the knowledge of Geass better than Shirley or Suzaku but would probably pester Lelouch with unintentionally nosy questions about Lelouch's mind-bending power until Lelouch was quite literally sick to death of him. XD

Rivalz is really underrated, though. He's so kind and charismatic while still being a conceivable character in the cruel world of Geass that it's almost weird. He's also pretty much the only person in Code Geass whose life isn't destroyed by Geass in one way of another, if you really think about it. (He watches Lelouch become a ruthless dictator and Suzaku become Lelouch's proverbial sword and shield with a mixture of somewhat suppressed "how did that happen?" and "why are my friends doing that?" when everyone else is pretty much going batshit crazy over Lelouch and Suzaku, lol) Basically, he's the sweet cinnamon roll in a pile of sinnamon rolls while not being a Gary Stu.

..That was a somewhat misplaced ode to how little appreciation Rivalz gets for being the only character in Geass to emerge from the Demon Emperor's rule unscathed. How fitting it is that he accepts Lelouch being impaled *through his vital organs on live television* yet still surviving and looking like a nineteen year old after three years without even blinking.

Rivalz, you deserve more love for being the way you are. :D

I still haven't forgiven Suzaku for going after a farfetched conclusion and forcing himself on a helpless Lelouch, though he did succeed, in a way, of bringing Lelouch back anyways. Even though Suzaku is a young adult in this fic (which is a little hard for me to wrap my head around, given his very much teenage actions), he still acts the part of a naive reckless teenager here despite his age. Lelouch and Suzaku really do deserve each other, eyes inverted and skillsets opposing yet still sharing enough similarities and shared memories to foster a close, although turbulent bond. C:

But wow, Suzaku, trying to test your highly dangerous Geass on yourself is even more mind-numbingly idiotic than raping a drug-craving Lelouch. O.o I mean, if his Geass could kill someone instantly and with no trace whatsoever or do something else that would be dangerous if self-inflicted, there would've been no saving him no matter how many asspulls Lelouch did because Suzaku's Geass was far from evolved at that point. Even though testing his Geass on someone else would've been even more risky and morally wrong, clearly Suzaku didn't think things through when he tried to save others in favor of putting himself at risk when Lelouch was still depending on him in more ways than one. Geez, I can see Alfred's obliviousness and Arthur's lack of self-esteem and optimism in Suzaku here... which is a probable coincidence, considering that Alfred and Arthur sort of embody romance trope stereotypes taken to a hundred. O.o

Suzaku, stop pulling off a low-budget ninja movie already. You may be Japanese but I doubt that Tohdoh's training was intended to make you a shinobi of the Leaf Village, lol. But taking out seven guards in one night is still pretty impressive, even though the operation was *supposed* to be covert for a reason... XD

I need moar Knightmare and pilot dynamics. D: There's practically *zero* Knightmare-related fics in this fandom (even though the series itself is a mecha and everything), much less ones that have SuzaLulu goodness in them or really explore what it's like to feel and control another being so closely. Comparing a pilot-Knightmare relationship to almost a sexual connection is apt, considering how initimate it is to feel the rhythmic thrum of another's heart within your own body (Cue the cheap Frankenstein movie-style screams and horrifying body horror art of the man with a hairy heart).

Suzaku, though, does not appear to understand that Lelouch and the Lancelot cannot be handled the same, much at the expense of both.

How sweet that Suzaku better understood and synchronized with the Lancelot after he fell in love with and made love to Lelouch. That makes the shape that the personification of Lancelot takes all the more meaningful (and reminiscent of how Suzaku's romantic and master-servant relationships in his life are perhaps a little too closely entwined).

Also, I'm definitely not the first person to notice that the combination of Lelouch's body and Suzaku's eyes forming Lancelot's human essence seems like a SuzaLulu lovechild speaking Lancelot's words. XD

That was *definitely* intentional. I'm not even going to say "perhaps" or "maybe" or "it seems". Lancelot's personification is a straight-up SuzaLulu lovechild. There's no turning back now, the conclusion has its own (one person) fanbase now and everything. You can't escape the Lancelot, Robin, unlike Suzaku here who was saved by a Lloyd-ex-Machina in the form of Lancelot's non-ejecting cockpit. :D (I'm not the only one who snickers at the term "cockpit", am I?)

Kallen's probably going to flip out once the Demon Emperor and the Traitor Knight show up on her doorstep - at the same time - *tied to the bosom as Geass-giver/Geass-bearer and starcrossed lovers* - asking her to pilot a highly experimental and dangerous Knightmare Frame to her possible doom even though she's clearly given up her military life post-R2. Understandably, she's not going to exactly welcome them into her house and bake them chocolate-chip cookies over a healthy discussion on how to overthrow an ever-evolving sentient human power. XD (Though, if she did humor them and bake them homemade pastries, they'd probably be laced with quick-acting poison for Lelouch's troubles after all he's done in the past to ruin her life, lol)

I'm still flopping around due to the trust, intimacy and fluffiness between Zaku and Lulu despite how much their personalities and ideologies clash. If knowing each other since childhood led Suzaku and Lelouch to understand and predict each other's actions and thought processes so closely, I do wonder how well America and England know each other in the present day, considering that they've had hundreds of years to grow better acquainted with each other rather than less than twenty. O.o

The tag "and their faghag C.C." on your Tumblr has he cackling... like their faghag C.C. every time.

Witnessing Jason almost resort to raping Lelouch (and I myself being immensely grateful that Suzaku stepped in to protect Lelouch since Lelouch wasn't exactly trying to defend himself from Jason's unwanted advances) makes me wonder all the more how he would've reacted to seeing the physically weak Britannian boy he once physically harassed become a world-conquering ruthless dictator alongside the Eleven Jason once tormented, now the knight second to one in the entire world. Take that, Jason, you really were attacking what you did not understand out of a fear called "racial superiority".

...If Jason even *had* his memories after the deep Geass-ing that both Lelouch (and likely his father) put him under. O.o

I hope he remembered Suzaku and Lelouch in R2, though, if only for the satisfaction that Jason's ingrained fears would be unjustified.


If he uses it at some point, I hope it's something that, at the very least, would make him recoil in horror, or, even better, call his moral judgement into question.

Because I just love seeing my favorite characters go underneath that sort of psychological torment. :P

What can I say? I'm sure you have something like that up your wicked sleeve anyway. ;)

Hopefully this'll see another update someday so that I can giggle at the unabashed star-crossed lovers references (I'm looking at you, pinky swears in Geass and red earbuds in Eva Rebuild 3.33) and promptly inwardly sob over how horrible Lelouch and Suzaku's life is before sitting back and popping out the angstfest popcorn.

As I have said before and will say again, your fics subject me to a rollercoaster of emotions that I enjoy riding. :)

(But if you have a serious case of writer's block concerning this and/or you want to finish up your yet-to-be-concluded USUK fics or you just don't have time to get back to this rather old fic, I fully understand. Please don't feel obliged to rush back to a fic that was last updated almost six years ago just because someone commented on it and said they wanted to see an update. I respect your wishes as the author of this fic and I'll follow your work no matter where it goes or what fandom it's in.)

Solemn promises and rather light gushing aside, this was a great blast to your past and the future of Code Geass and I'm waiting in anticipation for the next chapter of The Waning w
Diurnal Days chapter 10 . 4/8/2016
Lelouch wanted to make a contract with Suzaku all along? I so called it. ;)
Yeah, not much to say here except that I'm wondering what Suzaku's Geass will manifest as.
If the fic had abruptly cut off here in a similar fashion to, say, Shatter or Pangaea, I would be kind of pissy but at the same time I'd probably think up a Geass for Suzaku myself.
But the Geass you gave Suzaku would probably be more interesting and fitting anyway. :P
Diurnal Days chapter 9 . 4/7/2016
I can imagine C.C. singing "You're Gonna Go Far, Kid" to Lelouch... if C.C. were a guy and obsessed with guitar riffs instead of pizza. O.o

In all honesty, though, I love the song to death now that you've all-so-kindly recommended it to me. It's such a spot-on song for Lelouch that it's almost unsettling. There really aren't that many ideas out there due to humans sharing a common consciousness in the form of imagination, so maybe a Lelouch theme song is bound to happen, haha.


(Imagine if Geass manifested as a golden guitar instead of an optical symbol. Now *that's* a Geass parody I'd pay to see.)

I use your long-chapter fics to procrastinate on projects a lot, unfortunately. You'd think that oneshots (such as Nylon or By the Dawn's Early Light and maybe a long one O America if I'm feeling particularly demotivated) would be enough, but nooooo, I have to read one chapter, then another, then another, until I've read a novel's worth of gay OTP goodness and I'm wondering where my day went. O.o (Basically, the story my experiences with A is For, Shatter, The Waning, and this fic, lol)

Lelouch ended up killing Euphemia anyway due to an untimely accident. Whoops. At least the whole Demon Emperor/Knight of Zero gig could be considered a marriage and a knight/master relationship, if you squint at it hard enough. Lelouch ended up fulfilling his dry promise to make Suzaku his knight in two ways.

Also, I forgot to mention this earlier, but Lancelot manifesting in Suzaku's mind as a mixture of Suzaku and Lelouch's qualities due to half of Suzaku's heart being devoted to something other than Lancelot (Lelouch) is symbolic of Lancelot being an extension of Suzaku's mind and will alongside his wishes and love, I think. Maybe I'm grabbing at tangents here, but I think that kind of subtle depth to the concept of Knightmares and Geass makes this fic all the more effective.

Wait, YaoiCon is held in the fall, in California no less? If that's the case, I could probably attend someday. Wow, if only I had a yaoi-liking friend or two to bring along in tow so that I don't feel (that) guilty attending a con full of squealing nosebleeding fangirls... T.T (Also, it'd be nice to have someone to share my prints and cosplays of the OTP[s] with so that I don't feel quite so weird hanging stuff like that up in my room... O.o)

Suzaku has a bad case of self-hate here to the point where he's almost a Shinji expy - except the love of his life isn't nearly as angelic as Kaworu is and Suzaku's not as immature as Shinji is(although much more hypocritical). I want to see him happier with Lelouch at some point, although his self-hatred is certainly deeply rooted in him at this point and it's highly unlikely he'll stop living an ended life, at least not in your grimmer fiction. :C As much as I wish Suzaku would love himself alongside loving others, I also acknowledge that he has little chance of defeating his self esteem issues due to numerous factors and the issues being so ingrained in him that he's probably never going to feel fully confident about himself in his life. I guess that some fairytales just don't have happy endings, though (but wow, the punishment in The Red Shoes is plain grisly - and somewhat reminds me of an old Cherokee legend - what a cautionary tale to read as a bedtime story O.o).

Maybe Zaku is bisexual. Nobody really knows the true sexuality of a fictional character unless they come out or it's listed on their profile page or something (and even then their sexuality can be altered with AUs and whatnot, as fandom is so inclined to experiment with different scenarios), so, really, who knows. At least in my eyes, even as a paramount SuzaLulu shipper first and foremost, I can acknowledge that Euphemia and Lelouch (Euphy and Lulu) had the greatest impact on Suzaku's life out of all of the people he knew, and if he was ever romantically involved with anyone in canon he'd most likely be kissing one or both of them.

He kissed Euphemia and he liked it. How (un)surprising. :P They're close in canon anyway.
Diurnal Days chapter 8 . 4/7/2016
I wasn't scared of Suzaku when he smashed Lloyd into a bloody corpse. Yes, that was brutal, but he'd been using a highly experimental Knightmare that responded directly to his thoughts and Lloyd had coldheartedly tortured both Suzaku and Lelouch beforehand.

I wasn't scared of him when he injected Refrain into Lelouch, planning to eventually wean Lelouch off of the drug. Even though perpetrating the cycle of addiction was stupid, he'd been desperate to help Lelouch and he had good intentions.

But I was scared of Suzaku when he forced himself on Lelouch just because of a vague hunch he had that he could "synchronize" with Lelouch by fucking him. Lelouch may have been acting like an amnesiac, but that's no excuse for Suzaku not even trying to get Lelouch's consent before trying anything like that. Sure, Lelouch could've "hid deeper" if Suzaku had let him know of his intentions, but wouldn't Lelouch have trusted him more if he'd actually tried to respect Lelouch's boundaries (as Suzaku thinks after the fact, which is a little bit too late to change the fact that Suzaku raped Lelouch)?

Gosh, I like Suzaku a lot as a character despite his blatant hypocrisy, but I can really see why he'd hate himself for raping Lelouch afterwards. That was a reckless dick move on his part, no matter how much Lelouch tries to let Suzaku know that it's somehow okay. :/

When English goes horribly wrong, Exhibit A: The word "consummate" on Suzaku's grave, which most likely was meant to refer to Suzaku as skilled/talented, sounds really really gay due to its primary definition with sexual connotations. SuzaLulu is totally canon, gaiz, just look at Suzaku's gravestone in Episode 25. XD

Really, I can't blame Lelouch for being wary of Suzaku after three years of separation - after all, Suzaku had betrayed him before (at least once, maybe twice) when he'd let his guard down. Though, traumatizing your best friend/lover/something by acting like an invalid at your own expense is a little hard for me to get behind. Lelouch is strange (and perhaps a little bit of a dick towards Suzaku, even though Suzaku was a dick towards him also).

What I'm trying to say here is that Suzaku and Lelouch are being dicks to each other right now while simultaneously loving each other a lot and harboring good intentions. Yep, SuzaLulu is a big, big unhealthy mess and I love the pairing for being that way. :D

Also, the fangirly over-the-top Inversion flashback just made the post-R2 scenes even more solemn, considering what Suzaku and Lelouch once had and then lost. Their twisted relationship post-R2 is made more meaningful and bittersweet by their schoolgirl-crush shenanigans at Ashford Academy, back when the extent of their world was the Tokyo settlement and their respective duties on opposing warfronts. (Though, I wonder what Jason Kingsley's reaction was when Suzaku became the Knight of Zero under the secret Britannian prince that Jason had accused Suzaku of being gay towards, haha, just saiyan~)

More plot (of the narrative kind, C.C. isn't here and neither are Kallen or Nunnally, which is better for the sake of Suzaku and Lelouch, I guess)? Ooh! I love consuming heapfuls of plot, served up RobinRocks style with lots of angst sauce and a generous serving of da gayz!1!1!1!111!11 :)

Hey, it's not plagiarism if you're ripping off yourself. ;)
(Brownie points if you know what that's from. Idk what all these brownie points are for, but who cares?)

(Still, ripping off Neon Genesis Evangelion isn't half bad anyway. Neon Genesis Evangelion has plenty of mindfuck and homoerotic undertones to draw from. Perfect for your fics.)

At this point I've kind of grown to expect abusive and twisted relationships in your fics. There is no escape.
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