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graceofgod chapter 3 . 9/13/2009
Oh-oh. Somehow, things just keep hotting up in this story! Once again, there's a very palpable sense of their fear and helplessness, when the only options they've got are bad ones. I find myself wondering if Dean was really going to the trunk to get stuff for the ritual - it seemed almost as if he might be thinking about that blood sacrifice, though I might've been reading too much into it!

The shifts in their relationship throughout have mirrored the way I wished Season four would have been - struggling to reconcile the people they are now with their memories of each other. The way you put it: '...part of who they had become included secrecy, and Sam clung to his secrets like a shipwrecked sailor to driftwood' is beautiful. I do think there would have been a little more regret in there though, for not being able to just click back together again, on both their sides.

Still an awesome story - and one more chaper to look forward to!
graceofgod chapter 2 . 9/13/2009
Boredom breed evilness. Well known fact.

This chapter reeks of frutration and desperation - there's an undercurrent to Sam's 'zen' that shows how scared he really is, and how badly he needs to save Dean (remembering him telling Dean he wished he'd been the one to pull him out of hell... aw). And it feels like Dean's starting to fall apart, losing control when there's nothing he can fight except the freaky seahorse.

Great chapter in what's already a great story - reading on!
graceofgod chapter 1 . 9/13/2009
Oh, good rec.

Talk about jumping in at the deep end! Poor boys - hope Bobby can come through for them. The dialogue in this chapter is perfect - you caught all their mannerisms dead on, especially Bobby's. His frustration and concern, masked in his gruff cussing, is just right, and Dean's confusion and fear keep the pace right up there, even when the immediate rush is over.

Reading on as soon as I've had my pancakes... :)
Ima chapter 1 . 8/23/2009
One question: Sam in the bathroom. Is he naked? So far so good
Majestik Moose chapter 4 . 8/7/2009
*flops around* This was terrific! :D

Nearly gave me a damn heart attack, but it was terrific!

You definitely need to write more multi-chapter fics in the future. You're a genius at it!
onemediumdrip chapter 4 . 8/4/2009
Wow. This was a phenomenal story. You really captured the thoughts and emotions of Sam and Dean very well. Their desperation to save each other, their reactions, their strengths and weaknesses, even Bobby coming in and saving the day - all of it was spot on. Great job with this!
Sastiel chapter 4 . 6/12/2009
WOW! That death scene was pretty powerful! I almost wish this would happen on supernatural..Well more than almost.

Thank you so so so so much for sharing this with us!
marinawings chapter 4 . 5/29/2009
i really liked this! i think you wrote the characters quite well. they seemed like themselves. and i was utterly gripped by the plot. loved the brotherliness, the suspense, sam and dean looking out for each other... great story!
Jester's Tear82 chapter 4 . 5/16/2009
are u kidding me? if you wrote this one out of boredom,

who knows what pearls you can produce when you're

actually trying!

as I'm sure u got by now, I LOVED it! the story had

a good pace, it featured mostly the brothers

together & being themselves, caring yet not over-dramatic,

and manage to make me laugh a few time too.

the idea of the curse was interesting - the fact that Sam

was the "unfaithful" one and how u made it all fit that

exact point in the season, when he's "cheating" with Ruby

yet still has a sense of soul, it rang true to me.

the people want more! please?

bhoney chapter 4 . 4/17/2009
Loved that Sam knew Dean hadn't just left: "In the end, his knowledge of all things Dean Winchester prevailed; Dean wouldn’t have left, especially without his baby."

I LOVED Sam coming to the rescue, even when sick and dying. I love a protective Sam.

"Sam was wedged into the front seat, having deliriously refused to sit in the back, away from Dean. So much for Sam’s new “Don’t touch me, I’m just bleeding out” routine." little signs that Sam still needs his brother.

Great description, funny too: "Sam mumbled something that sounded like “I do,” or perhaps “moose shoe,” and Dean led him slowly into the motel room, time rushing loudly past his ears; they needed to hurry."

"Sometimes his need for Sam was so strong that he didn’t know what to do with it. It would ball in his throat and block his breathing; it would pull at his ribs, it would pound inside his skull. Sometimes it got so strong, it felt as though he might be dying. He needed Sam where he could see him and check him over to make sure he was okay, or where he could help him if he was not alright. He just needed Sam. Because the bottom line was that he loved his brother and would do anything for him. Even now, even after Hell, after demon blood and death, Dean couldn’t let his brother go." Aw...*sniffle* So true.

Loved this image: "Sam rolled over a bit and immediately fell asleep, one hand curling into the fabric of Dean’s shirt."

LOVED that Bobby brought this up: “Supposing their boss had something to do with it? Ever thought about that?” It was definitely a miracle. They don't give God/the forces of good enough credit for the good stuff that does happen. It's nice to see someone point it out.

"“Don’t strain somethin’. Besides,” he said, waving his hand dismissively, “Family don’t have to go through that crap. We both know where you’d both be without me.” Bobby gave a half grin as he dug back into his warm breakfast cereal." Cute. And SO Bobby. You got his voice down perfectly.

"If Dean was honest with himself, he knew exactly what Sam had been doing while Dean had been dead. He had been doing his own thing, the same thing he had been doing when he had gone to Stanford, lied to him about Azazel’s blood and Lilith wanting him dead, and it was the same thing he was doing now, Dean suspected. He just hoped “Sam’s own thing” wasn’t something to do with a certain skanky demon." Ugh...I wish it wasn't either.

I LOVED this: "Dean’s eyes swept over the sleeping figure. In his sleep, Sam looked once again like the little Sammy he’d raised from six months to twenty-five years old. An old protectiveness and swell of pride inflated in Dean’s chest. His Sam." Love references to Dean raising Sam.

Aw... "The kid was thanking him for sticking around, for not abandoning him. Dean felt himself crack a little more under the weight of the thanks. Where the hell else was he going to go? The thought of leaving Sam had never crossed his mind as an option. Choosing to be somewhere Sam was not… It was like asking him to rip out his lungs and keep breathing." True. Great characterization. You've used the lung imagery before. I really like it.

I was a little sad at the ending, that Sam is going to stay the course, not tell his brother the truth. But I get that you had to stick with canon, and you did a great job of helping the reader understand where Sam's coming from.

I cannot tell you enough how much I LOVED this fic. It was extremely well-written, great characterization, super suspenseful, nice brotherly moments...I actually read it twice. Great job! I'm adding it to my favorites, and sincerely hope you do another action/adventure/hurt/comfort fic for us sometime soon!
bhoney chapter 3 . 4/16/2009
Loved this depiction of Dean's worry and care for Sam: "...if anything would send his brother running, it was a sign of pain or peril from Sam."

I liked that Sam could hear Dean's voice in his head: "Dean’s irate voice echoed in his head. What about your life, huh? Waving his hand at his imaginary brother, Sam dismissed the question. He’d be fine if Dean was."

Nice description here: "The eel of pain writhing in his chest"

Great description, both funny and probably accurate. LOL: "He wasn’t taking the Chevy – Dean would hunt him down with a vengeance and rip out his kidney with a fork if he so much as put a knick into the car’s shiny exterior."

Ouch. You could totally feel Dean's pain here: “I shouldn’t be surprised, I guess. Were you planning on leaving a note, or were you going to let me figure it out on my own again?” Yeah, Sam does have a very bad habit of taking off without saying anything. At least in this case, it's to protect Dean, unlike his normal reasons, which aren't quite as pure. I'm just surprised that he thought he'd get away with it this time. SO Dean to be waiting outside for him.

This was a lovely bit of insight into Dean's character, really accurate, and very well said: "But it had never once been about Dean, though Sam knew his brother didn’t see things that way – what Dean saw was ‘failure’ spelled out in retreating tire tracks. Even when he knew Sam was trying to save his stupid brother’s life, it didn’t make a difference. The only thing Dean would hear was “I didn’t trust you enough to fix this.”"

Nice job working this in from WT: "he was pretty sure he’d already died a few weeks back. Luckily, pulling that coin from the fountain had fixed that before his brother had had a chance to find his body." It's not mentioned often in fic, so kudos for that.

Aw, loved this: "The world stopped spinning when he touched Dean, and he was able to fight his way out of the haze and back into his oh-so-lovely life. But Dean was there, and that was always enough." *sniffle*

LOVED this: "The penetrating stare suddenly impaling Sam quick and hot; it told him that Dean knew everything about him, and it was a look that Sam had seen his whole life. Despite knowing Dean sure as hell didn’t know everything, Sam couldn’t help but believe it. He knew Dean would never leave, and he would never let Sam leave to die alone." I love references to how well the boys know each other (even if they don't always know everything the other's doing).

This made me giggle, even though it was at least partly dead-serious: “I’m gonna pass out, man. Wake me if you get the urge to sell something important.”

I love a determined Dean: "He wasn’t letting Sam die, not after everything he’d given to keep him. He’d traded his soul, he done his time, and he was keeping his little brother."

This was a beautiful description: "Mournful eyes that had seen millennia born and die met his gaze."

“Once, a man confessed his unfaithfulness to his wife, and she forgave him totally." Hmm...interesting that would break the curse. I kinda wish Dean had mentioned that to Sam. Not that he probably would've spilled his secrets, since you're sticking to canon, but it would have been a nice take on things. Would've been interesting to see them work things out, and to see what choice Sam would've made-confessing to his brother or losing years of his life. One would hope confessing.

“If it is unsuccessful, your brother will die. Upon his death, his soul will remain trapped in his corpse until the day of Judgment, when such things will no longer hold sway.” Hm...interesting side-effect of the ritual. Not good. Actually, you'd think Castiel would have a vested interest in stopping Sam from dying, because as soon as he does, the curse moves on to Dean, and they need Dean alive.

Another nice insight into Dean's character: "Even as he trembled with the fear of facing the Pit, a worse fear had soaked into his skin and through his body; it was the fear of losing Sam. Of losing him to demons, angels, people – to all the things that kept trying to pull Sam away; all the things he fought against to keep him."

“There is nothing outside the hands of my Father. Each life is precious to Him.” True!

"What he would give to go back to the days when all they did was hunt monsters and save people. God, had it ever really been that simple?" Yeah, I miss those days too. *sigh*

"As he watched his brother weave on his feet, a feeling pulled at Dean’s mind. Suddenly he wanted to know exactly what Sam had done while he had been gone, what exactly he’d tried to get Dean back, and how deep Ruby had sunk her claws into Sam. He had to know." Wonder if that was the forces of good trying to help, or an effect of the curse-maybe it gives you a fighting chance, prompts the person to ask you about whatever you're hiding. Cuz if Sam confessed, he'd be better.

Great description of a painful moment: "And suddenly Dean was the one who couldn’t breathe, dread kissing his throat with cold lips. It hit him that he was watching his baby brother die. Something feral ripped through his chest and he fought down a scream that clawed viciously at his throat."

Great line, and nice throwback to FB: “I was more like a ninja; you know, stealthy as the night.” LOL

Lovely, lovely moment: "An automatic rush of endorphins leaked through his system; it was a reaction he’d long had to Dean. Having his brother around had, for years, meant safety. His body remembered what his mind refused to."

And this was a wonderful simile: "Sam clung to his secrets like a shipwrecked sailor to driftwood." Nice imagery.

"He still didn’t know about the extra six months Sam had spent with Dean dead. The sad thing about it was that those months had been better than the four with Dean in Hell; in those six months, Sam had had a shred of hope." I still wish Dean would find out about those months. Of course, I think plot-wise they haven't necessarily been handled in the way they should've, they created some plot holes that seem to be permanent. But maybe I'm the only one bothered by that. LOL

Okay, I was a little surprised that Dean didn't recognize Jeremy when he saw him. I thought they'd talked to him about his brother. Was that only by phone, or did he disguise himself somehow?

Well, I think this review is nearly as long as the chapter was. *g* Sorry about that. Great job on this. Still really enjoying it.
bhoney chapter 2 . 4/11/2009
"But even straining to lift Gargantuan onto the mattress, Dean felt his heart stutter the same way it had since he’d first seen Sam as a baby with an astonishing amount of hair. If possible, he loved the kid more with every tick of every second that went by." the glimpse into Dean's feelings for Sam, especially the reference to Sam as a baby.

"...he couldn’t bring himself to wake him. He looked…like Sammy when he slept. Awake, the only face Dean saw was the new, more skilled, more hardened hunter Sam. A pang of loneliness beat through his chest as he watched the younger man sleep. He’d missed his little brother." *sniffle* I miss that Sammy too.

Great description: "Dean’s patience was dead and buried, soon to be joined by civility."

"What did you mean, 'It feels like a hex bag'? How can you feel a hex bag?" Yeah, I was wondering that too. Thanks for explaining it, not just having it be a throwaway remark that I wondered about forever.

Nice, a little sardonic humor here: "Irritation flared at the thought of his brother’s order – Hell would freeze over before Dean left Sam like this. And he’d been there – no ice."

“If anything happens to my brother, nothing on this earth will save you.” Oh, I LOVE a protective Dean.

"Dean froze when he saw a look that he hadn’t seen in a long time. It was the look Sam used to give him when he’d had a nightmare, or when he’d had a really rough day; it was the look that said he needed his big brother close to him to keep away all the bad things." Aw...*wants to weep* I KNOW that look. I MISS that look.

Love this glimpse that their bond is still intact: "Big brother instincts humming loudly, Dean moved closer, letting his other hand brush against Sam’s shoulder. And just like that, Sam pulled himself together..."

This almost brought me to tears: "What he couldn’t live without was staring at him through eyes dulled with pain, asking him to let go and find something else to love. Might as well ask him to tear his freaking lungs out and keep going. Sam didn’t understand how much Dean needed him. And God, he needed his brother." I could not LOVE that description more. Perfectly describes Dean's feelings about his little bro. Wonderful characterization.

And, oh, my heart was just melting here at this glimpse into their childhood: "Frowning, Dean noticed that Sam had kicked his covers off in his sleep. He used to do that as a little kid and would wake up freezing. More often than not, Sam would then scooch into bed with Dean, snuggling close for warmth. Dean, woken by freezing little toes on his legs, had been none too happy, but he had never kicked the kid out. Like he could ever deny Sam something he needed...For a moment he wished he could do just that – hold his little brother close and keep him warm and safe. But the kid was friggin’ Goliath, and he had the feeling Sam would freak out more than a little if Dean instigated a hug, followed by a round of holy water and a “Christo” thrown in for good measure." LOVELY, both touching and a little humorous. Just lovely. *is teary-eyed*

“From what I’m seein’, it’s a ritual for sacrificing a few years of life.” I could not BELIEVE this was in here-I was just talking with someone about a fic I'm working on, and we'd decided this very thing was the way to go to fill in a plot hole I was trying to work around. Hm...great minds think alike. ;)

And this was just heartbreaking: "They would both be dead and gone before they reached their ripe years. But… Me first, Sammy. God, me first. Dean wasn’t letting Sam go ahead of him, not again. But things hadn’t turned out so well when he went first, either. Together it was, then." Love the solidarity though.

I am just LOVING this fic. It's amazing!
bhoney chapter 1 . 4/9/2009
You have some great descriptions in here: "Unease traced his spine with soft fingers"

"It meant there was another dark blade of emotion shredding his brother from the inside."

"...he was pretty sure that didn’t mean he’d forfeited his big brother rights as Sam seemed to think he had...His brother had, in most cases, calmly refused Dean’s assistance, something which Dean had never before needed to offer – he’d always just taken care of Sammy without giving it a thought." I know it must hurt Dean to feel like Sam doesn't need him anymore and it breaks my heart.

Loved the image of Dean holding onto Sam, waiting for him to get better. Especially this: "The heart that Dean had known all his life began to regulate itself until it was a steadier, stronger beat that traveled through Sam’s back and into his own chest. Only the intermittent flutter let him know things were not normal. For a moment Dean held still, his baby brother clutched in his arms, and let himself believe that everything would be okay; for a moment, he let himself think that no one could take Sam from him." Aw...poor Dean. Wow, good thing they had some heather in the car. I was really worried there for a minute. This curse sounds vicious. Great idea, by the way, love the lore behind it and a curse that kills you then the person you love most...awesome!

Also love that you keep the bad language to what they use on the show. I appreciate that.

Nice, in this season of angst and separation, to see that at least Dean is still the person Sam loves most-or he wouldn't have been trying to get Dean to leave before the curse came after him too.

Very well-written and suspenseful. Can't wait to read the rest!
kalina-blue chapter 4 . 4/3/2009
Your story is absolutely amazing. I was on the verge of my seat, hoping that they'd make it through. The plot was interesting, your characterisations were spot on, and the story was so realistic, I could have totally seen it as an episode.

Great work.
LJR chapter 4 . 4/3/2009
Very good - liked it.
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