Reviews for Ghosts
cristi-pacheco chapter 9 . 11/17/2023
Si este es el final valla full, que le pasó con Rin me dejas con las ganas
Guest chapter 9 . 8/2/2023
De verdad amo tu trabajo
I read "Beside you in time" on another platform and I don't know why I hadn't read your other works, which I will have to correct ️️️️️
Wren210 chapter 1 . 7/2/2023
you do know that Sesshomaru did get his arm back before the end of the anime along with a brand new sword... get with the program if you are going to do characters at least do them right...

When Sesshomaru got his arm back and his new sword he also unleashed Kagome's powers without knowing it...
alannalove1990 chapter 9 . 2/19/2022
So I was skeptical of the story it first! However I gave it a chance because I thought the concept of Sesshoumaru in the future meeting with a newly back from the past kagome they would be very interesting. I loved the story I wish it would’ve been more in depth so we could’ve explored more of the emotions but you did such a good job with your time jumps in space in the story out. I really enjoyed your characterization of Sesshomaru and Kagome. I’ve always found it interesting to wonder what happened to demons, like did they disappear forever or did they live on. So overall very good story!
alannalove1990 chapter 8 . 2/18/2022
Wowwwww so intense
alannalove1990 chapter 7 . 2/18/2022
Possibly the cutest chapter ever
alannalove1990 chapter 6 . 2/18/2022
Awwwww married life
alannalove1990 chapter 5 . 2/18/2022
Ohhh snaps
alannalove1990 chapter 4 . 2/18/2022
Love this
alannalove1990 chapter 3 . 2/18/2022
alannalove1990 chapter 2 . 2/18/2022
alannalove1990 chapter 1 . 2/18/2022
Guest chapter 9 . 6/12/2021
OMG! This story is perfect! I loved every moment of it. At first I was not expecting a happy ending, I was positive that things will go a bit darker and the ending will be bittersweet.
But it was amazing! The development of their relation was so realistic. They were almost strangers and how they get more open with each other little by little. Such a beautiful story!
TaxLady0415 chapter 9 . 2/13/2021
I love this story and cannot tell you how many times I have read it. You are such a talented writer.
HimekoCQ chapter 7 . 12/15/2020
Its beautiful!
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