Reviews for Defrosting Edward
newbella18 chapter 6 . 3/17/2009
I loved it, I personally love EPOV. I think that between Carlisle's paranoia and Edward's need to keep Bella in perfect condition her burns would have to be checked but only for the briefest of moments. Bella would of course be off in Lemon land(lol) anticipating the moment when Carlisle left and she and Edward could resume what she worked so long and hard to do . Just and idea. Keep writing.

vampireaddict08 chapter 5 . 3/17/2009
LOVE IT! you are an amazing writer no matter what anyone else thinks! i feel that anyone that has the guts to write and post it is amazing!
Lacy-Jane chapter 5 . 3/17/2009
Its great that you write a chapter from both Edward and Bella's perspective. I can't wait to find out what happens next. Keep up the amazing writing!
newbella18 chapter 5 . 3/16/2009
so the anticipation of chapter 3 from epov is killing me
JillyReb chapter 5 . 3/16/2009
Another lovely Edward chapter! :-)
JedRello chapter 5 . 3/16/2009
You can't leave it theter! You are killing me. :)
ARavenDetached chapter 5 . 3/16/2009
I love this. You have to post the next chapter! Please!
EdwardIsMyMuse chapter 5 . 3/16/2009
m... very nice!
SnowMistk chapter 5 . 3/16/2009
o i so loved this chapter and yes yes yes yes yes i want chapter 3 from EPOV please! update soon
Robin123123 chapter 5 . 3/16/2009
Robin steamy.

Robin hot.

Therefore Robin Steamy N' Hot

This story Steamy N' Hot

Therefore Robin this story.

Its like a math equation, when you think about it. There's just no denying science.

*Robin kisses screen

*Robin Windexes screen
kiss-this-goodbye chapter 5 . 3/16/2009
HOW HOW HOW can you stop there? This story is ridiculously good, not to mention unbearably sexy. Edward touching himself...GAH. I'm pretty sure there is no image more erotic than that.
Shell7609 chapter 5 . 3/16/2009
I just discovered this story today and can't wait for the next chapter, I have a feeling I will need to have a cold shower at the ready for when I finish reading it
coracheeks chapter 5 . 3/16/2009
Loved it! You are the best writer of Edwards point of view ever. You really just capture the old-fashioned essence of him and I would love to read chapter 3 from EPOV.
Silkie chapter 5 . 3/16/2009
Brilliant, absolutely brilliant but COME ON you can't just stop there. Why? Why would you do that? Please post soon. I'm offically begging. Pretty Please!
ProEpilogue chapter 5 . 3/16/2009
Okay, thats just cruel. You can't leave off like that! Put the steamy part up! ;]
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