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sara fenix black chapter 1 . 3/7/2009
OMG! Amazing fic, a great insightful look to Ziva's life. It's long, but really good think story...

At the begining I was a little sad because there was no Ari, but then he shows up and I was happy. All Tony story was cute, and Michael was truly a good man...

McGee having a crush was sweet, and I specialy love the toughts about why everyone treat Abby so well... I just miss some more Ziva and Gibbs relathionship because I think he's so important for her...

Anyway, great story!
fantasywizard chapter 1 . 3/7/2009
This was an absolutely extraordinary piece of work. I don't think I have ever read a better piece of characterization for Ziva. That takes alot of talent, both in imagination, observation skills, and writing prowess. You have impressed me enough to write a review (which I rarely do and only for the stories I believe are absolutely superb). I cannot wait to read more from you!

P.S. As far as constructive criticism goes, there were a few spelling errors here and there that you might want to go back and fix. I also agree with a previous review that stated that you should do a sister piece for Tony. Keep up the good work!
Scosh81 chapter 1 . 3/7/2009
This was a great story! Very in caracter!
SuzyH82 chapter 1 . 3/7/2009
Great story! I'm kinda hoping this 'Michael' story plays out the same way on screen too. It was a joy yo read!
M E Wofford chapter 1 . 3/7/2009
Good story!
A Fanfiction Angel chapter 1 . 3/7/2009
Nice job..great writing!

From A Fanfiction Angel
gsr4ever chapter 1 . 3/6/2009
This fic was excellent! I really enjoyed it.
autumnraine chapter 1 . 3/6/2009
BRAVO! this was one of the best stories ever written in fan-fic:)
Aimed mischief chapter 1 . 3/6/2009
Wow, this is the best Ziva/Tony fic I've ever read.
Yuki's Adorable Girlfriend chapter 1 . 3/6/2009
Oh my gosh.

I'm not exagerating or anything, seriously, and i just have to say that this was the most amazing piece of fanfiction i have ever read in my entire life. This was so perfect. It made me laugh and cry. It really opened me up to Ziva and who she actualy is. It was like a window into her past and her soul. You really did a great job.

However, you said you wanted constructive critisism (and, honestly, simply saying "i loved this story" doesnt really help) so i am going to nit-pick a few things. Granted, i truly did love every little bit of this story, but im going to get picky here so i can help you out, kay?

Well, the biggest and probably the only thing i thought was wrong with this story was the end. I am a fan of abrupt ending (and i frequently use them in my own stories) but i thought you could have gone a little farther into Tony and Ziva's relationship. In this story, you simply ended it when they were getting together, and you didnt have any scenes from when they were dating, or when Gibbs finds out and harps them on rulle #12, or even when he proposes and they get married, or maybe having their first child or buying their first house. In my opinion, you could have expanded this story even more.

Also, i really think you sould write a 'sister story' to this about Tony. You could start with when he was a baby and then a child and a teenager and then having his mom die (she did die, right?) and then his father's civil war re-enactments, and when he went to collage, and when he joined Baltimore PD Homicide, and when he went to NCIS, and when he met Gibbs and Abby and Ziva and McGee, and you could add when Ziva talks about Tali, and all the stuff from this story. You could make them a sister series with a sort of 'his life/her life' thing. do you understand what i'm saying?

Now that i have explained my nit-picks and my opinion on a sister series, i am going to talk about my most favorite parts of this story and what made them so damn amazing. These are in no particular order.

#1- "The day she is blown up, Ziva is wearing a dress that she chose because she secretly thought that it was something Tony would have loved." - this had to be my favorite part of the entire story. I loved how Ziva still cared about Tony even though she had to go back to Mossad and she was making plans to marry Michael. It shows that she cared deeply about him event though they were always bickering and fighting.

#2- "In the army she learns how to move, how to smile, how to seduce a man without ever opening her mouth. She learns that manipulating a man is easier than tying her own shoes—and that when asking fails and violence is not an option, sex is the easiest alternative." - this was another perfect part in this perfect story. It really shows into Ziva's personality and soul and i think it really fit into the story well (since she has sex with Shmuel Rubenstein, Michael Rifkin, Eschel, Tony, and probably many other men. This part was amazing and you really did a great job with the wording in the sentences too. It flowed really well when i read it.

#3- "She spends two years in Germany, one in Spain, sixth months in France, and countless days and weeks across the world. There are a few memorable missions—her time as a cage dancer in Croatia, a fisherwoman in Greece, a nanny in Bulgaria. May of them are less interesting, pure hit-and-runs, and these are her favorites because it means that she can go home afterward." - this part was great too. Even though it doesnt seem like it would be this important to me, i think it was important. It was important because it showed all of the things Ziva has had to do while working in Mossad and it also shows that she cares about her home and the people there.

#4- "Ziva leans into DiNozzo and drops her empty cup of espresso into his own. "I volunteered," she tells him. She could have said: I wanted to never be afraid. She could have said: I refused to become my mother. She could have said: When I was just a baby, I slept with a stuffed rifle. But 'I volunteered' is all that she will give him. "Laila tov." " - this part really showed that Ziva is secretive about her past and her actions. Also, the 'i slept with a stuffed rifle' line made me laugh forever!

#5- "She almost gives up six times, that first year at NCIS, but something always stops her. Sometimes it is as large a reason as finally being accepted by Abby; sometimes it is as small as an unasked for coffee refill; sometimes it is simply because Jen won't let her leave. Either way, she stays, and ever day it gets easier to ignore the draw of Israel." - this part really showed how Ziva eventualy warmed up to NCIS. Even in the show, at first, Ziva was hard and cold but, after a while, she grew used to the NCIS team and started blending in with them more and more.

#6- " "But you are a good man, and an even better agent. You will do fine and I will have your eight." She confuses the numbers intentionally, because she knows he likes correcting her. He clutches her tighter as he laughs, "Yeah, Zee-vah, I've got your eight, too." - this part was so sweet. I loved how Ziva intentioinaly messed up the numbers. It just shows she cares about Tony, even though she wouldnt admit it.

#7- "Sometimes Michael calls when he is over, and Ziva isn't sure who she is supposed to give priority to." - This was perfect for the scene. It shows that Ziva is now in love with Tony and Michael on the same level, where before Michael would have priority over Tony, but now she doesnt know which one to give priority to since she loves them both equaly now.

#8- "Romance and sex have always been like objects to her. She manipulates them to get what she wants and afterwards, what is left is merely fleeting pleasure. Ziva is not cold-hearted, she is not cruel; but to squander her gift of luring in the weaker sex would be idiocy. And when she is on a mission, Ziva David does not fail to perform, no matter what the cost." - this part really showed that Ziva has been a robot-like assasin ever since she was born, and that she has been taught all her life to not show emotions and to always follow orders. This really summed up Ziva's past to me.

#9- "Well, that's fine, she decides, that's just fine. It's better this way. Love is a weakness in an agent. Love will get you killed, and your partner killed, and if you don't allow yourself to love someone then it never hurts when you have to say goodbye." - this really fit well. it made me think of how Tony and Ziva are not really together (in both your story and in the actual show). Also, this reminded me of Jenny and Gibbs, and how their love in Paris eventualy died off and left them lonely.

#10- "Where Tony pushes and prods and gets under her skin, Michael gently strokes and eases answers out of her." - this really showed the difference between Tony and Michael. It was fantastic. Good job witht his line. It fit in very well.

#11- "He hands her a photo of himself and she presses it against her chest, tears gathering. But for which life—the one she is leaving behind, or the one she is stepping into—she has no idea." - this shows that Ziva is starting to really care about NCIS and the team, even as much as Michael and Mossad.

#12- "Sh. When a woman is afraid, she does not show it. When you most want to close your eyes and cry, you must instead open them and smile." - this basicaly summed up all of Ziva in two sentences. This was amazing and brilliant and perfect for the story.

#13- Tony, Michael, her father, the world. Everyone is light years away and for once—for once—it is only Ziva. Ziva, thinking about Ziva. Not about a mission or a target or a partner or a crime scene." - this really showed that, her whole life, Ziva has been expected to think about missions and tagets and guns and crime scenes. She never got a chance to be a child and a teenager and be acle to think about boys and clothes and school dances and her first kiss and her dreams and her wishes.

#14- "Gibbs." - when she was explaining everyone, i loved how she didnt describe Gibbs. It wasn't that she didnt care about him (because she really did) but it was because there was no way to explain him. he is misterious and, ulitmatly, like a father-figure to her.

#15- "Four years ago she would have resented being treated like a person with feelings and weaknesses but now she curls into him, clutching at his shirt and murmuring, "I want to be real, Tony. I want to be real." " - it really shows how much Ziva has changed ever since she came to NCIS. it shows that she doesnt want to be treated like some robot-killer and that she wants to be real and human.

#16- "I only negotiate when naked." - that is Tony summed up in a few words. And, at the end of the story, it really cut the tension and the emotions and made me feel so much happier, like someone who cracks a joke when someone is sad. it makes you feel better. Tony is amazing and you did a great job!

All in all, this was amazing. I could go on and on and on, however, there is a character limit of 10,0 characters on these reviews, so i dont have much more i can say without going over. To sum it up, this story is amazing. This is, by far, my favorite Ziva story and this is most definatly the first story i have written this big of a review for.

Also, i would love to PM with you sometime. You see, i am new to NCIS fancition (however not to the tv show since ive been watching that forever) and i would really love some help with protraying the characters and everything. you could be a real help to me.

Thank you so much for posting this story. it is truly amazing and i have, honestly, read it about 18 times. I woulld review over and over and over if i could, but i can only review once, so this is the end.

please feel free to PM me because i would love to talk.

thank you so much!

- Cate :)
SinisterSweetheart chapter 1 . 3/6/2009
That was really good! I loved your insight into Ziva, your twist on her and Tony's relationship, and the overall story! :) Great job!
Kate chapter 1 . 3/6/2009
This is all kinds of brilliant. Possibly the best NCIS character piece I've ever read.
LuvTonyZiva chapter 1 . 3/6/2009
wow :)

this was awesomely written
anonymous chapter 1 . 3/6/2009
ImmIRose chapter 1 . 3/6/2009
Aww such a sweet ending.

I like how you showed the changes in Ziva's personality. Great story!
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