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ackeberlynn chapter 2 . 6/27/2012
Your story is very well-written.

I understand where you're coming from. The episode you referred to frustrated me - but not because Dean admitted to enjoying the torture. What frustrated me was that Sam (at least on camera) never walked his brother through those emotions. He was either belittling Dean or abandoning him for Ruby all season.

However, I disagree - and am a bit disturbed by - the 'message' of your story.

Truth is - torture, no matter what the circumstances, is wrong. It is soul-defiling to both tortured and torturer. It is something sadistic and evil, and simply can't be condoned (understood maybe, but not condoned). To say that Dean torturing is not wrong because he himself was tortured is like saying a child abuser is not wrong because he/she was abused as a child. The abusive parent, regardless of past circumstances, is still guilty and punished for his/her actions. And Dean, regardless of the fact that he was in Hell, is still guilty of torturing human souls, and that guilt will follow him always.

Now, I love Dean. He's my favorite SPN character. And he's always been one to take responsibility for his actions, to carry the weight of his choices, good or bad. Neither Winchester is perfect - if they were - who would watch the show? The greatest heroes are flawed, and Sam and Dean are no different. They struggle with guilt, with morality, because they are human and they make mistakes. I don't understand why is it so hard to believe that Dean Winchester broke in Hell. That he did the unthinkable. That he tortured human souls and that doing so was wrong. That's not to say he can't forgive himself. But to suggest that what he did was flat out not wrong by making excuses...well, not only is it an immature way of looking at the storyline, but it also severely cheapens Dean's character and everything he stands for.

Dean may have enjoyed getting off the rack - but he willingly tortured souls, and by doing so tortured himself. Just like Sam drinking the demon blood, trusting Ruby, and eventually setting Lucifer free was wrong and damaging. They both have excuses for why they made those wrong decisions, but you know what? They don't use 'em. Because they're men who acknowledge their mistakes and take ownership of them. It's a character thing. It's what makes them heroes. If only Sam would have said, "yeah Dean, I understand why you feel the way you do, and it was wrong to torture those souls, but you need to forgive yourself and move on."

That's another thing - I also didn't like Sam's authoritarian 'pound-you-into-submission' way of handling Dean's guilt. First - I don't think Dean (even S4 Dean) would have allowed himself to be treated that way. Second - for someone who's so gentle with victims, it was a bit OOC for Sam (even S4 Sam). How is that any way to deal with someone who's been through trauma? Rather than listen to him saying things Sam doesn't want to hear, he punches Dean to shut him up. He literally forces his opinion on Dean. I can't picture Sam doing that. I picture him doing the much harder work of quietly taking care of his brother, giving him space, and letting him work though things at his own pace. Granted, I don't know if S4 Sam was capable of caring for his brother the way he once would have, but reading this version of Sam was almost disturbing.

But like I said, you write very well.

It was a quality story, even if I didn't like the premise.
sylia91 chapter 2 . 3/12/2009
Thank you, thank you for this! I sorely needed this after the episode. Now can you do something for Sex and Violence too since that one shredded my heart?
klutzysunshine chapter 2 . 3/12/2009
Great ending. I love the boys making up just a little bit.
Mousitsa chapter 2 . 3/12/2009
Bug, I love your writing style! You are very mature and certainly have a way with words. You have excellent imagery as well as descriptions. I hope you take some classes to see if expanding this talent into a career is a possibility, because you’ve certainly got the knack.

With regards to the reasons that initiated this fic, I think the first time I heard Dean say he "liked" inflicting torture, my knee-jerk reaction was "no! You b st rds, how could you destroy Dean's character like this?" But upon re-watching, I understood where they were trying to go with this. It was basically a form of Stockholm syndrome. I understand your frustration and the need to justify what was presented. I think you’ve approached it very creatively, and it would be super cool if Sam’s psychic ability allowed him to get a peek into Dean’s head and see what hell was like for his brother. If only!

You’ve got the Boys in character and you’ve got those beautiful brother moments too. I wasn’t too crazy about Sam collecting on all those rainchecks though; Dean’s been beaten on a lot so far, so he didn’t need that much from his own brother too. Was it too emo? yeah, probably. But then again, that’s what fic is for... to express those things that we know the show will never do.

I may not fully agree with your reasons for writing this, but you’ve done an outstanding job in presenting it. Thanks for a great fic entry! :)
springchild chapter 2 . 3/11/2009
I love this. I almost cried when I saw what they did to Dean; it's not the Dean we know.

It's almost like, enough with the angst, you know? I kind of want them to go back to what they did with S1, where every episode is kind of its own thing. I mean, there was the subplot with John and the YED but I liked it better without the brothers' angstiness.
darksupernatural chapter 2 . 3/11/2009
Think you did an amazing job with this and I think I'd really love to see something like this happen. We need this. As much as I love Sam now, at least the hunter part of him,I do miss the innocence. I do miss the brothers being just that...brothers. It would be awful(but I think it will have to happen) for Sam to be hurt before Dean puts the mistrust aside and reaches for the bond again. Wonderful job with this!
Katiki chapter 2 . 3/11/2009
I was just thinking about this issue.

I remember reading about an experiment the Nazis had done on prisoners. They would take two people who loved each other very much, husband and wife, father and daughter, and hook them both up to electroshock equipment. They would shock only one of them, and this one had a button they could push so that the shock would be inflicted on their loved one instead of themselves. Then the Nazis would gradually amp up the voltage and the pain until the victim they were shocking broke and pushed the button. This pretty much always happened within a few hours.

So compare a few hours to thirty years. I think anyone who has been tortured for any length of time is no longer responsible for their actions or their state of mind, and the torturer alone is responsible for what happens. Also, Stockholm Syndrome can set in without any torture at all, and always without the prisoner even being away this subconscious survival mechanism is happening. So I hope they give us some kind of resolution along those lines and don't just leave "I tortured souls and I liked it" hanging out there.

I liked your explanation of Dean superimposing Alastair on his victims, so while he committed the crimes, he never became a criminal, so to speak. Thanks for this story. You're right-Kripke is big on the hurt, so it's up to us to provide the comfort!
cozmikfaerie chapter 2 . 3/11/2009
I have to agree with you, I have been so upset with the way Kripke is pulling the boys apart, and from what I have read in spoilers that is going to continue for awhile...but we are getting a season 5 (yipee!)so I am hoping that we get the makeup session before this season ends, and boy, has the 12th taken it's time coming! I hope you keep on writing affection between the boys, I really think we are gonna need more of your excellent writing!
KP chapter 2 . 3/11/2009
Well, this is the kind of exposition I'd love to see on the show. I feel the same way you do about what the latest Hell reveal has done to Dean's character-it's going to be difficult to redeem him as a hero now. If it is possible at all, though, it will have to be something like this that gets him there. I love the way you were able to get all of the emotions on the table without overdoing it or having the boys step out of character. Thanks for sharing this!
Brenny chapter 2 . 3/11/2009
Thank you so much..God i needed this as much as you did. It still bugs me, this whole Dean enjoys to torture! I really hope Kripke and his Crew will come up with something along the same lines you did! Great job!
deli41321 chapter 2 . 3/11/2009
wow this story was awesome...amazing job. I wish that this would have happened on the show lol.

deangirl1 chapter 2 . 3/11/2009
Thanks for this - I totally agree - I'm also really impressed at the restraint you showed towards Sam - who in my opinion has been acting almost as badly as Alastair this season - but I do agree - the "real" Sammy has to still be in there somewhere... And it was so, so wrong of the writers to do that to Dean - the fact that they broke him was enough...
7kstar chapter 2 . 3/10/2009
Well, I think you've given a possible reason for Dean believing he enjoyed it.

I don't agree with everything the show has created for either Dean or Sam.

I know that Jared, can't wait to portray Evil Sam, but I really hope the show won't go down this path. I would rather see Dean and Sam against everyone - Angel and Demons instead of the brother against brother. So we will have to see what really happens, but thankfully there can be some fanfic to help us let go of our screams.

Nice story and I could roll with it.
SalchanTheWitch chapter 2 . 3/10/2009
Thanks for this.
pandora jazz chapter 2 . 3/10/2009
I liked your (Sam's) talk with Dean. I don't expect everything to be fixed in one scene or one episode, but I would love to just see a moment, a moment between the brothers that give them and us some hope for the future.

You did an excellent job with this chapter.

Thanks for sharing your story with us.
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